Oct 11, 2013

Revved up and Raring to go!

Welcome back friends and fellow spanking enthusiasts. Are you revved up and raring to go for this weeks edition of #SatSpanks? 

I know that many of you remember last weeks excerpt about those dreaded granny panties L is wearing. She has had all day to think about them, and why he's made her wear them. 

I really had a hard time picking out the snippet this week because this particular punishment is actually has two parts. One part would tell you why L thinks she is wearing those dreaded full cheeked, heat trapping, fine grit sandpaper-y panties while he's tanning her hide with his belt. 
The other part reveals their actual intended purpose. 
I had a feeling you'd want to know what they're really for.

“Don’t think you deserve a good caning?” he asked, bemused. New tears formed in L’s eyes and her throat was tight with knots, she couldn’t find voice to answer him. He softly brushed her hair away from her face and leaned over putting his face close to hers, “Would you like a gag?”

 L knew it was for her own benefit that she be gagged, he wouldn’t be able to understand the terrible things she knew would start pouring from her mouth once the bite of the cane started licking and lashing at the welts left from his belt. She gave him a sorrowful look and nodded her head.

He smiled and softly kissed her forehead, “Good girl,” he whispered, walking around behind her, sliding her panties down her legs and helping her step out of them. He used them to wipe away any remaining wetness between her thighs before returning to her side. 
“Open up, it’s time we get on with it,” there was nothing tender about his look as he put those musky scented and very wet panties into her mouth. The look on her face was priceless as he poked and prodded, making sure she wouldn’t be able to spit them out.

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