May 20, 2014

Moving Day

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 I want to tell all of you who frequently visit my blog that I'm moving. 
Not very far. Just around the corner... where the rent is cheaper. 

But why are you moving? *Whines and Boos* 

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 I am moving because I am taking on an exciting new pen-name. Melody Parks. She's really just the other half of my split personality. But we made this pack... like when we were 3. And well, she's holding me to it. 
I lose both pinky fingers and my big toe if I renig on this deal. Thus you see the dilemma.   
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Then there is the real reason... Which is depressing and horrible. A real horror story, I'm telling you.

I'm going to relate a bit of this horror flick to you simply because what happened to me CLOULD also happen to you. Although it's probably unlikely because I am that special kind of weirdness that end up in all freak accidents.

So here's what happened. Amazon tossed my first book in their dungeon. They didn't like the cover and they didn't like the title (Abduction, Seduction, and the making of a slave)
Apparently Abduction is a no no in titles.
Okay- so your book was in the dungeon... the publisher re-covered it and renamed it. It got put back up.. No big deal, right?

It wasn't a big deal until every book thereafter was labeled adult and tossed in the dungeon. Sure they got pulled out eventually, but still... I learned my lesson with the first book and both covers and content have been according to amazons guidelines. Didn't seem to matter. LA has a new release... POOF dungeon. Then in Feb... for no good or apparent reason whatsoever amazon pulled down the first book in 'The Story of L' Trilogy. They have flat out refused to put it back up. It does not violate their terms in any way. Go Figure! BLAH!

So here's the deal. Being an online author is hard.. like really hard. So when amazon makes it even harder... especially when they take their cut of the sales... well, it just makes me want to choke somebody. But not you... I like you guys.

If you'd like to keep following me under my new name you can find me here.Melody Parks

If any of you might feel so inclined. I would really appreciate if you shared this post so other also know where and why I'm moving.

Thank you all for stopping... and have a unusually pleasant day! 

May 13, 2014

Breif Relief

Greetings Everyone. Do you know what day it is? Yup, it's Wednesday, also Hump Day and best of all... #DungeonCrawl Day! 
Last week L got her first taste of The Inns dungeon with Master C where she received her first 'real' punishment. As I recall the experience left her in the dark. 
What must she think of the man who spanked, gagged and whipped her with his crop? Jerk? Meanie? Abusive? Monster?
Let's find out... 

 When L opened her eyes she found herself cradled in Master C's arms. He was holding her in his lap while sitting on her cot in cell nine, softly caressing her face to bring her around. The ball gag was gone, the irons were gone but the pain was still hot and burning to her backside, thighs and chest. 

The light was dim but she could see Master C's face. He was looking down at her with tender curiosity in his eyes that brought tears anew to L's. She wanted to reach up and touch the soft beard on his face, but she resisted. 
"Shhh…the punishment is over, L. You did very well once the gag was in place and I am very proud of you." He bent and kissed her sweat-dampened hair, starting to rock her a little while he held her. His voice soothed her and although her body ached and burned in every place imaginable, his words brought her an incomparable comfort, –he was proud of her.  

He continued to caress her body with the tenderest touch she had ever felt. He took care not to braze her welts or graze the deeply reddened areas on her breasts. Instead he focused on her neck, her face, and her lips. L curled her head into his chest, breathing him in, accepting this minor comfort and wishing all the while that it were Trey that was holding her. Trey would never have beaten her like that, and now that the punishment, which seemed far too extreme, was over, she wondered how Master C could go so easily from one extreme to the other. 

"L, you need to drink something. I've ordered that your dinner be brought to you here and although you are probably not hungry, I do insist that you replenish your body of fluids." His words were tender, almost loving as he stroked the hair away from her forehead before lifting her and positioning her so that only her head remained on his lap, while she lay curled on her side, looking away from him. 
L said nothing in return. 

