Sep 14, 2013

Showcaseing an all new wardwrobe

LA's got a new dress on!

Actually I have 3 new dresses to model for you today, and I'm stoked to tell you about them. 

 This elegantly styled and beautiful cover is is a re-release of my first publication, formerly titled Abduction, Seduction and the Making of a Slave.
Before it's beautiful new title and cover this book carried an adult-tag which kept it hidden from readers that would never learn of it's existence.
With a title change and stunning new cover I hope that amazon will now allow this Thrilling BDSM read into the throngs of the public eye.
Blushing Books

This decadent little beauty was given a new look recently as well. Since this is the first book in the L trilogy the cover was redesigned to reflect the look and feel of the books that will follow.

 This story begins when L agrees to honor her dominant boyfriends request.  She's agreed to two weeks of slave training at The Inn. That is where her odyssey begins.

Blushing Books

THE BEST FOR LAST, as they say!

I'm thrilled to announce my newest release. Book 2 of L's story.
Enlightenment takes L further into her Odyssey. In book 2 L faces what life is like as a pleasure slave, while serving 2 Masters. Each serve a different purpose in L's life.
As L learns and grows as Trey's slave, things might not be what the seem. Things take a rather tipsy turn when Trey announces an upcoming business trip and sends L to stay with Clay. (Master, C - to L)
An unfortunate truth is revealed that leaves L in utter confusion, questioning everything she's recently learned.

Blushing Books  Appearing soon on amazon and other popular e-books sites.

Thank you for stopping by to share my exuberant excitement with me about my newly fashioned wardrobe. And my exciting New Release. ~Does happy dance~

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