Jan 10, 2014

Lovers Quarrel

Greetings and welcome to #SatSpanks. Did I ever tell you that Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Or that it was because I really love all the hot and exciting spanking snippets the wonderful Authors who participate share? Well, now you know ~smirks~ I'm a huge fan of spanking romance.

Today I'm going to give you a snippet that comes 'after' Clay has given L a spanking. In this part of the story Clay has given her a spanking for a couple of reasons. 1. She was being a cantankerous brat and didn't want to tell him about her plans. 2. He felt he needed to prove a point to her about her own personal needs and desires.
However, due to the recent turmoil of being crossed by her former master L is confused. She feels like she's being lulled from one relationship and straight into another. In her frustration she lashes out at Clay, angering him to the point he has told her to pack her bags. She's leaving.
The following snippet features L picking up the hairbrush that only a short while ago was used to spank her bottom to a rosy red.

She reached for the hairbrush to toss it in the case but then paused, her hand clutched tightly around it. Only a little while ago this very brush... this very inexpensive, old fashion, wooden handled hairbrush, was smacking you on the ass for being an arrogant brat, and what are you being right now?
L sat down on the bed and let go of the hairbrush. She hadn't brought this, Clay had given this to her for when she was here. It often served a dual purpose --whenever  he saw fit.
She wondered if he would notice, or care, if she took it. She wanted to keep it as a reminder on nights when she found herself missing him. She envisioned herself smacking her own ass with it and let out a sarcastic little laugh. New tears sprang to her eyes all over again as she remembered the first time he'd ever spanked her.
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Thank you all for visiting my blog today. I'd like to invite you back tomorrow for a special presentation. I'll be hosting Suzy Ayers with her new release, 'Serena's Decision'.

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