Sep 6, 2013

Hold on to those Cheeks... It's Saturday Spanks

Greetings fellow Spanking Lovers. Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spanks.
I'll be sharing another spicy little snippet from The Story of L: An Odyssey    (yes, that's a buy link if your interested.)

This snippet takes place during a gait training exercise. The slaves are practicing their sexy, hip swaying moves and learning how to properly pivot while wearing some very high heels. Each time one of them stumbles or mess up, a Master or Mistress will give her a little correction with  their crop or whip.
Prior to this however, a certain Master C has become utterly infatuated with L, leaving her with mixed emotions and feelings. She's made a vow to do her best to ignore Master C and focus on her training, that is after all, why she was sent to The Inn.

Maybe the whole thing with Master C was some form of set up, maybe he is supposed to make me want him, maybe Trey is just testing my loyalty and they've planned this. 

L missed a step and got a correction from Master C, who she'd not seen enter the room. At first fear gripped her at seeing him and she faltered again. He licked the back of her thighs teasingly with the crop as she made her pivot- Mean Bastard!

Fuck him!- I'm not going to go all crazy again just because he's here. I've been doing great all day by not thinking about you Master C, and I don't intend to mess that up now. I'm onto your little tricks and I intend to wise up to them rather than fall for them. 

L spread her lips into the faintest of smiles as she brought herself back under control and couldn't care less if Clay was in the room or not. 
(Punctuation has been modified to conform with 8 sentence rule)

Well, that's one way to irritate an interested Dom isn't it? Just how far will his infatuation for her go? Have the Elders noticed? Will Clay be reprimanded for letting his personal feelings for L get out of hand?
I invite you to find out by reading... The rest of the story.
Thank you so much for stopping by... and don't forget to hop along to all the other cheek warming snippets.
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