Dec 29, 2013

The Finale

I must say that I'm a little sad that this is the last book of L's story. She's had such an amazing journey so far. Her introduction to the world of BDSM and becoming a slave in book one
The thrill of serving two masters in book two and the unexpected twist. 
And now book three where we find out how she deals with the perplexing dilemma of being freed unexpectedly and left with the repercussion of her former masters actions.
Will Clay come to L's aid while she trudges through the turmoil? Will she let him if he does? 
Is it possible that together they can find redemption as well as a happily ever after? 

Please enjoy a little excerpt I've put together for your enjoyment. 

 "I've never been, just a man, L. I can refrain from being your Master. But I cannot refrain from being who I am. I'm a dominant man and I always will be. I also meant what I said today at the pond while our hearts were racing. I'm not letting you go. I know, and you know, that nothing prevents you from leaving should you choose to stay somewhere else, but I think that if you do make that choice it will be short lived. I know things about you that perhaps you don't even realize yet." He softly kissed the top of her head and squeezed her. "I'm also a very observant man. Right now I see you are torn with wanting to jump back into the strong individual woman you were before you met Trey. Yet, in your heart, you wish to remain captive, safe, and secure. I can understand your confusion, and I think you've held up rather well today under the circumstances. Tomorrow though, after you've had a good night's sleep. We'll address some new rules, and we are going to talk about these plans of yours, and you will tell me."

L pulled her head back and looked up at him in protest, but before she could say a word, his mouth covered hers in a deep emotional kiss. It started off almost angrily the way he pressed his mouth to hers, his hand coming up to hold her head so she couldn't pull away. When she gasped, he dipped his tongue into her mouth, tempting her to play with his in return. She folded her arms around his torso and he brought his other hand up to the side of her face, kissing her harder, deeper. She moaned into his mouth as her fingers curled into his T-shirt.

He had to pull away before he got completely hard. She wanted space and she was going to get it. "No more talking tonight," he said softly, noticing the dazed look in her eyes and smiled
charmingly. "We both need some sleep." He nudged her from his lap so he could stand up. Then he picked her up swiftly, cradling her in his arms. She let out a mild squeal, clasping her arms around his neck while he carried her to her room.

The Blurb:

Although free from her duplicitous master, L is anything but free. Now she has reason to believe that he has stolen her identify and embroiled her in his embezzlement scheme. Worried that she will be implicated, she plots to clear her good name.  
Now that she’s free, Clay is ready to finally make her his, and his alone. However, that hope starts to dwindle when L expresses her desire to end her membership at The Inn. She no longer wishes to be a pleasure slave or to have another Master in her life.  What will that mean for a future together?
In the third book in the trilogy, L's odyssey into the world of BDSM continues. But after a betrayal from her last master, can L learn to trust again? Will she trust Clay enough to share both her heart and her secret? And will Clay risk it all to help clear her name even if it means losing the one woman he is destined to love. Can this turbulent couple learn to set aside the pain from the past and find Redemption?

You can also read the entire first chapter by using the links below.

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