Mar 18, 2014

Welcome to the Dungeon. Introducing the Black Box.

Dungeon Crawl

Greetings Dungeon Lovers. Please, come in.

Today I want to share a few words from my first publication. The Story of M-Seduction.

The scene is taken from the chapter called: The Black Box.

The picture is a representation of the Black Box that Misty is restrained to in the scene I plan to share with you.  As you can see, those padded panels fold down. There are also rings on the corners, so that one may be restrained in a number of creative ways. In Misty's case her thighs are strapped to back edge of the box. Her torso lay across the middle, with her head over the edge. Her wrists are cuffed and have chains attached that can be put through the rings at the front of the box and then attached to eye-bolts in the floor in front of the box so that her arms are mostly mobilized and outstretched.
I'm not going to post the entire chapter, just the daunting display at the end. Enjoy!

My body felt cold and rigid as I awaited my torture and pain. I heard him setting something on the floor and then he walked around in front of me. He pulled a huge mirror from behind the armorer and slid it along the wall in front of the box.

“Now you can watch too.” His faced beamed with an evil, slanted grin.

I looked up at myself in the mirror and watched as he stood behind me. My face was red and blotchy and I looked a horrible mess.

“Don’t worry, Princess, you are beautiful,” he said firmly. Our eyes met for a moment. I watched him lower himself to his knees.

I noticed a tube of something as he picked it up, opening it and expunging the contents of it on his fingers. Then he squeezed some of it on my asshole. I jumped at the stark coldness of it. It had to be lube and I was not going to escape his cock in my ass. I whimpered and pulled my hips forward.

“Princess, I thought you said you trusted me.”

“I do, Sir.” I said, wearily.

“Then relax and stop worrying.”

“Yes Sir.”

He used his index or middle finger to slowly penetrate my asshole. I cringed and shrieked pulling my hands up into balled fists.

“Shh, relax this will feel better in a moment or two,” he whispered, pushing his finger in farther as he leaned over my back.

Kissing the back of my neck softly, he hushed me over and over while working the lube up into my tight puffy hole. The gel started to tingle and although it felt like it burned it was actually a cooling sensation that filled my anal cavity. It was very soothing. 

“It’s numbing gel,” he explained and pulled his finger from my ass.

He kissed my back here and there as he resumed his position with his hands on my ass cheeks. I felt my body shudder as he opened them wide and caused my asshole to open a bit too. One hand left my ass cheeks and I felt the head of his cock putting pressure on my star shaped little hole. I drew my breath in and held it, waiting for the invasion. He rubbed the head up and down and in little circles before he pushed gingerly inside while my face cringed. He held the head inside and I could feel his fingers against my hole.

I whimpered and out of reflex my asshole tightened. I heard him groan as I looked up into the mirror, his eyes closing for a moment as he held himself still with just the head of his cock in my ass as if he was forcing himself not to plunge deeply within me. My thighs were shaking as he pushed in deeper, little by little. My breath was choppy as I fought against the burning sensation and tried to hold myself still. He kept hushing me and telling me to take it for him in a soft soothing voice.

All I could think was, Yes Sir, yes… but I never uttered the words. It was as though my body had locked up and froze in order to accept the anguish of the pain. He was slow and tender as he filled me with every inch of his cock. I felt his balls against my still wet pussy and I breathed out knowing he was all the way in.
“Look up at the mirror, princess.” He whispered.

No, I didn’t want too. I just wanted to hang my head and endure this as best I could. Reluctantly, I raised my head and looked in the mirror, looking past my own reflection and focusing on his. He pulled back a little, slowly. He watched the pain on my face and pushed back in.

“Good girl, now keep that pretty face in view, understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I whimpered, sounding as though I were ready to cry.

“You’re doing so well, Princess…this will feel better soon, I promise.”

He moved only a little at first, keeping his focus on my face in the mirror. I could feel his cock lurching inside me, stirring with excitement as he contained himself from thrusting the way I know he wanted to. He made slow long strokes in and out spreading the gel and coating my tender anal skin with it. I watched him lean over to the side and get something from the floor, but it was in line with the box so I couldn’t see what it was.

I heard a deep humming sound and then felt an intense vibration on my clit. My body lurched and I gasped at the new and powerful sensation. He rubbed this all around my clit and then held it directly on it and started to thrust into my ass in short, small, rather choppy strokes. What was happening to my clit was overriding what he was doing to my ass. I was very aroused again. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy occasionally while the vibrator rattled and hummed on my clit.

“Fuck…you are taking this so well, Princess!”

