Apr 2, 2014

#Dungeon Crawl- The Fourth Floor

Dungeon Crawl

Welcome back to the Crawl Dungeon Lovers! Last week I mentioned featuring some tid-bits from 'The Fourth Floor' of 'The Story of M: Seduction'. 
A lot of you that left comments, which I thank you and love you for, that said you were looking forward seeing what was on this floor of the hotel Misty is staying in. 
So, I'm thinking to myself after reading your comments..."Boy, I better make this excerpt good if people are willing to come back and see it." 
So what I've decided to do is Show you the Fourth Floor and leave the some of the telling parts out. 

The hallway on the fourth floor was full of signs and postings and filled with people looking into the rooms that had open doors. You could hear yelps once in a while above the voices of those in the hall. I read some of the signs as we slowly made our way down the hall, maneuvering through the other people. 
Free Spankings. 
The head shop. 
Subbie’s corner. 
Glory days.
Dom’s Domain. 
The door was wide open on the room marked ‘free spankings’.  
Two men and two women sat in high back leather chairs. The women were dressed in mostly shinny skimpy leather; they looked very sexy but also slightly intimidating.
One of the women wore a piece that completely exposed a portion of her breast and nipples. 
A muscular man in only a pair of faded blue jeans had a young woman over his lap, her short skirt pulled up and her panties down and he was spanking her. 
The other man was a bit more business dressed with black pants and blue shirt and tie. 
The woman whose breasts showed pointed to a young lady standing against the wall and motioned for her to come over to her and she too began to receive a spanking. 
A closer look into the room revealed five other girls and one man lined against the back wall of the room. The girls were clothed but the man was completely naked. That came as a bit of a surprise and I blushed when my eyes grazed over his cock.

 The door to subbie’s corner was also open, and it was all women in this room, about eleven of them. Some were on the bed talking; others were sitting in the chairs or at the table by the window. Some were dressed very casual like me and others wore more sexy attire like lingerie with stockings and garter’s.

The door to the head shop was closed but you could hear the sounds coming from the room. Moaning and gagging. 

“You want to open the door and step inside for a moment, Misty?”

“No thank you, Sir, not right now.” My face felt very warm, my palms were a little sweaty. He wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulder and we kept walking. I wondered what made him ask. Was he suggesting we participate or just watch?

 He stopped in front of the door called 'Glory Days' and opened the door pulling me inside with him.
The only thing in this room was a large black divider running from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. No furniture or tables. There was a door on the far left to enter the other side of the partition. There were holes of various heights about 3 to 4 in circumference spaced about every 4 feet along the divider. There were two men in this room. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on. One of the guys had his pants all the way down to the floor and the other had his only partway opened. I knew what they had hidden inside those holes and what was taking place on the other side of the partition. These people had no shame whatsoever, yet I was feeling a little uncomfortable myself. They weren’t embarrassed to let strangers watch them, but my cheeks were feeling crimson. One of the men groaned and said "oh yes, that’s it bitch, just like that". I think he knew I was getting more uncomfortable and he opened the door and we left the room. 

‘Watch and Learn’ was open and there were three men and three women in this room. Each of the women tied up, but all in different ways. One had her arms suspended above her head, bound at her wrists with rope. Her feet were just barely touching the floor. The man was using a whip and lashing at her flushed body. I thought I saw tears on her cheeks but it was hard to tell. Her ass cheeks had received the most attention and you could see the red marks left from the whip. Some of them were welted and raised. I watched him snap the whip and strike her breast, she whimpered while I cringed.

The second woman was bent over a sawhorse, bound to it. The man with her was using two tools, a crop and a flogger. He cracked the crop down on her ass and I heard her thank him and ask for another, which she received along with 4 more. You could see the strain on her face each time she periodically thanked him. He then used the flogger, trailing it over her back and ass. He lifted her ass cheeks and slapped her pussy with it a few times while she groaned. He put his fingers inside her and worked them in and out of her a few times and then showed her wetness to the onlookers.

The third woman I found to be the most interesting. She was horizontally tied to 4 short posts about 4 feet from the floor. Her face down, each hand and wrist secured and each foot and ankle by cuffs as well as rope. There appeared to be a stool under her abdomen for added support. 
The man had a short whip and also some type of textured glove on his hand. Her body was very, flushed. Her face looked anguished when he licked at her body with the whip. He slapped her ass hard with his gloved hand and she shrieked. You could see her flesh ripple after he smacked her, and she pelted out a very loud, “Thank you, Sir.” 

