Oct 4, 2013

Daring and Devious

Greetings all of you spanking snippet lovers. Are you feeling the heat from all of this weeks hot excerpts? I know I am. 
I bet your wondering if L got her spanking yet for teasing Master C last week. 
Well guess what... I can't tell you. I mean, I really, really wanted to, but L wanted me to tell you about the horrible underpants Clay is making her wear. He calls them big girl panties, but L thinks they look like granny panties and she just can't believe he has left them in her room for her to put on after her shower. 
As they are walking out the door Clay wants to know how those 'big girl panties' feel on her bottom. 
This is what she says... 

 "What... You wanted me to wear those? I thought maybe your mom had visited recently and she forgot them," she said, toying with him.

Clay stopped, gripping her hand tighter and pulled her back next to him. "They're brand new and if we are late because you have to back inside to put those underpants on it will be noted in your punishment," he stared to pull her along behind him back to the house. 

L started laughing. "I have them on and they are horrible, why are you making me wear such terrible things?" she blurted out, still laughing. 

"You seem to be in quite a daring mood this morning," he glared down at her. "I know you're not used to wearing panties most of the time and definitely not the kind that cover you so completely. You are going to be aware of them throughout your day and they will feel uncomfortable. Consider them a precursor to the discomfort your ass is going to be in later when I decide to take them off." 
(Punctuation has been modified to conform to 8 sentence rule)

Yikes, she sure is being devious for a girl who knows she is getting a spanking later that evening, don't you agree? 
If you don't want to wait to see what happens here's a couple of links where you can have a closer look at L and Clay. 
Blushing books    Amazon

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Thank you all for stopping by. I wish you a Spanking Good weekend.

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