I felt my face getting warm again, my hips were moving with his thrusts and I no longer felt the burning in my ass. My clit was growing large and I focused my eyes on the mirror taking a quick glance at the face starring back at me, flushed and warm, my eyes shinny and glazed over. I felt his thighs hitting my ass cheeks as over and over and I looked up at his face. His eyes were intent upon my face and he pushed in harder when he knew we had eye contact.

“That’s it, Misty… good girl. Keep those eyes on mine and beg for my come.”

He held the vibrator even tighter on my clit and jiggled it. My body was moving all on its own, my mind was in some unidentifiable place and the only thing in control here was his cock and that insanely powerful vibrator he had just clicked up a notch.

The climax crept up slowly, like the pleasure itself was torturing me. I watched myself and the man behind me, lost in the puppet show mentally as I gasped, panted and moaned. All the noises seemed to blur together, mine and his mixed. The pure animalistic act of sex occurring before me in the mirror drove into my core.

“Don’t forget …to ask…slut!” His words came out in between hard pounds to my ass.

The pain no longer applied and he could sink his balls in there if he wanted to and I would not be pulled from the state of ecstasy I was in. I was hovering in that state just before orgasm and time was standing still. I don’t know where it came from or why I said it.

“Fuck…you!” I cried in a deep raspy voice and my eyes beheld myself in the mirror.

I could see the veins in my neck sticking out. My face was red and wet with sweat and so was his. His broad bare chest heaving as he started to furiously pound his cock into me even harder. I don’t know how, but I managed to wrap my hands around the chains using them as leverage to push my upper body back towards him, taunting him to give me all he had.

He clicked that vibrator up to its last notch and sent me over the edge immediately. The words were unidentifiable or I just don’t remember them. I honestly thought I pulled one of the eye-bolts out of the floor my body jerked and convulsed so violently. The intensity of the orgasm itself almost hurt with as powerful as it was, like it was taking me over. I know I was screaming and my body was bucking wildly but I didn’t even really hear it.

He dropped the still humming vibrator to the floor and put both his hands in my hair and pulled back hard on it making his body look like an upright see-saw, my head yanking back each time he thrust. I felt my come literately pouring down my thighs.
The girl in that mirror was not me. I had no idea who she was or how she was taking this kind of abuse… but I loved it.

I could hear him trying to say something but I couldn’t make out the words. My mind and ears were deaf to all but the primal lust taking place in the mirror. I thrust my hips back hard with each push of his cock. My body was shuddering and lurching violently. He climbed up onto the box with me, his thighs hugging my hips as if here were trying to hold them down.

His eyes met with mine and I growled deeply, bucking up against him even harder. His face was dark red and mine looked almost purple as I peered through the wet strands of hair slapping me in the face with each thrust.

“Oh fuck… you little fucking…whore,” he grunted ripping back on my hair as he drove into me deeply and held himself there.

His body was rigid and shaking as his cock exploded deep in my ass, I felt each powerful expulsion. Hot come worked its way deeper into my ass as his hands reluctantly relaxed a little in my hair. His body quivered and I felt more come seep out of his cock. He convulsed inside of my ass intermittently as he collapsed on me, laying his head down on my shoulder breathing hard.

All the movement stopped and my body went limp. My head dropped and it was all I could do to focus on just breathing. The vibrator kept thudding incessantly on the floor. His cock was softening fast and I felt him slip from my ass. He groaned as he slid off of me sinking down behind the box sitting on his calves and turned off the vibrator. Then he looked up into the mirror at the both of us, in pure exhaustion.

“What in the fuck was that?” he exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Sir.” I mumbled, sounding like I had developed a speech impediment.

“Geez, Misty, I never would have thought you had that in you.”

“What’s that, Sir?” I mumbled, not bothering to lift my head.

“That thing that came out of you…the beast within I think. Fuck, I’ve never had a woman react like that before. You really lost control didn’t you?”


  1. Woah, I'm fanning off here. That was hot as hell, LA.

    1. Thanks so much Tara, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Nice backdoor scene, LA. I'm thoroughly exhausted :)

    1. Shelly, are you exhausted because the excerpt was to long? Or because you were...
      Thanks for coming...err... I mean visiting.

  3. Ho-ly- cow!
    Ok, that was super hot!
    But what really did it for me was the mirror.
    That is so erotic!
    Great excerpt!

    1. I felt like I was watching them in the mirror when I was writing this chapter. Thank you, Katherine glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Oh hot damn, this was a hot scene that 'stirred' my imagination. I was there, in the room, on the box and pulsing inside her. Whew, very powerful, deliciously graphic and compelling. I Loved it.

    1. Will, how nice to see you here. I hope you decide to join the crawl next week, I'd like to see some of your steamy, erotic romance as well. (hint...hint)
      Glad you enjoyed it!