Oct 25, 2013

Spooktacular #SatSpanks

This weeks #SatSpanks is allowing authors to break the 8 sentence rule. Yah-hooo and Skip-spankity-doo! because I have a Spooktacular little treat for you this week.

I've decided to share bit's and pieces of Chapter One of my first publication, The Story of M: A Seduction, because it's a BDSM thriller and thought it would be fitting for Halloween.This book is written in first person from Misty's point of view. 

I stepped up my pace as I approached the alley wanting to pass quickly. But it wasn’t my lucky night. I felt a pointy object in my back, and a leather-gloved hand wrapped harshly around my mouth. I froze as he pulled me back against him. “You may walk slowly backwards and do not attempt to scream,” a man’s muffled voice said. Instinctively my hands reached up to his arm in an attempt to pry it from me, but I felt the point tear through my blouse and poke my flesh. I took a step back while tears started to form in my eyes. Then another and another as he virtually pulled my stiffened body along.  A tear rolled onto his glove and I could see the glint of it in the streetlight. My nose started to run and it became harder to breath. He stopped and leaned his head next to mine.

“Stop it, my dear, or I shall give you a real reason to cry those tears,” he hissed, poking the knife further into the space between my shoulders. I flinched and tried to nod my head. My legs were trembling, my hands and arms shaking. We reached the back of the alley and he pulled me harshly, removing the knife from my back as he shoved the heavy metal door open.

“I think you’re going to like the basement, my dear!” He laughed a little and nudged me again to start descending the stairs. The clack of my heels echoed between the cold gray cement walls with each stumbling step I took.

I stood there peering into the room shaking badly. There was a long silver table and a workbench where a single light bulb was suspended. Various tools were strewn about on the workbench—wrenches, leather gloves, and some smaller hand tools. As my eyes adjusted a little more to the dim lighting, I got a better look at the long silver table. There were stir-ups at one end… an exam table.
“Get the hell in there, he demanded. I took a couple of steps forward but he kept thudding the handle of the knife in between my shoulder blades, shoving me along. There was a divot in the cement floor and my heel caught in it. I stumbled forward and fell, scraping my knee on the abrasive floor. 

“Priceless… now we really do have a reason to doctor you up, don’t we?” he said, as he took hold of my arm and helped me to my feet.
“Up you go, Princess,” he growled, shoving me hard towards the table.

I stumbled again, my hands falling hard onto the cold stainless steel on the table. I thought about losing my shoes and making a run for it, but I didn’t. I stepped onto that little black step, turned and sat on the table, just as I would if I were really at the doctor’s office. My nose was running again as I sat there, topless, except for my bra. I was cold and trembling. My fingers curled around the edge of the table, gripping me in place. Part of my exposed thighs warmed the steel, instantly robbing me of what was left from my body heat.

“Let’s make sure that cut on your knee doesn’t get infected first, shall we?” He pulled open a drawer on the table that happened to be on my left side. It was filled with medical supplies—tape, gauze, speculum (the older metal kind), and the bottle of alcohol that he was taking out. He closed the drawer before I could get a better look. “Hold this,” he said, handing me the bottle of alcohol.

He turned from me and walked over towards the workbench. “Don’t try to run while my back is turned, I will be on you well before you make it to the door and you wouldn’t enjoy seeing me angry, my dear,” he warned ominously. I could see his lips turn up into a smile as he turned and took a duffel bag from under the workbench. He turned sideways, keeping his eye on me while he opened it and fumbled through the contents. Finally pulling out a small towel and a bottle of water.

He picked up a stool from alongside the workbench and came back to the table, sliding the black step back into the table with is boot, while setting the stool down behind him. 

“Princess, you're such a mess!” He set the towel and the water onto the stool, and turned around standing extremely close. His thighs pressing into my knees, I winced as the fabric from his pants pressed into the cut. His hand came up around the bottom of my chin and forced me to look at his masked face. His fingers felt cold against my flushed skin. “You would look prettier without all this black shit all over your face. Why are you crying, my dear?” he cried.