There were a lot of people standing outside this door to watch. Those behind us crowed forward so people could still pass through the hallway. I peeked at a few of their faces. The man in the middle with the sawhorse girl paused to address his audience. 
“Does this lustful little whore deserve to come?” He called out loudly. 
Everyone started to clap n cheer, encouraging the man. He turned his attention back to the woman and lifted her head by her hair and asked her if she wanted to come. 
“If it pleases you, Sir!” her tiny voiced squeaked. 
Her face was red and sweaty. I could see the blue veins in her chest before he let her head flop back down, her blond hair falling around her face. He knelt down on one knee next to her face, reaching up underneath her. You couldn’t see his fingers actually inside of her but you knew what he was doing. The woman was moaning hard in no time. He leaned his head down and said something to her as he took her hair up in his other hand and lifted her head again. Her body was straining as she bucked against the sawhorse. Within moments you could see the gush of liquid streaming between her thighs and running down the man’s arm. 
I looked at her face when she came. Her teeth were clenched together and her eyes were shut, and she kept repeating “thank you, Sir,” as she rode out her orgasm. People started clapping as he pulled his arm out from under her. He untied her and let her go. He asked the crowed if there were any volunteers to take her place and everyone laughed, except for me, of course.

We moved along down the hallway and came to another open room called ‘The Art of Bondage’. There was a woman suspended with ropes in the very center of the room. 

It actually looked quite exquisite, the way she was tied. To each side of her a nude male also in bonds. One man faced the door the other away, both were put in the same type of bonds. Their hands were tied behind their backs and each had a collar around his neck that was secured to a beam over his head. His legs were spread wide apart and he had shackles on his ankles with a bar in between them. There was a ring at the base of his cock with a chain attached to each side that went down under his thighs. When I looked at the other mans ass I understood the chains. I wondered if that was painful as my own asshole puckered. I looked at the guys face for a moment but it showed very little expression. As I looked at the scope of this room as a whole I thought about the submission book I had looked at and pictured the whole room in black and white, taking up two pages in that book.

It looks like we've come to the end of the hall. I hope you enjoyed your view of the fourth floor. 
Next week I'll be featuring a peek into the main event of the evening. Robert takes Misty to a theatrical show after dinner called Wonderlust
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    1. Thank you, Natasha, so glad you enjoyed the little show n tell.

  2. May I say you outdid yourself with this tour today, LA ... and so glad you made it on the Crawl at the last minute (whew)! I was a bit tired last week after reading your scene (not because of the length) - so in preparation for the 4th floor, I stopped for another cup of coffee in between rooms (I didn't think you'd mind). Naturally, the "Free Spankings" room was my favorite :)

    1. Thanks Shelly, I'm glad that Sheri and Trent squeezed me in even though I was late for the sign-up. I took some time in preparing this post. I spent hours looking for appropriate pictures to represent my thoughts. I honestly don't know where some people find their erotic images and I'll be the first to say the ones I found for this post pale in comparison to some of the HOT spanking pics I've seen people share on google and twitter. How hard should it be to find a half naked man ... in a chair... spanking a pert and plump booty? Cripes I found everything butt... lol.

      If anyone has a resource site for spanking images or any other such eroticism they would like to share, I'd be forever grateful.

  3. LA, I'm going to make an incredibly irreverent comparison: this reads like the version Pilgrim's Progress I always wanted to read. :)

    1. Thank you, Emily, that is quite a compliment ;-). I'll be googling Pilgrim's Progress. I've not yet heard of it. I'm glad you liked this floor of the hotel.

  4. This was fabulous. I love all the details and the scope of your devious imagination. Very delightful. I want more.

    1. Thanks, Jolynn. I'm glad you like it :-)

  5. That was pretty good trot down the hallway; I don't know if you missed anything. If I find some cool sites for pics I'll put them out there. We use Dreamstime for most of our images, and if you have the safe filter off and search by keyword, it's pretty handy.

    1. Beauty, Thank you for suggesting Dreamstime. I'll be taking a look at their site.

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  7. Thanks for the nice compliment, Anonymous! I hope you enjoy the book. ヅ