Sep 20, 2013

Hey... Hey.. HEY! ... It's Saturday!

Hello Spanko's and Spankee's, thank you for stopping by my site to see what I have in store for you this week. I picked out this hot little snippet from my recently New And Improved 'Seduction: The story of M'

 This book was previously slapped with one of those nasty little adult tags the moment it went up for sale. As you can see, the cover is HOT! and the title is Edgy. Apparently a bit to edgy for amazon.

So my kind publisher completely redesigned this action packed little BDSM thriller, gave it a new title, and put it back on the market where those of you peeking through the kindle store windows can see it in it's pretty new wrapping.

M is for Misty and this weeks hot little snippet comes from a chapter I like to call 'the black box'.

Misty is strapped down over a good sized, softly covered, square black box. Her arms are stretched out in front of her, her wrists in chains. Her ankles are locked to the floor and her thighs are strapped to the box. What do you think Roberts intentions are?

He moved over to the armoire and took out a riding crop. He came back, trailing it over my back and ass, moving it softly down the back of my thighs and along my calves. I squirmed as he dragged it across my feet.

"Where do you think I should start?" he teased.
"Sir?" I implored, just as he struck my right ass cheek... hard. I yelped and jerked at the chains on my wrists.
"You need some color princess, I think your body has cooled off a little since the hallway." He snapped the crop down harder on my left cheek.

 This was an exciting chapter while I was writing this book. Misty might be strapped to that box, but that doesn't prevent her from giving as good as she gets. Even Robert is left wondering just what happened before they go to sleep that night.

Spank you all for visiting me here today. Please share and don't forget to hop on down the line to the next hot n spicy temptation on the list.

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