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This is my very first publication. I was so excited the day Blushing Books sent me an e-mail saying they wanted to contract this book.

The story is written in first person. Misty tells her tale of Abduction where's she taken by force one night after work. Her captor is not a crazy rapist, and he doesn't really wish to harm her.
He's been getting board lately with his lifestyle and is attending his annual BDSM convention.

What he wants is a challenge. The young ladies attending the convention are already in the lifestyle. They have experience and they know what they want. Robert wants a girl who has no idea what BDSM is even all about. He wants the challenge of  introducing Misty to a world she has never before known not because she is curious about such things, but because she isn't. Oh what fun it will be to scare her, then calm her, skillfully gaining her trust by artful manipulation.

The actual abduction part of his plan poses some risk, but if there is no risk, there can be no reward he tells himself. He can do this, he is confident. By the end of the weekend he is sure he can have her willingly eating from his hand. Begging for attentions that only he can provide.

Misty explains in utter detail each step of this painful and sometimes pleasurable little expedition.

There are some strong emotions in this story as well as some strong language. Please be advised this is not a romance novel. It's a BDSM thriller. 

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Inspired by my own infatuation of a story I read long ago called 'The story of O'

If you enjoy BDSM then this book is full of it. Fashioned after O's journey, L agrees to become a pledge for a secret society under her Dominant boyfriends request. She knows little about what she has really gotten herself into until she walks into The Inn.
She's going to be trained as a slave for her pledge Master, Trey. She knows little about what it means to be a slave, but she knows Trey loves her and if he wants her to be his slave, then so be it. She will do her best to honor him as such.

What is the difference between being his slave and being his submissive? L thinks they are both kind of the same until she meets the Masters and Mistresses at The Inn.
Punishments? He never told her there would be punishments. In fact no one has told her about the punishments until she experiences her first spanking over the lap of one of The Inn's Masters.
Naturally L had no idea what she was getting herself into and requests to leave.
Request denied, slaves don't get to make choices like that.

A certain Master at The Inn takes up an infatuation with L. He knows its against the rules to get personally involved with a pledge, but he can't seem to help himself. There is just something about her... He Wants.
Facing reprimand and possibly loosing his job and membership with the society he agrees to back off. At least until something unexpected happens that gives him hope. Hope that maybe someday she could be His after all.
This is the first book in a three book series that will show the trials, tribulations, twists and turns of a woman's sexual journey into truly finding out where the limits of submission end and the journey into becoming a pleasure slave begins.

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 The Story of L continues as L learns to better adapt to her role of being Trey's slave. Now though she is not serving just one Master, but two of them. Trey sends her to Master C (Clay) when she is in need of correction or punishment.
An unexpected turn of events happens when Trey announces he's leaving for 2 weeks on a business trip. He sends  L to stay with Clay. Clay thinks this is wonderful. It will give him an opportunity to slyly attempt to make L his, and his alone.
But when unfortunate news reaches L, it turns her world upside down, making her question everything she's learned about being a pleasure slave.


Although free from her duplicitous master, L is anything but free. Now she has reason to believe that he has stolen her identify and embroiled her in his embezzlement scheme. Worried that she will be implicated, she plots to clear her good name.  
Now that she’s free, Clay is ready to finally make her his, and his alone. However, that hope starts to dwindle when L expresses her desire to end her membership at The Inn. She no longer wishes to be a pleasure slave or to have another Master in her life.  What will that mean for a future together?
In the third book in the trilogy, L's odyssey into the world of BDSM continues. But after a betrayal from her last master, can L learn to trust again? Will she trust Clay enough to share both her heart and her secret? And will Clay risk it all to help clear her name even if it means losing the one woman he is destined to love. Can this turbulent couple learn to set aside the pain from the past and find Redemption?




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