He stayed with her, comforting and caressing her back and shoulders until Sir Randolph came and left a tray of food and drink at the end of her cot. Master C helped L to sit up. She winced at the painful marks to her butt and thighs. He handed her the tall glass of juice and rubbed her back softly while she consumed it. Her hands were shaking so bad that she used both hands to drink it. It felt refreshingly good to her dry lips and throat. 

"Your irons will be left off for the remainder of the evening, L, and I suggest that you get some sleep after you've eaten. Tomorrow morning your etiquette training will begin and you are going need your strength. Sir Randolph has been assigned to your personal care, and tomorrow he will take responsibility for cleaning and preparing you for the day's events." He brushed his hand down the side of her cheek and then kissed the crown of her head before standing to leave. 

L had a strong urge to ask him not to go. That she wanted him to stay with her and hold her, but this also confused her. She didn't understand why she wanted the very man who had caused her this shame and this hurt to remain anywhere near her. After Master C had left, L also drank the water left for her and picked sparingly at a few bites of the food before curling up on her little cot, hugging the cotton linens. 
Her mind was in a state of confusion, she called out in tiny whispers "Trey, Trey, what have you done to me? Why do wish for me to endure this awful place?" L's eyes burned from the tears and her body still trembled each time she moved even the tiniest bit to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. 

Trey had told her that everything that happened to her here would be an extension of –his own hand! It started to occur to her that Trey wanted her to be more humble, more willing and open to the things he wanted to do to her, but that she had begged the refusal of. He had wanted her to get her nipples pierced after she agreed to become his submissive, but she had begged him to reconsider, and he had. Now though, Mistress C's words resounded in her mind –piercings for these, silver, she is to pale for gold, size two. 
It became obvious to L that this was Trey's way of molding her to suit his needs, wants and desires. Here she would endure everything he wished to impose upon her without actually doing so himself, –coward! Before long, L found she was unable to struggle with aimless thoughts strewing through her mind and gave way to an uncomfortable state of motionless sleep.

Thanks for visiting the dungeon today folks. I wish you all a very happy week, and encourage you to check out some of the other dungeon doors below... great and wondrous treats await you!  

May 6, 2014

Not what she expected

Holy-shit on a stick it's Wednesday again, which means the RTK-Dungeon-Crawl- Yay!
Please come in and make yourself comfortable. I've made popcorn for this weeks crawl, please help yourself and lets get this punishment party started. 

No throwing popcorn during the show or you will risk the wrath of the Dungeon Dom!
Long excerpt this week, hence... the popcorn 

As promised from last weeks Crawl, L will be getting up close and personal with Master C for the first time, although not the way she might have expected. 
I feel I should issue a warning for the end of this snippet, it does not end faintly... then again, maybe it does. 

There were six concrete steps that led to a small landing with a suspended light bulb and then turned to accompany six more steps that led to the next door. Using a skeleton key he unlocked the heavy door and led her into a room that looked very much like a sex dungeon. It had the same feel as the cells not far below- with slightly better lighting.
L started to regret having ever agreed to this. Large eyebolts were attached to various places along the gray block walls. There were stone slabs in each of the four corners, which also had eyebolts in them. What was more discerning to L though, were the devices she beheld. She knew what the St. Andrews cross was, and she knew what the wooden saw horses were probably for. But she had never seen anything like the table in the middle of the room. It had three sections to it that seemed to be adjustable. Hanging off the sides of it were iron chains at the head and the foot. Not too far beyond that she noticed a stock-aid device.
There were also three large wooden polished poles on the far side of the room and a large wooden round table, which accompanied six wooden stools. Master C sat on one of the stone slabs to her right of entering. He thanked the man he called, Sir Randolph, and dismissed him just as he placed L before Master C and let go of her shackled wrists. Sir Randolph bowed to Master C and left the room.

"Kneel, L," he ordered.
 She complied swiftly dropping down to her knees.

