Mar 25, 2014

#Dungeon Crawl- After the black box

Dungeon Crawl

Get those knee pads on because it's time for another Dungeon Crawl featuring 'Seduction: The story of M' 
Last weeks excerpt got a little intense between Misty, Robert, and  a certain black box.
This week I thought I'd share what happened the following day. 

“Misty, I know that all of this for you is series of first events in your life, and all of
them induced by me for that matter. I have been in this lifestyle for almost 20 years and what
happened last night was a most unexpected first for me. I can’t begin to tell you the feelings I
have after sharing that with you. I want to be so close to you right now it’s unbelievable. I
could sit here the rest of the day and just hold you, look at you and touch you. This part of my
scheme I didn’t count on happening.” His voice took on a note of sadness as he ended his
Suddenly I felt awkward and I realized why. He was feeling giddy about having lost
control himself. Was he on that euphoric high like I was in the shower yesterday? Was that
the difference between dominance and submission? Was I starting to understand what drew
people into what he called this lifestyle? More importantly, was it really okay to live this way
and not feel guilty?
I pictured myself as his permanent pet and enjoying it, and then pictured myself
trying to relate how I felt about it to my mom or a dear friend and seeing the look on their
face. This BDSM lifestyle is not a path most people often chose, and I have always leaned
more towards the wider view of it being a taboo, something to be looked down upon by the
rest of society. 

Now though, I could see clearly what makes the choice so appealing even
though I had to experience a taste of it in order to understand it. But did I even really
understand it?

“I didn’t count on any of this happening Sir, but I am thankful that it did. You need
not carry the guilt of having abducted me, nor the fear you inflicted. It was that fear that
brought me to a better understanding of a much larger scope of life than I previously thought
existed. You freed something inside of me Sir, and I will forever cherish it.” I looked into his
eyes trying to express my sincerity.

He pulled me into his arms and hugged me hard like a kid with a new puppy, and then
he brought me back far enough to place a tender kiss on my forehead. “Misty, I need to
explain to you what can happen from here. I would like to explain my proposition to you. I
want to offer you a permanent place in my home as my slave. I know that probably sounds
intimidating to say the least, but let me go on.
“I realize that you don’t have a very wide scope on the BDSM lifestyle and you don’t
understand what I mean by slave. I am not talking about a slave like you might be thinking. I
don’t want you there to clean and cook and tend after my house or affairs.

I don’t want to keep you chained up like a prisoner either.
“I would like you there under the terms of your submission to me in that you will offer
yourself to me when and how I wish. You can still continue with college and I will help you.
You would not need to keep your bar job, nor would you need to seek other employment. I
would provide you with everything you might need. And at anytime you so wish, you can
break the deal so to speak with no questions asked. You will not be held prisoner by anything
other than your own desire to stay and serve me.
“Before you think about that too much I would like to show you more about what this
lifestyle is about. I explained last night that this hotel is booked by people in the lifestyle.
There are many things that take place in this hotel during this week. It’s not all about what
happens behind closed doors.”

I settled back into the crook of his arm again and listened.

“On the fourth floor there have been exhibitions going on all week by those willing to
participate. These are small events that intuitive people have come up with to make these
types of outings more fun for all to share in and by doing so, we all get to meet others into the
lifestyle, people that share the same optimisms and views about what BDSM is. I would like
to show you what I am talking about rather than spoil the surprises. I want you to go shower
while I find you something to wear and then I’ll take you downstairs and show you the
excitement.” He pulled me into a sensual kiss before freeing me from his lap and playfully
patting my ass as I strode off to the shower.

Robert has enticed her curiosity about BDSM, but up until now, it's only been her and Robert. I wonder if what she sees on the 4th floor will intrigue her further. I invite you back next week to find out what she sees and how it makes her feel.
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  1. Sometimes I worry about having a coffee while on the Crawl (choking, sputtering and hacking is not particularly attractive at the kitchen table), but this was a lovely, informative, tender read that has me looking forward to your post next week. Thanks, LA :)

    1. Thanks Shelly, I knew you were going to appreciate this one being less edgy and explicit. ~winks~

  2. Great set-up, LA. I love deeply though-out BDSM institutions like this hotel!

  3. Well I definitely want to know what's happening on that 4th floor. Roll on next week

  4. I too am curious on the 4th floor please... :)

  5. Ah the transition from submissive to slave... quite a learning curve ;) Beautiful excerpt!

  6. 4th floor is beckoning, my kind of hotel :-)

  7. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

  8. I would totally go and then look at all the vendors have to buy. We went to Thunder In The Mountains in Colorado last year and it was great.

    1. Wow! I never new such a convention existed. I googled it and it looks fascinating. Thanks Beauty :)

  9. It looks as though many of you are looking forward more about the fourth floor. I should probably start looking for an excerpt for it now so I can make it a good one.
    Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my blog. I'm looking forward to your crawls next week as well. I really enjoy blog hops and dungeon crawls.

  10. I too want more of the fourth floor. Really hot stuff, but by now, that's what I have come to expect! I love your writing.