Apr 22, 2014

A Look into Odyssey

Greetings Dungeon Crawlers, I'm excited and happy to see you back this week. I've decided to switch gears this week and give you a peek into 'The Story of L' based on a young woman's odyssey into the world of BDSM. The snippet comes from the first book of the trilogy called Odyssey and L has just made a weighty decision. She's agreed to join the Sacred Sacraments of Service and undergo slave training for the man she loves.
"You've passed your first test, and have embarked on the voyage of your training to pleasure me.  You have followed my command, which is to be the first of many that you will be expected to follow without hesitation.  You have obeyed without question and verified your desire to participate voluntarily into the induction of the Sacred Sacraments of Service, as my proffered pledge," he said calmly, as he admired the lovely full-length sparkling wedding gown she was secluded under.

"This night is to constitute your official declaration to embark on the journey of becoming my complete and utter slave, L. You have done me the greatest honor a man in my position could ever ask for. You have entrusted me from this day forward, to claim you as my own. To do with whatever I so wish, at any given time, and without the scarcity of a word or breath of refute." He stood up from the loveseat and walked mannerly over to L until he stood right before her. Being 6'4", he bent slightly as he offered her his open palm.

"Thank you, Sir," L said easily, accepting his hand.

"NO L, you will no longer call me Sir. Tonight, I become your Master as does every other man or woman in the society in which you have just so shortly ago agreed to become a part of. I am going to forgive you only this one time because it is a very special night. But need I remind you L; you no longer have a voice. There is no longer any need of your thanks or your gratitude in words. You are no longer my submissive companion. You are now my slave. Your thanks and gratitude will now be shown explicitly in actions alone. Please show that you understand this with a short nod of your head."
After hearing this, L simply nodded. 

Trey helped his symbolic bride to her feet and walked her over to the black suede loveseat where he then instructed her to sit down in the very middle of the plush cushioned fabric. 
L sat squarely without crossing her legs as Trey had taught her long ago she must not do while in his presence. She placed her hands in her lap and folded one over the top of the other and waited for what he would say or do next. 

He walked around behind the loveseat and bent over, taking first her left hand, pulling it to his dark Italian mouth, he kissed it softly before attaching her wrist to the black suede cuff attached somewhere behind the loveseat. 
A mild tremor crept up her left arm as he did the same with her right hand and after the cuffs were secure, he tightened them, making sure she could not move her hands or arms more than a couple of inches forward or back. 
Satisfied with her restraints, he then took the open champagne and poured the crystal glass full. He stood before her holding the glass and said. "Welcome to the S.S.S, L. Let us celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion and opportunity, a consummation of a Master to his slave." He then took a mouthful of the bittersweet bubbly, moved over the top of L, tilting her head back against the loveseat and offered her a sip directly from his mouth to hers. His olive toned, large Italian hand, pressed into the top of her shoulder as he leaned over her. 
The tiny pearl sequins near her collarbone making their presence known as he pressed his thumbs into them. She stared up into his pale blue, well-spaced eyes, as she opened her mouth to receive his offering. The cool sparkling liquid streamed into her mouth at the rate of a trickle, oozing slowly down the back of her throat. 
When his mouth was empty he kissed her savagely, filling her mouth with his tongue, pulling a soft little moan from her as his reward. 
He pulled abruptly from the kiss but kept his face close to hers. In a soft and mild mannered voice, he told her this would be the last night they were going to spend together for the next two weeks. He gave her another swallow of the cool liquid before setting the glass back down on the table and knelt down between her legs on the gray Berber carpet. 
He reached up under her long billowing gown and pulled down the petticoat from her hips, instructing her to lift them as he slid the heavily tooled material over her curves, down over her knees and to her ankles and then completely off. After pulling out and discarding the petticoat, he moved his hands back to the middle of her thighs and opened them as wide as the gown would allow and then took her left foot to the edge of the loveseat and secured it with another suede cuff, doing the same thereafter to her right. 
When he was finished he stood up and took the crystal flute into his hand and drank the remaining champagne while his eyes combed over the contained mounds of her bare breasts pressing so tightly to the thick fabric of the dress. 

"Oh dear," he said with a devilish grin. "I've completely forgotten to remove this beautifully tailored gown from your body before immobilizing you." He reached into the front pocket of his well pressed, smooth black pants and pulled out a pocketknife. 
L's eyes got a little wider as she watched him open it, the light behind them glinting off the sleek silver blade. 

"I suggest you hold very still L, it's very sharp and I wouldn't want to slip and nick your beautiful soft, white skin." His voice was getting deeper and huskier. 
L knew this tone in his voice and she knew what it meant. He walked around behind her and pulled all of her soft elegant auburn hair from her back and splayed it against the suede backing of the loveseat while pulling it firmly, causing her to lean her head back once again. 
"Now hold still, L," he said sternly, bringing the tip of the blade to the first tightly cinched button beneath her chin and sliced it. 

She gasped, thinking it a pity to ruin the beautiful old timeless treasure that currently adorned and concealed her naked body. He continued to slice through each button one at a time, carefully with one hand while the other pressed harshly into her breast. Her breath hitched and she held it still when she felt him dip the knife against the material right at the hollow of her neck in order to get under the lace securing the satin button. 