"You were kindly told upon entering The Inn, to please have a seat. You took forty-five minutes to follow that order, L, and as a result of that you will now spend forty-five minutes in the ROR with me for it." He walked around L three times with a riding crop in his hand while saying this. He used the crop to caress the rounds of her breasts, grazing her nipples and then to brush the still wet strands of hair from her shoulders. "One thing I will however commend you for is that you have held your tongue. This in my opinion does show that you do indeed have promise of becoming an obedient slave. Undoubtedly, you have questions and curiosities as to what will happen to you here for the next fourteen days. However, you are not to ask or implore of anyone at anytime. You will be informed of all you need to know as WE see fit. Do you understand this, L?" His voice was stern, dark, but yet somehow soothing.

"Yes, Sir" L answered quietly.
Master C took up and handful of L's hair and pulled her head back slowly to meet his dark brown almost black deep-set eyes. Haunting eyes, L thought as he forced her to look at him. "I am not a Sir, L, I am a Master and you will address me as such when required to use your tongue." He said firmly and dropped her head forward in haste.

Wishing to redeem herself quickly, L said, "Yes, Master C."
Master C had changed his soft billowy tunic for a snug fitting black leather vest, sleeveless, with three emboldened sliver buttons stopping just above his sternum on his breastbone. The muscles on his chest were firm and tight, his arms rather lanky, yet the form of their toned muscles viable and visible. Master C once again took a seat just in front of her on the cold stone slab and studied her for a moment, his hand on his chin rubbing the short hairs of his half beard.

"Trey, has informed us that he has never punished you, L, is this true?" he asked, his dark voice sounding bemused.

"Trey has spanked me before, Master C." L kept her head down while she gave her answer in a soft voice. Inside her nerves were trembling.

"I see, but was that spanking reserved as a form of punishment?"

"No, Master C." L wanted so badly to peek up through her lashes and glimpse his face, but she feared if he caught her, his wrath might be uncanny. She was still puzzled by how he'd known she hadn't sat down right away. Nor did she think it fair to be punished for something she didn't know she was violating.

"You are going to be punished while you are here, L. You will be punished for any and ALL disobedience no matter how small or petty you may feel it to be." He paused. "For the next thirty minutes I am going to bring you to the brink of your tolerance, and then I am going to push you past it. I think it important for us to know your limits ahead of time, so that we can focus on your endurance as well as your training." He stood and took hold of L's wrist irons and lifted her. "Stand up."
L stood up, but kept her head lowered. Master C walked over and picked up one of the wooden stools near the big round table and came back. L, now somewhat frightened, didn't dare herself to follow his movements. He set the stool down behind her and sat on it.
"Turn around L, and position yourself across my lap. It's time you learn the difference between a playful spanking and a real one," he ordered in his dark but even tone.

L felt chills riding her spine as she turned around. Master C helped guide her tethered wrists and body as she lay over his lap. L felt awkward across his thighs and the irons on her wrists felt heavier. Master C's hands were broad and warm on her backside as he smoothed them across her supple buttocks.
"You have very fair skin." His voice was daunting and she wished he would just get on with it. He pawed at her cheeks, squeezing them, testing the pliability of her flesh. L's body stiffened and he chuckled. "Are you scared, L?"

"Yes, Master C" her voice wavered.
Then his hand came down on her backside, swift and hard. L's body jolted and she bit at her bottom lip, but refused to cry out. Again his hand came down, but on her other cheek and her legs stiffened. She felt him adjust his right knee and then in quick hard succession he laid some heat to her jiggling mounds of flesh. L started to squirm and whine through her tightly pressed lips. Master C did not stop though. Over and over he struck her cheeks and she began to buck in refute. She curled her legs up in an attempt to hinder him. He forced them back down and delivered a blow to the back of her thighs. She started to yelp as his hand caught spots he had previously struck.
"Do not refuse me, L," he growled, his voice a deep baritone.

