Aug 30, 2013

Hip Hip Horray it's Saturday!

Greetings fellow spanking lovers. I'm so glad you stopped by. I have a hot little snippet for you today from 'The Story of L: An Odyssey'       

Poor L, the heroine of this delightful little tale has never received a spanking before. She agreed to the slave training, yes. But Trey never said anything about spankings or punishments before he dropped her off at The Inn. Yet the very day she arrives she unknowingly incurs a punishment from one of the Masters because she failed to follow some very simple instructions. 

She was told to have a seat upon her arrival at The Inn, someone would be coming to get her soon. But because she was naked, she didn't want to put her bare bottom on the wooden bench provided. 

45 minutes later, thinking someone forgot all about her, she put her hands under her rear and sat down on the bench. Only then did Master C enter the little alcove where she sat. Informing her that later that evening, she would be given reprimand for her disobedience. 
What had she gotten herself into? 

"Stop... Please," L lamented, imagining her butt must be cherry red by now. 

Master C only tightened his hold around her waist and then he brought one of his legs over the top of her thighs so that she couldn't curl up her legs anymore. This was when his blows became the hardest of all. Her pelvis was partly touching the edge of the wooden stool and each time be brought down the paddle she was compelled to thrust forward, causing pain to her front as well as her backside.

She was frantic and desperate for this to stop, her fists banging on the concrete floor, the irons biting at her wrists with each impact as she cried out. One shrieking scream after another until they built into a steady crescendo. Her voice filled the room and echoed off the walls and then finally he stopped. She could hear him breathing hard as her trembling body continued to flinch and jerk with aftershocks. 

This may have been L's first spanking, but certainly not her last. I hear she's even introduced to a cane later in the story, ouch!
I'd like to thank each of you for visiting today and wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend. (For those in the US) And since it's going to be an extra long weekend, why not curl up with this steamy read about how L becomes a pleasure slave. The pleasure doesn't stop there though. Book 2 of L's story is currently in production and will be coming soon.    

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