"Good girl," he said softly, bending down to kiss her more delicately than he had the first time, leaving her lips in want of more.
L now realized why he had instructed that this dress fit her so tightly. He wanted the buttons to pop easily when he cut the dress from her tethered body. 

He cut through three more buttons, opening the front of the dress just enough that he could see the swell of pasty white flesh that was, her cleavage. 
"There are my gorgeous little beauties," he whispered and pulled the knife away setting it on the table next to the champagne. 
He slipped his right hand into the now open necked dress and gripped her breast, pulling up on it and squeezing it before passing his thumb over the soft nub of her nipple. His left hand also wedged its way into the open flap of material and then suddenly he gripped both sides and rent the front of the dress all the way to her abdomen. 

She let out a stark little cry of surprise as buttons and pearly sequins flew in all directions. He chuckled softly and then adjusted a bar along the back of the loveseat that allowed the backrest to recline. He let it fold all the way down, thus, turning the loveseat into something like a makeshift bed. His eyes lusted to take her as he folded her head and torso back towards him, until the backrest clicked into place.  

Her breasts, plump and most pleasing to his eyes now rose and fell as they peeked out at him from the rent material. He knelt at her head and bent over her body not being able to stop from biting and sucking at her newly exposed, dark pink nipples. Holding her gloved hands in his, reached his face down further, licking at her smooth, soft belly, swirling his tongue into her belly button causing her to writhe and squirm. 
His growing need pried into her cheek as he pressed his body down on hers, trying to still her. Most of her chest and torso were available to his eyes thus far. Trey often liked to un-wrap her slowly. –It's like a present every time, he had once told her. But really, he very much liked not undressing anymore of her than he intended to use at one time. He enjoyed torturing her more often than not, half clad body.

Trey reached over to the table and took the champagne out of the bucket. Filling his mouth with a good sized swallow of it, he drizzled some of it into her mouth, then some in between her breasts, then the last bit of it down her belly and let it pool in her belly button. 

He pulled the fabric near her left breast aside and placed the ice chilled and still wet bottom of the bottle onto her breast. Her body jolted from the shock and a curt moan erupted from her lips. 
"Shhh, be still L, you'll make a mess," he said and removed the bottle, watching as her nipple hardened to a stiff little peek, which he then saw fit to bite with some severity before enclosing his lips around it and sucking it back to warmth. 

A shrill little cry erupted out of her as he also did the same to her other breast before licking the pooled remains of champagne from her torso. The light musky smell of her arousal caught in his throat as he sucked the wetness from her belly button. He took hold of the remaining intact portion of material that still covered her thighs and forcefully ripped it open, until the heavy material was completely rent down the front. He smoothed it out flat to each side, covering nearly the entire black suede cushion she was fastened too. 
She was now fully exposed to him with the exception of the sleeves that still covered her arms.

It's terrible to leave L here like this, nearly naked and restrained isn't it?
Come back next week when L is dropped off at 'The Inn' and  meets Master C and his Room of Requirements.

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Apr 15, 2014

#DungeonCrawal Into the Barnyard.

Welcome Back Dungeon Lovers... This week I'm going to continue with Wonderlust and present you with the Barnyard scene. If female dominance or male milking turns you off, you might want to click out of here now. 
 I'm probably the author your mother warned you about.    
                     For the rest of you adorable little lovelies... please have a seat and enjoy the show.

Soon the two men were carting off the partition and the whole backdrop of the stagehand been changed to look a country barnyard. In the middle of the stage was a bale of hay and a small stool like the one back in the basement of Jim’s garage. 
A young man was being brought up onto the stage by way of a slightly older woman decked out in tight black leather and very high heels. Her breasts were cinched up into a black half-cup corset so that her nipples were protruding just over the top of it.  He was on his hands and knees and naked. Around his neck he wore a black collar with a big silver ring. Attached to that was a leash that the woman held onto as she led him to center stage.

“Kneel up for your audience, my little cow,” she boasted loudly so all could hear. 

The man lifted his hands and placed them behind his neck, his head remained bowed as he looked at the floor. There was no hair on his chest and it glistened as if he had been rubbed down with oil. He spread his knees apart and there was some kind of plastic cage device on his cock with a gold colored lock like the one on the collar I had worn. 
His genitals had also been shaved and oiled. 

“My little cow here has not been milked all week. I imagine he has a lot of milk stored up,” the woman said as she pulled a ridding crop from behind her and put it under his chin, forcing him to raise his head and address his audience. His face was a bit red and I could tell he was not very comfortable being put on display like this. 

“Are you ready to be milked, my little cow?” she daunted. 
“Yes, Mistress” he looked at her as he spoke. 
“Good boy.” She patted his ass cheeks with her crop, and led him over to the bale of hay behind them, instructing him to sit on the bale. 
His back was facing the audience while she stood in front of him using her heels to slide his feet into the positions she wanted them in. His hands were resting on the bale at his sides. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned down so that her breasts were right in front of his face. She told him to get his key and he buried his face into her half covered bubbly mounds and pulled a key from her cleavage. 
She turned his head so that the audience could see the key and then she took it from his lips and knelt down between his thighs and removed the plastic cock cage. 

