Jul 20, 2013

Introducing PAN

                                                              WHO IS PAN

This is PAN... PAN is what happens to me when my Positive And Negative side clash.

I assume that you are here because you found a link somewhere and are interested in my books. Or maybe you are here simply because of something I've said outside this blog.

Either way today I want to talk about PAN in association with my trials an errors as a new author.

At the moment I am slightly overwhelmed by ALL of it. I am the person who jumped in the pool headfirst without knowing how to swim. That is a true story in more ways than one, but today it's in association with being an author who wants to become a much better author. 

My Positive side wrote a book and I liked it. I shared it with some friends and they liked it too. Then those friends shared it and their friends liked it. I got comments and requests from friends and friends of friends and some I didn't even know that said. "Hey, this is good, you should publish this!"
So my Positive side got all excited and said "Yes, lets try and publish this."
My Negative side said "Do you know how to get published?"
But then Miss Positive slapped Mr Negative and said. "Shut the hell up and let her see what she can do." .... So I did. I was elated when my story was accepted.

Miss Pos, stuck her tongue out at Mr Neg and bragged like there was no tomorrow. But Mr Neg wagged his finger and boldly pronounced, "Instant gratification is not always as it seems."
He was right and this is why.

Your friends will always support and encourage you, but the general public will give you a real dose of reality and burst your bubble faster than you can blow it.
Posting some of my short stories on social sites for like minded individuals was inspiring, encouraging and has gotten me to where I am today.
And where am I today? Today I am a published author who in my own personal opinion leaves much to be desired. Are my published stories good? Hell yes they are good, I have a incorrigible imagination and a talent for sex scenes. BUT... BUT... BUT... The tools I have always used to write with are old, outdated and dull.
Mr G, for grammar took a nap when I told him to edit my work.
Miss S, for spelling did her best, but she was on Prozac at the time.
I won't even go into the other naughty little tools who danced and skirted around  in my manuscript muddling it up with errors and stealing little words.

I give Hugs, Thanks, and the Highest of praise to Blushingbooks for not only considering my work for publication, but for believing in me that my stories are good and deserve to be shared with anyone and everyone. They must have seen something they liked in me or they would not have taken a chance on me ....right? ...Right!

I do NOT wish to let them down for taking a chance on me. So what all of this comes down to is the fact I am a NEW author among a sea of many other NEW authors. When my first publication did not sell 1000 copies in it's first week Mr Neg smiled and said "I told you so." But thankfully Miss Pos slapped him upside the head and said "She'll get better... she's smart... she CAN do this, just you wait and see."

And I intend to do just that. I bought a new tool belt, and I've strapped it on. I want to make my publisher proud and my audience (You)  happy, and I will. I will become a strong erection in the field of erotic writing. Batteries not included.

I also want to thank Everyone, sincerely from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow, something we all need, want and desire.


Jul 18, 2013


 Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.

Opinions are those gray area's between the black and white of whatever topic one is passionately talking about. And NO two opinions are exactly alike.

This week I have been engaging in a lot of talk about BDSM and the genre thereof.

I keep reading comments like "This should not be counted as BDSM because...." OR "This should have gone into a more classified BDSM genre because...." And as I read all of the difference of opinions I started to symbolically pull my hair out.

So as has been the case since Adam and Eve.... the subject of SEX in any genre remains and will always remain controversial.
Speaking of Adam and Eve... What did God tell them to do... 'procreate'(Gen:1-28) thus 'have sex' ... God did not say 'do it this way and only this way'

The way I see it, (another opinion) is that if our creator meant for sex and sexuality to be so black and white he would NOT have given the female, (created after Adam) a clitoris. Sex would have been for procreation ONLY as is the case with 'animals' I have never once seen a clitoris on a female dog... Never once have I witnessed two dogs fucking just for the sake of fucking. But people do... and we do so because 'it feels good'

For me... that's the bottom line in any genre... it has to feel good. Period.

All the controversy about BDSM IS and BDSM is NOT...is in my (opinion) BULLSHIT... BDSM is what those involved in such acts make it whether it's portrayed in a book or in someones personal 'lifestyle'.

Now in a logic frame of mind, why is BDSM so damn popular?
My reason for liking it... Desire, plain and simple. I Desire dominance and submission as well as the precipice of pleasure and pain.
When someone starts telling me that what I like, enjoy and desire...does not fit into the BDSM category ...because of this or that... it makes me want to slap the living shit right out of them.... because they are...in effect... telling me that my desires are little more than someone elses misconception of what is and what is not. (It's like describing a spoonful of peanut butter shared between the same two people. I think it's sweet, and you think it's nutty. So which is it... sweet or nutty? Logic will tell us it's both.)

