Aug 9, 2013

My very First Saturday Spanks

Greetings fellow Bloggers, Authors, Friends, Readers and Crazed Internet Junkies.

This is my first time participating in Saturday Spanks. I enjoy writing as well as reading BDSM novels. My work has been called edgy, stark, intense and to my recent surprise, HOT!
I'd like to share a snippet today from my very first publication.

Abduction Seduction and the Making of a Slave. Although certain elements of this story contain some slightly non consensual events in the beginning, it grows into a sweet but super hot and sexy HEA. 

We're at a part in the story where Misty is getting her first lesson in discipline from her Captor. A spanking!

While this is indeed a punishment spanking, Robert also wants her submission. He knows she will feel humiliated across his lap. He knows that she's scared, and mad at him because she has no other option. He knows that the sting of his hand will hurt her well rounded and supple rear, and that he will bring her to screams, sobs, and tears.
Will she continue to hate him as she lay limp in his lap? Or will her body betray her, yielding to his unwanted, yet oh so desired touch.

Picture Misty's red, burning bottom as you read the snippet from Abduction, Seduction and the Making of a Slave.


“I think you do understand now, don’t you, my precious?” his hand relaxed in my hair.  

I started to sob uncontrollably, keeping my face buried in the throw pillow. He slid his hand down my back as he leaned forward and got his drink from the table. I heard him take a sip of it before resting it on my inflamed and deeply red buttocks. My body jolted from the shock and I gasped loudly into the pillow and let out another series of sobs. 

“Shush now, my dear, the pain is over.”

 He softly ran his fingers up through my hair and coaxed me to turn my head to the side. He wiped at my tears as he looked down at my red face. I heard the ice in his glass tinkle as he took an ice cube from it and started to rub it over the welts on my buttocks until it melted.

Thank you all for visiting my first Saturday Spanks, I hope you enjoyed my 8 ..err I mean nine sentences as much as I enjoy all of yours.
OH! and a quick word of advice before I rush off to indulge myself in more Saturday Spanks. DON'T ... no... Do Not, buy my book. You'll get addicted to erotic novels and have no time for a social life. For those of you who were never warned and it's already to late. You can find a copy of this steamy tale below.

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Please use the links below to follow more sinfully tantalizing snippets from some very wonderful, sexy and erotic authors.  

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