“Thank you, Mistress,” his voice sounded meek. 
She instructed him to lie back across the bale and to place his hands on the floor outstretched on each side of his head, forcing him to view his audience from an upside-down position. while she stood and walked around him, tapping the crop dauntingly into her palm as if trying to decide where to slap him with it first. 
She placed the crop tip onto his chest and started to caress his chest with it. You could see the man’s chest rise and fall as he took deeper breaths. She moved the leather tip of the crop all up and down his exposed chest and then moved it to tops of his legs and inner thighs. 
His cock started to swell as she trailed the crop over his balls. He let out a soft groan and she pulled the crop back and then slapped him with it modestly right on the shaft of his cock. His chest jerked and his face showed a slight wince. 
I was sure that this wasn’t his first time receiving such treatment. He kept his eyes shut while she taunted him with her crop. She told him he was too pale and needed some color while she proceeded to slap his chest, his legs, and the exposed underside of his arms.  Occasionally she would reprimand him for moving his hands or his feet with a harder slap to a more sensitive area.  
His whimpers could barely be heard in the back of the room, but it was clearly audible when he would say, “Thank you, Mistress.” 
His cock was rock hard even after a couple of good swats to his balls. The anguish showed on his face as he yelped, and twitched. 
She tapped her crop on the head of his cock. “Good boy.” 
After making sure he had enough color the Mistress ordered that he hold his feet up as well as his hands, and to hold himself still. 
After doing as instructed she took his hands and turned his body, along with the bale, so that the audience now had a side view of what was going on. I watched his stomach rise and fall while she went to that little table at the back of the stage. She came back with two pairs of leather cuffs. She placed his hands and feet back into the positions she wanted them, cuffing them to the floor so that he was arched over the bale.  Surprisingly his cock was still  hard, and the side view was really nice. 

“Are you ready to be milked, my little cow?” 
“Yes, Mistress,” he begged. 

The Mistress walked over to the table at the corner of the stage again and put on a single tight black latex glove. She let is snap as she pulled it down tight to her wrist, I don’t know why, but I flinched. She walked slow and dauntingly back over to her little cow and started touching some of his more sensitive little red welts. She was saying something to him softly but it was too faint to hear in the back of the room. She positioned the stool with her foot so that she could sit between the man’s legs. 

She pulled a small little packet of what I presumed to be a lubricant from the pocket of her tight leather pants and lubed up her index and middle finger on her right hand. With her left she fondled and played with his balls telling the audience how full and heavy they felt. His cock lurched and he moaned softly as she inserted her lubed fingers into his asshole. He groaned loudly and his body flexed, his legs trembling.

She started working her fingers in and out of him slowly at first. His body writhed and squirmed against his restraints. His hips began to move with the movements of her fingers. She began pumping her fingers into him harder and faster, his moans and groans getting louder and more frequent. The muscles in his arms were tight and rigid. His legs flexed and pulled against the cuffs attached to his ankles. Climax claimed him and his cock quivered and jerked as it erupted like a fountain shooting milky white come onto his chest as far up as his neck several times while his body bucked and lurched. I was amazed by how much he had released. 

“I think you have more, don’t you, my little cow?” 
“Yes Mistress, thank you, Mistress,” he stammered, his voice quivering. 

The Mistress kept her fingers inside of him while she took hold of his still rigid and stiff cock and started to stroke it. The man was whimpering, groaning and squirming. She used his wetness, teasing the bulbous head of his cock terribly while a vivacious smile spread across her lips. 
“Give me more, little cow… now!” She held his shaft tightly in her hand and pulled it back a little so that the audience got a good horizontal view.   

“Yes, Mistress,” he groaned. His cock erupted again, this time she held onto it and pulled the skin taut as he released almost as much as the first time. His back was arched up off the bale and his body was stiff and rigid as his milky white come shot high up into the air. 
I could only imagine what that looked like for those sitting in the chairs up in front. 
The man thanked his Mistress again and she told him he did very well. And again the two men brought out the partition to block of the stage while they rearranged and set up for the next performers. 

“Quite the young stud, wasn’t he Misty?” 
“Yes Sir, quite a performance.” 
“You know, I felt your body tense up both times when he came.” 
“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” I said, blushing again. 
I wondered if I should tell him I heard his heart beat pick up the pace a couple times during that performance as well, as I readjusted myself a little, pulling my head from his shoulder. 

“I think we should head back up to the room, the last performance might be a little… strong for you at this point,” he explained, pulling his arm from my shoulder. 

I straightened out my top, looking into his eyes the best I could in the darkness. Even in the dark he couldn’t hide the vibrant blue of his eyes. I knew going upstairs would mean I had to render him a decision as to whether I would agree to stay with him. I almost didn’t want to go just to avoid having to decide. 
“I’ll take your word for that, Sir,” I said as we stood up to leave.

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