L forced herself to stop struggling.
"Good girl," he said softly and stopped only long enough to retrieve a paddle that she had not seen him get. "Strong willed aren't you, L?" He gave her no time to answer and smacked her bottom with the heavy wooden paddle.

L couldn't contain herself and she cried out in a shrill, tremor of a scream. Her fists were balled up tight as he delivered more hard smacks that made her lurch, buck, and cry out. Tears were now streaming from L's eyes as she wailed at the serve pain to her bottom. Out of reflex she curled her legs again, only to have the paddle connect with her thighs and parts of her calves. "STOP…PLEASE," L lamented.
She imagined that her butt must be cherry red by now. Fire seared through her and she couldn't control her sobs and screams any longer. Master C only tightened his hold around her waist and then he brought one of his legs over the top of her thighs so that she couldn't curl up her legs anymore.
This is when his blows became the hardest of all. L thought that her rear must have been bleeding by now with the force he was using.
Her pelvis was partly touching the edge of wooden stool and each time he brought down the paddle she was compelled to thrust forward causing pain to her front as well as her backside. L was frantic and desperate for this to stop, her fists now banging down on the concrete floor, the irons biting at her wrists with each impact as she cried out. One shrieking scream after another until they built into a steady crescendo. Her voice filled the room and echoed off the walls and then finally he stopped. She could hear him breathing hard as her trembling body continued to flinch and jerk.

L couldn't stop the sobs erupting from her throat, nor the tears streaming from her eyes. Surely this was far too severe to be called punishment, this was abuse and L wanted out of here and away from his man –Right Now! Before she could state this though, Master C pulled her up from his lap and put her on her knees next to the stool.
"Get up, L," he said taking hold of her irons.
L got up on very shaky legs, her voice trembling and said. "I want to leave!"

"Of course you do, L," he laughed as he said this. "But you are not going to leave. You remember signing the contract, don't you?"  He took hold of her irons with one hand and held her by her waist with the other and guided her over to a stone slab.

"Yes, I signed it, but I never agreed to be abused like this." She fought to keep her voice steady. Master C picked her up and sat her burning and inflamed buttocks on the rough stone slab.

"This is NOT abuse, L. This is punishment, REAL punishment, and nothing more, punishment in which you in fact agreed to when you signed our document." His voice was smooth, even, and artfully dark again. He stood back a couple of steps and observed her quaking body before saying, "And to think that I commended you only moments ago for your ability to hold your tongue." He slowly shook his head as he approached her.

The coolness of the stone slab felt good to L's burning cheeks and thighs but it also bit at the inflamed and seared flesh like sandpaper. Horror suddenly struck through her as his voice shrouded her mind. –But you are not going to leave. Panic struck and she started to sob again, -I can't do this, it's too much, each small movement she made causing the rough surface beneath her to inflict little stinging bites to her bottom.
Master C stood before L and started to unlock the padlock that held her wrist irons together.

"Please, Master C," she paused and another heaving sob poured from her as she wrought up the courage to go on. "I had no idea what I was getting into," She said as he took hold of her right wrist and walked to the edge of the stone slab and then pulled her arm back, stretching it so that he could attach the iron to the eyebolt at the corner of the slab. "Master C, what are you doing?" Her voice cracked, but it was as though he did not even hear her.

He walked back around in front of her put his finger under her chin and lifted her red tear-stained face to meet his while taking her left wrist into his other hand. "Hush now," he whispered, looking her deep in the eyes and then he leaned forward and delivered a soft cool lingering kiss to her forehead before proceeding and attaching her left wrist also behind her.
L couldn't believe he wasn't going to let her go as she watched him go to a cabinet that was previously blocked by the door when she had been brought into the room. The irons were snug on her wrists in this position. She flattened out her hands and arched her back in attempts to alleviate some of the pressure.

"I am going to do you a courtesy," he said, walking back towards her.
 L's eyes then beheld what he had gone to get. A strap of brown leather hung from his palm, a little gold buckle on one end. His fingers closed over what she assumed to be a ball gag.