When that carries over into reading and writing it pisses me off even more. Fiction is just that...fiction... fantasy... parts of a persons imagination... NOT FACTUAL information.

So when I sit down to entertain myself with a book. Unless I have picked a Non-fiction title, I do not in anyway shape or form say at the end of the story... 'well, that just wasn't REAL... or that can NOT be called BDSM because...'
Instead I will say one of three things... 'Wow that was a hot read... That's not quite what I thought this book was going to be about.... or This book really sucked.'

The bottom line of all of this?

Well from a readers view... it's a form of censorship. It can't be BDSM unless...

From a writers view... if I put this scene in my book can I no longer call it a BDSM story? If not... then what genre DOES it fall into? (I'll let the publisher decide)

But the one thing I will not do.. not now and not ever, is cap, categorize,or censor my imagination while reading a book... or writing one.

Amazon as well as others are putting.. adult labels on peoples books...they are not contacting the authors of such books and telling them they have slyly slipped their new release into the symbolic dungeon where no one will ever find them. NOR are they telling readers they have such a dungeon or where to find it.

If these companies do not want to sell Adult material then ALL adult genre's should get labeled... right?
I can very much respect a company for not wanting to sell Adult material. But to start censoring that adult material based on a few 'Opinions' to me is Wrong and infringes upon our civil rights.

After all, simple Susy and slutty Sara both had sex. Susy was spotlighted because she refused anything but missionary... Sara was put in the dungeon because she was naughty and desired it from behind.

Jul 9, 2013

Who's Creative Cathy?

I'd like to introduce Creative Cathy to my blog. I thought I'd put her in charge while I did some laundry and made some coffee. 

Oh hey!..hi...I'm Creative Cathy and apparently I'm new here. I was just in the middle of doing something wickedly naughty and was told LA needed a bit of help here. 
 I don't really know what she wants me to share with you people but I'm the part of her mind that thinks up all those sultry sex scenes she puts in her books...~smirks~... and the ones she doesn't too!

For those of you who enjoy the guilty... or not so guilty pleasures of BDSM...I'm an elemental switch. When she's in the middle of writing a gritty and detailed bondage, sex or spanking scene I'm the element who gets to play both sides and I must tell you cracking the whip is just about as much fun as receiving it.  Sometimes it gets a little weird doing it so simultaneously though. Like in chapter 8 of her book Abduction Seduction and the Making of a Slave.... First he was in control, and then suddenly she was in control but didn't realize it because the lustful intent within her was literately raging to a peek she simply didn't understand. For that matter neither did he.
That was really a heady scene for me... I had to take Advil and a cold shower after that scene...no really, I did.

"Ouch...hey!" ... omg! I just got poked by the author... "Okay! Okay! I'll tell em"

She wants me to tell you She had to take the cold shower. I got the Advil. I really don't see why that's relevant. She's a little off sometimes, I swear. 

So anyway... now that she's left the room again... ~snickers~ ... I'm curious how those of you who have sampled, or read, The Story of L.. An Odyssey  felt about the scene in chapter 1 right after L signed those papers consenting to become a slave.

Her beautiful dress gets skillfully opened by a shinny blade in the hands of the man she has just committed to put her complete trust in. Her hands are tied and he leans her back, exposing her throat. The pearly buttons moving as she swallowed. He's testing her faith in him...he wants to see what degree of fear he might see in her eyes. He slices through the buttons one by one...slowly, careful to note her every reaction. 
She thought it a pity to ruin such a beautiful old fashion wedding gown as he continued to slice, opening it wider, little by little, exposing her restrained body and feeding his arousal from her reactions.

So the question I was wondering is: Do you think putting a strong graphical sex scene in the first chapter of a book is a good or bad idea? 

"Ouch...dammit!" She friggin' poked me again... can you believe it!

I'm supposed to tell you that she needs the computer back... Which figures, because I was just starting to have fun here with you she cuts me off. I was going to tell you about one of the deleted scenes that didn't make it into the book. I'm still pushing on LA to use it in the second book of L.  I'm good at that...pushing her buttons. ~giggles~
 "Ouch.. okay, okay... let me add the links to the books first"

In case any of you who took a peek at this blog today and were tempted, teased or inspired for some reason to peel through the pages of one of those two books,  you can check out the links below.

Abduction Seduction and the Making of a Slave

The Story of L: An Odyssey