Mar 11, 2014

The Room of Requirements

Dungeon Crawl

Hello Dungeon Lovers and BDSM fans. Today I'd like to introduce to you the ROR or as it is properly called, The Room of Requirements. This Room can be found at a place called 'The Inn' located near the mountains in Colorado. (just in case you wanted to know) 
Much like the Dungeon Crawl, The Inn is a hospitable establishment for those who like and enjoy BDSM, I hear they even feature fantasy suites. There is a room at 'The Inn'  that most visitors do not see or know about. The room where slaves are trained and required to perform different tasks. Hence the name, ROR.
This room is mentioned often throughout 'The Story of L-trilogy' as our heroine L learns more about what it means to truly become a slave. 
The Excerpt I'm featuring today comes from book one- Odyssey. So lets take a look at what L experiences when she is introduced to the ROR.  Keep in mind that during this excerpt L has been blindfolded, as have the other slaves, and although they are allowed to make noise they are not allowed to beg or use words. 

"Position two, L," a whisper next to her ear, commanded.

 L reached out her hands to the floor, lowered her chest and face until her right cheek was flush with the cold cement floor and reached back spreading the furrow of her buttocks apart. Immediately she felt cold wet lubricant being applied to her puckered back passage and then a gloved finger slipped up inside until she felt a knuckle. L pressed her lips tight together to keep from making a sound as that finger pulled out only long enough to acquire more lubricant and back in it went, joined by a second finger, which then worked the lubricant around more deeply.

L tried to pretend it was Trey doing this like she had earlier when she had the rod inserted into her behind, but this time it didn't help to alleviate her fear or discomfort. Just as the fingers were removed, L felt a larger hand in her hair, pulling. "Get up," came the whispered voice.

Another hand guided her shoulder until she was standing and then a loud resounding –CRACK filled the room, and then another and another and L heard G's shrill girly voice yelp and scream. L prayed that G wouldn't call out, and then more sounds started to fill the room. Soon more whimpers, screams and moans joined into the chorus of voices as L was being led by large warm hands, but to where or what she knew not. Slaps, Cracks and Snaps seemed to be filling the room along with the yelps and moans, when L was brought to a halt.

She felt something hard, wooden maybe, being placed against her abdomen, just below her belly button, and then something was attached to each of her irons. She heard a clicking noise like gears turning and both her arms simultaneously began to be lifted. Hands pressed into the back of her knees bending them as she was guided down onto somewhat of a kneeling position, something soft and wooly beneath her knees, and her thighs were being strapped to something. Her body was pulled slightly forward with each click of those gears –or whatever they were. And when she was stretched just enough to feel the pull along her sides they stopped.

The lash of a whip cut through the air and L felt the harsh sting on her buttocks. She whimpered and then another came to the opposite side. Then they came double, two harsh lashes at the same time, in tandem, one on each cheek. It burned and stung and the lashes got faster, leaving no time for a gasping recovery as she jerked and jolted to avoid them. Then one of the whips cut up from behind and lashed her pussy lips. The pain seared and L cried out with a shrill howl. Another lash caught her square on her rectum and she started to twist and turn to the best of her abilities, but it was of little use, the restraints were tight and the bar or board in her abdomen prevented her from lurching away from the stinging lashes.

She started to sob and cry, the blindfold catching her tears as the snap of a crop struck her breasts, again the lashes came from both sides at the same time as if it were two of them doing this to her at the same time. L gritted her teeth, an attempt to keep from crying out for them to stop, as great as the pain was; she held a greater fear of her fellow slaves if it were her to cause them all to be gagged. The slaps to her breasts had stopped.

And then, it felt like the tasseled end of Master K's whip, this time between her thighs, each lash walking closer and closer to her swollen labia lips. Another sensation was causing sharp bites to her buttocks while the whip crawled upwards and began to strike her lips. It wasn't the slap of a crop on her rear, but more like the bite of a thin stick, solid and long, catching both cheeks at the same time. The bites to her rear hurt more than the little snaps to her pussy lips and oddly L felt herself becoming aroused at the tingling sensation between her thighs.

The shrieks, screams and moans of the others started to sound muffled and all L could concentrate on was what was happening to her. The thin stick had stopped striking her buttocks and the whip stopped licking at her lips. L's head went limp and the wet strands of her hair fell down around her forehead and face. She shuddered as she released a long breath and thought finally it was over, until she felt two large hands on her hips. They moved her, straightening out her behind and then L felt the bulbous warm head pressing at her anus. Her body stiffened and L remembered what N had said to her in the practice room. –'I bet Marcus and Clay both have fun with you back there later'.

Thanks for stopping by today. I love your company and hope you enjoy this weeks Dungeon Crawl as you 'crawl' through more of this weeks featured blogs.

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  1. Oooh! That would be so scary hearing the painful noises coming from others around you and not knowing what was happening because you were blindfolded. Aiiiyiiyii - what a mindfuck! Loved the description of the ROR too.

  2. Ah, but Normandie... isn't that elemental fear such and exciting part of any dungeon? I like your reference to the scene 'mindfuck' Love that word ~grins~

  3. Great dungeon scene, LA ... I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight ;)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LoL Shelly. It's not that scary is it?

  4. Is she on the rack? Enquiring minds need to know :) I like these gears and ratchets... and the odd whipping or two. Don't mind if I do!

  5. Thanks for the question, Christina. I was wondering how readers might envision L being restrained.
    I could only describe what she was feeling because of her being blindfolded so I think I missed the mark a little when it came to giving the reader a more vivid description.
    What I had hoped to impart, was the picture of a thick wooden T-bar the height of her abdomen (that she was being made to lean into/or against it.) The Irons she wore on her wrists were then attached chains/ropes operated by a crank, thus the sound of the gears turning. Her arms were lifted and then her knees secured so that she couldn't squirm around to much.

    Glad you enjoyed the excerpt and hopefully I've given a better impression of the way she was restrained.

  6. The power of the imagination, not being able to see, just hear and forming her own mental image. And not being able to speak or ask. Very intense.

  7. That was intense, LA!
    Being blindfolded, and hearing the others, really added to her experience.

  8. wonderful :) I love the blindfolding, the no begging or words