Dec 6, 2013

Cold hands, warm bottoms!

Greetings fellow spanking enthusiasts. I'm glad to be back here for another spanking good edition of #SatSpanks. 
The weather outside is frigidly cold, butt hand to cheek will warm the soul. 

I'd like to announce that my trilogy 'The Story of L' is now complete. The last book, 'Redemption' is currently awaiting approval. But instead of sharing a snippet from the last book I thought it might be nice to share from the first in the series, 'Odyssey'

This snippet is really where it all started for our heroine, L. She hadn't expected spankings to be part of the deal when she singed the papers Trey gave her. But now it's too late as Master C, -aka- Clay, explains that she will indeed be 'punished' for her infractions. 

"I am not a Sir, L. I am a Master and you will address me as such while you are here," he said firmly, dropping her head forward in haste. 

Wishing to redeem herself quickly, "Yes, Master C," she said.

"Trey has informed us that he has never punished you before, L, is this true?" he asked, his dark voice sounding bemused. 

 "Trey has spanked me before," she admitted timidly, keeping her head down as she answered. Inside her nerves were trembling. 

"I see, but was that spanking reserved as a form of a punishment?" 

"No, Master C." L wanted so badly to peek up at him through her lashes, but she feared his wrath may be uncanny. 

"Well, you are going to be punished while you are here, L. You will be punished for any and all disobedience no matter how petty or small you feel it to be." 

Oops! Darn that 8 sentence rule! Not to worry though because you can read about L's reaction to her first spanking in 'Odyssey'. 
Spank you all very much for stopping by my blog today and please don't forget to check out all the other awesome spanking good authors listed below. 
One more thing before you leave. I'd like to let you all know that awesome author, Anastasia Vitsky, is hosting an advent calendar and giving away some really awesome prizes, among which I have offered up all three of my currently released titles. A special congratulations to Minelle, the winner of 'Odyssey'

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