I watched as his eyes looked into mine, from one to the other. He brought his other hand up and wiped at my face a bit. I didn’t want to say anything and tried to look more at his neck than his eyes. I didn’t like the way they seemed to pierce right through me. His grip tightened on my chin while he brought his other hand down on the table next to my left thigh and leaned forward bringing his face about an inch from mine. “You will look at me while I’m talking to you, do you understand?” His words weren’t so much harsh as they were firm. I nodded as his eyes bore through mine. My bottom lip started to quiver again and I sniffled. “Why are you crying, my dear?” he asked yet again.  

I could feel his breath against my lips as he spoke. I wanted to rip my face away from his hand and scream. 

“I’m scared,” I managed to say. My voice was tight and it cracked.

His grip on my face loosened and he slid his hand down onto my shoulder, while his other wrapped around the small of my back. He pulled me in closely, smearing my messy face all over his T-shirt. I let go of the bottle of alcohol as he squeezed me. I could feel his chin resting on the top of my head. “Oh my, my, my… yes, I imagine you would be scared wouldn’t you, Princess? Look what I’ve done to you. I hope you will forgive me one day for putting you through this. I will tell you right now, my dear. I do not mean to harm you. If you are thinking I intend to rape and kill you, I assure you, I do not. Now lay back Princess, and please try to relax. It really is important!” he explained.

He pulled out a drawer in front of him, as I unwillingly lay back onto the cold table. I gasped as the cold hit my back. Tears ran from the corner of my eyes into my hair. I slid my arms to my side and held the edges of the table. A sob escaped from my lips. My thighs were trembling badly as his fingers moved up my exposed calves and then to my thighs. He stood up between my legs and started to pull my panties down. “Oh my,” he sighed. “You’re crying again and you have ruined all my hard work of cleaning you up.” He continued to pull my panties down, lifting my left leg out of the stir-up to pull them off and then left them around my ankle on my right foot. He rested his palms on my knees when he finished with my panties and sighed as he looked at my shaved sex. Then he slowly walked his eyes up to my bra and cleavage, while his hands roamed up the inside of my thighs, his fingers came to rest in the crease of my trembling legs. His thumbs were lightly petting my soft pubic lips. “I know you’re scared, my dear. Please try to relax!”

Misty couldn't relax though. Understandably, she was little more than a ball of nerves. Knowing this, her abductor offered her something to take the edge off her fear. 
“These are Valium, I want you to take one of them. It will help.” He took one of the tiny pills out and offered it to me on his outstretched palm. My body was trembling.  “I’m okay now,” I said softly.  His hand was still roving my back softly as I opened the water. As I drank, he unsnapped my bra. I dropped the water and my body froze. 

“You see, my dear, your actions speak louder than your words. You are not okay now. When I said I wanted you to take one of these, it was not an offer. It was an order.” He pushed the pill before my face. I reluctantly took it, its bitterness dissolving almost instantly on my tongue. He started stroking my hair as he slipped the shoulder straps of my bra off, pulling it down my arms and hung it on the stir-up next to my panties. He stood in front of me again placing both hands on my shoulders, pushing back a little. “Look at me.”  
I looked up into his bright blue eyes. I saw him smile and then look down at my bare breasts. “I realize that you have no reason to trust me,” he said, brushing my hair from my eyes. He wiped at the dark smudges under my eyes. “We really should get on with things, my dear, and get this part out of the way.” He cupped my face and pulled me towards him, kissing the top of my head tenderly through the mask. 
“What part?” I whispered as he was sliding his hands from my face to my shoulders. My heart started to race as I anticipated his answer. “The exam, my dear, I am sure you have had a few of them in your lifetime. Now lie back please and let’s try this again and please, do try to just relax.”

I'm sorry this excerpt did not include a spanking, but since this week is Halloween I wanted provide you with something more Spooktacular. You can however read the spanking snippet here My first #SatSpanks

If you'd like the full story you can find it here Blushing Books Or here Amazon

Happy Holloween Everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Oct 18, 2013

The spice of life... #SatSpanks

Hi, hello, and how are you? I'm so happy you've stopped by my blog today for another edition of Saturday Spanks. 
I'm all spiced up about this weeks snippet. Why? Because it's hot in more ways than one. 
Last week L got a real taste of what those granny panties were for, but what happened next? 
Let's find out together... You might want to buckle up for this one, and maybe open a window or two. 

