Aug 27, 2013

I'm Broke!... SERIOUSLY!

I need to RANT here for a minute. 

Like the Title said, I'm broke. But why am I broke? I'm broke because of Saturday Spanks, and facebook, goodreads and google+. Oh, twitter and pintrest played a part too.

As an author, I need to be a part of these social communities. (I read that on the internet...)
Being a part of these social sites will help promote the sales of your books.(That was on the internet too)

You know what? It works. But there is a problem, a very BIG problem. I'm buying more books than I'm selling. I over drew my checking account. I REALLY DID!
I've never over drawn my accounts before, so this is how I KNOW the social sites are working.
All the books were 5.00 or less, except for one or two. How did it add up so quickly?
I only bought... never-mind, I won't say. My Bitter half might find this blog and I'll be busted.

I called my therapist this morning and she told me to get my arse on my blog and start promoting my books. Only she didn't say it quite that way. Her words were "STOP BUYING AND START SELLING."

Ummm Okay Miss smarty pants therapist! I'll get right on that.

I've made it really easy. I put links to my books right over there ---->> in the sidebar. See em? I know you do.
 Do you like Master/slave stories with intriguing details, punishments, spankings and lots of naughty fun? Of course you do that's why your here, right?
If you haven't read 'The Story of L: An Odyssey' pick it up today, because I hear book2 ...'The Story of L: Enlightenment' will be coming soon.

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