Dec 13, 2013

What's a Lock and Key Party?

Welcome Spankers and Spankees. Welcome to an Enlightening edition of #SatSpanks. 
I've got a charming little surprise for you today. Featuring an excerpt from Enlightenment. The second book in The Story of L trilogy. 
In this snippet L is attending her first Lock and Key party. Not  sure what that is? It's a party hosted by The Inn. The girls are given lockets -which are little heart shaped little padlocks that they wear around their necks. The men are given keys that will randomly match some lucky girls locket. 
With many of the guests already having found their winning combinations, L notices a man at the bar looking at her. He's young and sexy as hell. Her eyes can't help but notice the large brass buckle harnessing the belt on his trim hips. He catches her eying up his belt and approaches her table, offering her a glass of champagne; talking briefly before leading her to the dance floor. 

"Dance with me, now," he ordered, taking hold of her wrist, pulling her out to the dance floor, both hands claiming her tight little ass once he settled on a spot. "Look at me," he whispered.

L looked up into his dark eyes.

"You like it rough, don't you?" He asked watching her eyes intently and then smiled.

"Yes, Sir." She felt a slight blush on her cheeks; the fact was she loved it when a man manhandled her and treated her roughly.

"I may or may not leave with the girl whose locket my key opens tonight. I want to know ahead of time before I even so much as insert my key if she can appreciate what I wish to inflict upon her and enjoy it as much as I enjoy giving it to her." His voice was low and his eyes glimmered with an excited anticipation, seeing clearly into hers that she would willing take anything he wished to offer. "Does that thought make you wet, girl?" he whispered, leaning close to her ear.

L's heartbeat had started to accelerate while they were still sitting at the table, it was fair to say she was wet. "Yes, Sir," she breathed out slowly, getting lost in his seduction. 

"Good girl," he growled, his lips touching the edge of her ear. 

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