Apr 8, 2014

#Dungeon Crawl- Welcome to Wonderlust

Happy Hump day Dungeon Crawlers, it's good to see you back this week. Spring is finally in the air and I have a special snippet from The Story of M called Wonderlust. Remember last week's Forth Floor? Well, this week were going to find out a little bit about the show Robert takes Misty to see on the last day of the BDSM convention in the hotel. Grab your popcorn or coffee and get comfy while Robert leads Misty into the dimly lit Oval banquet hall.

It was almost 7:30 when we walked into the oval banquet hall. The lights were dim in the audience. Nicely padded folding chairs were set more to the front of the room, while plush armchairs and loveseats skirted the edges and far back of the room. He held my arm in his while we approached a loveseat in the far back of the room. 
It had a sign on it, 'reserved for # 618.'
“You reserved a seat?” I whispered. 

“Of course, I always make a donation to the last day exhibitions.” 

As we took our seat I set my eyes to what was going on in the front of the room. A small stage was set to represent a dungeon. A young blond haired woman was on display, bound hand and foot between two large wooden posts. (I know the girl below is not blonde..sorry, these pics are just so hard to find)
She wore a dainty little rag of a covering from mid hip to just below her pussy lips. Her chest was bare with the exception of the corded rope tied in crisscross attire over and under her breasts, accentuating and exemplifying them. It was wound tight several times just under her breasts and also tied to the post on each side of her. I got the impression she was to represent having been captured. She had a piece of cloth that matched her ragged little skirt tied as a gag around her mouth. She looked quite pitiful and helpless. 

“It looks like we just caught the beginning of this one.” He whispered and put his arm around me pulling me back a bit as if suggesting I sit back and relax. I leaned into him a little bit making myself comfortable.
A husky dark haired man walked up onto the stage. He wore black jeans, no shirt over his hairy chest and carried a coiled whip in his hand. He walked over to a small table offset behind the young woman and picked up what looked like a slate. 
He read aloud. “Here for punishments, level two.” 
Then he set down the slate and walked towards the woman. He cracked the whip into the air behind her and you could hear it slicing through the air, as woman’s body tensed. The next one made contact with her backside although it was hard to tell where. 
She lurched and bucked at the restraints as the audible crack made its way to the back of the room. 
He walked towards her and grabbed her hair, pulling it back so he could look at her face while he stepped up close behind her. She shrieked as her head got yanked back. 
“You’re a new little slave aren’t you?” His voice boomed so all could hear. 
 She tried to nod her head and garbled something as he peered down on her face. 
“Damn, then I must keep too level two punishments,” he complained, flinging her head forward. He gave a pouty look to the audience.
Some in the audience laughed, while he returned to the little table. When he returned at her side, he showed the audience a pair of nipple clamps with small weights hanging from them. 
Turning his attention to the slave girl, he attached each one to her nipples, trying to stand in a way the audience could see as he put them on. Her face looked strained while she tried to hold still, accepting the bite of his clamps. I felt a twinge in my own nipples wondering how much that hurt. It looked like she was biting down hard on the gag. 

He pulled the whip from his back pocket and coiled it up in his hand and then trailed it up her inner thigh. Lifting her ragged cloth with the handle, he showed the audience her shaved pussy and then dropped the cloth. 
He pawed at one of her breasts, squeezing and shaking it so that weight would move. It was faint but I could hear her whimpers. He moved the coils of the whip between her thighs and rubbed up and down them, while he licked the hardened nubs of her nipples. 
His hand disappeared up under her little cloth and she groaned wriggling her hips, as he dropped the coils of the whip to the floor before backing away from her.

She pulled her head forward her eyes following him.

He gathered up a portion of his whip and then lashed out at her with it, striking her inner thigh. Her body jolted while she let out a very clear yelp. He returned it with a crisp sounding crack under her belly button. 
“Dance for me, little slave,” he commanded striking again her inner thigh. 

Her body commenced to the command of the whip, jerking and pulling at her restraints. He moved around her body lashing her several more times, at least three across her breasts and more on her backside. Her body started to quiver while she groaned and tried to beg him behind that gag. 
Her pleas were unheard until he was satisfied with his handy work. He pocketed the handle of his whip and moved in close to her body again, inspecting the pink marks of his whip, tracing some of them on her inner thigh with his fingers. 
He inspected her modestly and licked the marks along her breasts. 
It sounded like she was thanking him, the gag was wet and spittle had accumulating near the corners of her mouth. 
He moved around behind her, making the same inspections. Then he removed her rag cloth from her hips. He stood behind her as he reached to her pussy lips and pulled them open, exposing her wetness to the audience.  
Using two fingers he pushed them far up inside her. It made me think of what happened to me in the hallway last night as she let her head fall back against him and groaned. 
While he was working her pussy he pulled his whip out again and started to rub the smooth handle of it over her clit rapidly. 
Her hips were bucking and thrashing and you could see her pulling at the restraints while she whimpered and moaned. It wasn’t long until she was near orgasm. Her head was shaking back and forth and the weights on her nipples were swaying to and fro. 
He feathered her clit faster with the handle as he pulled his fingers from her ripe juicy cunt, spreading the wetness up her stomach. He reached over to one of the weights and removed it. 
She screamed loudly and her body shook immensely. He removed the other one and her whole body looked like it was vibrating while she let out a long shaky scream. 
He let the weights drop to the floor with a thud and then rolled and pinched each of her nipples, while she thrashed against the bonds. He brought both hands to her sex, holding her open and exposed while he delved his fingers back inside of her and pumped them, while ravaging her swollen bud with his thumb.
Within moments she was lost, deep in orgasm. Her head was thrashing against his shoulder and every part of her body was lost in wave after wave of blissful torment. Her hips thrashed and bucked into his hands, her voice shrill as she gasped and whimpered. 

