Sep 28, 2013

Welcome to an enlightening edition of #SatSpanks

Hi Everyone! Are you as fired up about #SatSpanks as I am. Can you guess what I have in store for this week? Don't peek... just guess... Yup I'm that predictable. I'm giving you a snippet from my Newest release, Enlightenment, The story of L book 2. 

Imagine that Clay and L are sitting at his kitchen table and their discussing a pending punishment that she'll be receiving later that night. This was her 3rd offense.. (I won't tell you what she did...~Giggles~) She knew her punishment was going to be something just horrible. Clay assures her that it won't be so horrid that she won't thank him for it later. 
She knows she can trust him. 

 L forced a weak smile, tipping her head back down as he pulled his hand away. She looked up at him through her lashes as he stood up and tilted her head just enough that she could still see his face. She knew he didn’t like when she gave him that particular look. It made him want to fuck her. She watched the tender look in his eyes turn to a heated boil. 
“Yes, Master,” she said very softly, trying not to smirk. 

“You just added ten counts somewhere into your punishment later for doing that, little girl. Quite bold of you, considering what else I have in store,” he put his hands on his hips and L’s eyes followed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my naughty little snippet. The book is the link if you want to read the sample.
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