So imagine L all strapped down to that stone slab in the Room of Requirements with those wadded up panties in her mouth. You'd think that was enough, right? Clay doesn't think so, 3rd offenses are harsh.

“Hold still now,” he whispered, bringing the prepared six inch ginger root finger against her puffy little ring. “This should go in nice and easy,” he crooned, sliding all but the carefully carved base of the root into her bottom, listening to her muffled pleas. When it was safely in place he attached her ankles to the iron cuffs at the base of the stone slab. “I can tell that it’s starting to burn,” he stood back in admiration as her cries got louder and she fought fitfully with the ankle restraints trying to free her legs. “I’ll tell you right now, the more you fight it the more it will burn. Ginger was commonly used like this with slaves not so long ago. I’ve found it to be very effective in breaking bad habits,” he lashed her on the back of her thighs and she jumped, wailing frantically. “You’ll notice if you haven’t already, that each time you clench up, more juice is extracted from the ginger and the burning gets worse,” he lashed her again, higher up, watching her muscles tighten again and she screamed into the gag.
 (and she has 18 more to go... yikes) Blushing Books

Thank you again for visiting today. I really love sharing hot little excerpts like this with all of you. And for those of you addicted to SatSpanks, (like me) let's visit some of the other exceptionally hot blogs. Oh, and lets get others addicted too... I left some share buttons down there along with the slinky (err I mean linky) list.

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Oct 11, 2013

Revved up and Raring to go!

Welcome back friends and fellow spanking enthusiasts. Are you revved up and raring to go for this weeks edition of #SatSpanks? 

I know that many of you remember last weeks excerpt about those dreaded granny panties L is wearing. She has had all day to think about them, and why he's made her wear them. 

I really had a hard time picking out the snippet this week because this particular punishment is actually has two parts. One part would tell you why L thinks she is wearing those dreaded full cheeked, heat trapping, fine grit sandpaper-y panties while he's tanning her hide with his belt. 
The other part reveals their actual intended purpose. 
I had a feeling you'd want to know what they're really for.

“Don’t think you deserve a good caning?” he asked, bemused. New tears formed in L’s eyes and her throat was tight with knots, she couldn’t find voice to answer him. He softly brushed her hair away from her face and leaned over putting his face close to hers, “Would you like a gag?”

 L knew it was for her own benefit that she be gagged, he wouldn’t be able to understand the terrible things she knew would start pouring from her mouth once the bite of the cane started licking and lashing at the welts left from his belt. She gave him a sorrowful look and nodded her head.

He smiled and softly kissed her forehead, “Good girl,” he whispered, walking around behind her, sliding her panties down her legs and helping her step out of them. He used them to wipe away any remaining wetness between her thighs before returning to her side. 
“Open up, it’s time we get on with it,” there was nothing tender about his look as he put those musky scented and very wet panties into her mouth. The look on her face was priceless as he poked and prodded, making sure she wouldn’t be able to spit them out.

Thank you for visiting. Now go be naughty and hop on over to some of this weeks awesome authors.


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Oct 9, 2013

My First Author Interview!

I recently wanted to leave a review for someone on smashwords. In order to leave a review there, I had to have an account. 
Just what I need... another account! But I made the account because I really wanted to leave a review there. And I'm really glad I did, because I received my very first author interview! 

You might think this is weird and so did I, but honestly I had a lot of fun. Part of the profile set up- 'Author Interview'. I was interviewed by a platform application. Don't laugh it was fun, and I thought you might enjoy my answers. 