"Noooooo…please," she sobbed.

"This is for your own good, L," he paused, looping one end of the leather into the buckle. "Not only did you agree to being punished for your disobedience but you also agreed to give up all your constitutional rights, INCLUDING the freedom of speech."
He started to put the leather band around L's head and she saw the large black ball of the gag.

L, in her own defense pulled away from this attempt, which for her was not a good choice. Master C was swift to deliver a harsh slap to her face causing her to cry out, and when she did, Master C forced the ball into her mouth and held the back of her neck along with a handful of her hair sternly.
"You are incurring more punishments, L, I suggest you relinquish your desire to fight me or we will be here ALL night." His dark eyes blazed into her terrified, tear filled ones. "Will you allow me to attach this properly now, L, or should I ring for some assistance? I assure you that would not be good…for you!"

L nodded her head to the best of her ability as new tears streamed down her face, burning her cheek where he had slapped her. Master C made quick of attaching the ball gag securely and then went about attaching each of her ankles to the side edges of the stone slab, spreading her legs so that they reached the irons.
She found it hard to release the pent up sobs with this hard rubber tasting ball in her mouth. She also found it near impossible to so much as swallow. The ball gag was a new experience for L. She had seen them plenty of times, but never before had one in her own mouth. Drool was just starting to accumulate at the corners of her lips as Master C finished with her ankles and stood up, positioning himself between her open thighs. He put one hand on each thigh and she tensed up immediately.

"Calm down, L, I'm sure you didn't fully understand the scope of what you were getting yourself into last night before you signed on the dotted line; most pledges don't. If Trey had told you how you were to be punished, you'd have probably never agreed to do him the honor of becoming his pledge to us."
He paused and ran his thumbs along the soft yet unscathed skin of her inner thighs, taking time to look at them in their milky white admiration.
"I learned a lot about you in your forty-five minutes of anticipation in the waiting area L. We have a lot of work to do from here on out. The first thing you need to learn is to surrender yourself…fully and completely." He drew his hands further up her thighs carefully watching the look in her eyes. "You're to become a slave, L, NOT a submissive as you fool yourself to be now, but a real slave. This means that you no longer have the right to beg for freedoms and doing so will only incur more and harsher punishments."
His fingers reached the crease of her thighs and she squawked behind the gag. "No one here will actually harm you, L. I see the terror in your beautiful hazel eyes right now, but trust me. I do not pity you because of it. The pain inflicted during punishment is designed to teach you, and humble you. I suggest you start allowing that to happen."
He pressed his thumbs against her warm smooth labia lips and caressed them softly. L whimpered and hung her head, avoiding his dark piercing eyes. "Not a single scar will be placed upon your decadent, beautiful body, L. Welts will serve as stern reminder as you learn what an honor it will become to be a slave for the S.S.S. The day you leave here I can promise you that you will wear your mark happily and with elegant pride."
He slipped a finger between her slit before he took his hands off her thighs and stepped back, picking up the crop he had laid on floor earlier.
L started to squeal and beg when she saw him with the crop. To her good fortune not a single word made any sense to Master C, as he brought the crop between her legs and trailed it down the inseam of each of her thighs.
She started to shudder as she saw him pull back the crop, her eyes were shut tight as he dealt the first of a long series of blows to her thighs.
She screamed behind the gag, it hurt to try and jump or scoot around on the rough slab of stone. Her body arched and bowed in every direction. When her thighs were thoroughly welted and throbbing he moved the crop to her breasts, striking them as relentlessly as he had her thighs. Her body was drenched in sweat as she pulled and jerked at the restraints.
Outrageous cries made way past the gag in her mouth while she struggled for each short breath she was able to take. Fire, hot and searing ebbed from her every pore as her head thrashed left and right until finally she broke and could take not one more lash from his crop. Every muscle went limp and she was out.


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