He pushed his fingers back up inside of her and started pumping them fast. Her eyes were shut tight while she bit down on the cloth gag, and her face looked anguished. Soon it was inevitable and the spray of female ejaculate covered his fingers and hand while she squealed. 
It dripped down her inner thighs leaving a good-sized puddle on the stage floor. 
When he finally pulled both his hands from her body, her head fell forward and her blond hair shrouded her face. 
The audience started to clap. The husky man pulled her ragged cloth from his front pocket and wiped off his hands, bowing to the applauding audience. Then he walked over to his little slave girl, lifted her face and gave her a quick little kiss. He was whispering something to her while two other men came out carrying a partition and blocked the view to the stage while the young woman was obviously removed from her bonds. 

“Did you enjoy that Misty?” 

“It rather reminded me of something that occurred last night between us, Sir.” I whispered, a smile touching my lips. 

“I know that, but did you enjoy seeing it happen to someone else?” He pulled me up closer to him, tucking his hand under my arm and wrapping his fingers around my left breast as he cinched my upper body tightly against his.

“Yes, Sir,” I had to admit. 

“Did it arouse you Misty?” 

“Yes, Sir,” I answered a second time. 
The heat of a blush crossed my face as he moved his  hand, slipping it  under my skirt. “Please, Sir—” 
He hushed me and told me trust him. I looked around the audience as his fingers crept into my crotch. All I could really see were the silhouettes of the men and woman in the audience. He parted my lips and I blushed all the more when he found my pussy wet with arousal. 

“Oh my, I think you enjoyed that very much.” He chuckled softly. “I bet if I just circled your little clit a few times you might be ready to come too.” He slowly removed his hand. 
I turned my face into his chest with embarrassment and laid my arm across his abdomen like I was hugging him. 
Soon the two men were carting off the partition and the whole backdrop of the stage had been changed to look a country barnyard.

I hope you've enjoyed the first scene of Wonderlust. If you're curious about scene two and what happens in the barnyard drop me an "I want more" in the comment section below... but I must warn you, the next act is not for the faint of heart. You know what often happens in barnyards don't you? Something or someone is bound to get milked. 
Before you put to much thought into that, please take a look at the other talented authors participating in this weeks Crawl.


  1. I definitely want more. Thanks for the snippet.

    1. Thanks so much, Renee. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll share the barnyard next week. Hopefully it doesn't scare to many people away for good. LOL

  2. I would love a good "barnyard" scene, so bring it on! As usual, it will be something new and educational for me. You know I am mostly on this Crawl for the "education" right, LA? Great snippet today :)

    1. I must admit Shelly, it is you that I worry about possibly offending with the Barnyard act, but then when you say "bring it on!" well, how can I resist?
      Thanks so much for visiting, your menage- DP- excerpt is still making my toes tingle.
      I'm on the Crawl because I enjoy slithering around on my hands and knees...lol. Well, that and I love getting sucked in by all these steamy hot authors too. Wednesdays make me whirl in more ways than one. ~smirks~

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Corey! I want more of your Sith story too. I'll be picking it up soon because I have a strange desire to learn about why Sith's do not sweat. Okay, that's not really the reason. It's carnal passion you put in your words... can you say "hooked?"

  4. Hot from beginning to end. Absolutely perfect.

    1. Thanks Daizie, it's so nice to see you in the Dungeon Crawl... I was having problems with you blog earlier, so I'll be checking back in hopes that it was just my computer being funky-chew or something like that. I always enjoy your snippets.

  5. Something about a girl being tied up and spread in restraints.. love the whips and weights ;) And female ejaculate... ooh now there's a wonderful term :)!!!

    1. Thanks, Christina. I was wondering if the clinical terminology about female ejaculate wasn't just a bit 'tacky' when writing this scene. But I had a hard time coming up with other terms to separate the difference between orgasm and female ejaculation. I suppose I could have used 'squirting' but so often people associate it with orgasm.
      Glad you enjoyed the excerpt ☺

  6. I do like a good exhibition. i want more please:-)

    1. Thank you Jaye. Glad you enjoyed, Ty for stopping by.

  7. What's not to love? More please.

    1. Thank you Jolynn... more you shall have ;-) next week.

  8. Well I'm up for more. I rather like barnyards.

  9. I think we share a taste for institutions, LA. :D

    1. I agree Emily, you are going to give a bit more about the Prophettown guesthouse. A guesthouse isn't really an institution though.. is it? I think of institution and my mind starts seeing white walls and padded cells. A Sadistic and overworked charge Nurse with bright red lipstick and short raven black hair. The click of her heels can be heard all hours of the evening as she paces the halls... waiting, just waiting.