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? 
Yes, it was a long, long time ago. I was still in grade school. An assignment for a creative writing class I took. A short story about numbers that I crafted into fictional characters and gave them a voice.
Casey woke up one morning to find that all the numbers on her alarm clock had gone missing. But where did they go? Under the bed? -no. Into the closet? -no. Maybe they were scared and had scurried under her pillow? ... Hm, still -no.
They went to a parallel universe where time did not exist. Without reason or rhyme they played without time getting into an array of mischief until seven ate nine.
Creative writing was always my favorite class.
Describe your desk
My desk is a platform of artistic design. Solid oak portals with many a mind. It has drawers and cabinets and handles of steel. A roll top cover with secrets concealed.
A lone piece of furniture in the corner of my room? Hardly my friend it's a writers loom.
What motivated you to become an indie author? 
I believe that imagination is our greatest gift. I wanted to develop, craft, and share my mind. I learned long ago that everything and everyone has a story to tell. There is never 'nothing' happening.
Something as simple as a leaf falling gently from tree has a story locked inside it. I've spent my life climbing trees, exploring the secrets held in their leaves.
My motivation to share? To become an author? Because imagination holds no bounds, it's a gift that deserves to be shared and preserved.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are the life and blood of an author. I see a fan/reader as a pair of eyes peering into my imaginative mind. My fans are like a cool and refreshing glass of water on a hot and steamy day. They give me encouragement in the most compelling of ways. I am grateful, humbled and overjoyed anytime anyone has something to say about one of my books.
It's the fans and readers who encourage me, keeping me motivated to keep sharing. Fans are friendships waiting to happen.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Curiosity is what inspires me to embrace the day. There is always something new, something good, and something creative with each new day. Each day is a small little journey all in its own. It would drive me crazy to miss it.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
How can I limit my favorite books to 5? What a sneaky question this is.
1. Dr Suess. Green Eggs and Ham.
Why? Because this story touched my heart in so many different ways. I read it when I was little and fell in love with poetic prose. I read it to my children and watched there eyes rove the pictures while my voice carried them along. I value the moral it taught me as well as my children. 'You never know, until you try'
2. Miss Piggle Wiggle, because Betty McDonald found such creative ways to shape and mold the mind of a child.
3. The Harry Potter series. These books are filled with amazing fun and adventure that brought the world of reading to a new level between me and my children as we took turns reading aloud. Thus helping my children as well as myself to become better expressive readers. It also taught them that indulging in a book is far better than television or a movie. We watched every movie together and although the movies were indeed wonderful, we all agreed it was more fun to sit around the rocking chair and read to each other.
4. IT, by Stephen King, because it showed me the dark-side of my own imagination.
5. The Claiming of sleeping Beauty, by Anne Rice, because she encouraged and inspired me to share my own erotic fantasies.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. If you were hoping for a hot spanking snippet, -sorry!- Wait for this weeks #SatSpanks I've got an exciting conclusion about those granny panties.  
(if you enjoyed this post don't forget to pass it along... sharing is caring!) 

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Oct 4, 2013

Daring and Devious

Greetings all of you spanking snippet lovers. Are you feeling the heat from all of this weeks hot excerpts? I know I am. 
I bet your wondering if L got her spanking yet for teasing Master C last week. 
Well guess what... I can't tell you. I mean, I really, really wanted to, but L wanted me to tell you about the horrible underpants Clay is making her wear. He calls them big girl panties, but L thinks they look like granny panties and she just can't believe he has left them in her room for her to put on after her shower. 
As they are walking out the door Clay wants to know how those 'big girl panties' feel on her bottom. 
This is what she says... 

 "What... You wanted me to wear those? I thought maybe your mom had visited recently and she forgot them," she said, toying with him.

Clay stopped, gripping her hand tighter and pulled her back next to him. "They're brand new and if we are late because you have to back inside to put those underpants on it will be noted in your punishment," he stared to pull her along behind him back to the house. 

L started laughing. "I have them on and they are horrible, why are you making me wear such terrible things?" she blurted out, still laughing. 

"You seem to be in quite a daring mood this morning," he glared down at her. "I know you're not used to wearing panties most of the time and definitely not the kind that cover you so completely. You are going to be aware of them throughout your day and they will feel uncomfortable. Consider them a precursor to the discomfort your ass is going to be in later when I decide to take them off." 
(Punctuation has been modified to conform to 8 sentence rule)

Yikes, she sure is being devious for a girl who knows she is getting a spanking later that evening, don't you agree? 
If you don't want to wait to see what happens here's a couple of links where you can have a closer look at L and Clay. 
Blushing books    Amazon

Please don't miss the linky list below to visit all of the other tempting little treats these lovely authors have for us this week. 
Thank you all for stopping by. I wish you a Spanking Good weekend.

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