Aug 5, 2013

Rainy day Monday

So the cat wakes me up at like 8:00 am. 

He's apparently hungry because he just won't leave me alone. As he paws at my face I keep thinking "he uses these same paws to cover his..." I'm awake! I'm not happy but I'm awake.

So I trudge to the kitchen. I look down at the cat while I'm getting water for coffee. He's meowing loudly like my first priority should have been filling his food dish. I gave him my -'I haven't had my coffee yet'- face you see to the right. He seems completely unaffected and paws at my leg still trying to hurry me a long. I give him a bit of an annoyed scoot with my foot and finish making my coffee.

As I feed the cat it noticed it was raining. I smile a little because I can't split wood in the rain, the task I'd otherwise be digging into if it weren't raining.

So my coffee's brewing and I'm thinking of checking out some blogs. Saturday Spanks  is something I've been thinking about giving a try so I head over to their site with my coffee and a smoke. (Yes, I smoke... but don't worry, this is the internet it won't affect you at all.)

So then I open up my first couple of blog choices.
I was going to list all of them here with links, but it's a Monday morning  and my first cup of coffee is still working it's way to my brain.

As I am reading snippets of hot Dom's with warm hands. And about girls with hot bottoms my -I havn't had my coffee yet- face starts to fade.
Before I know it, it's 4 cups later and I have half a dozen books added to my TBR (to be read) list.
Before I'm tempted to open yet another snippet I glance at the clock. "Damn where did the morning go?"  I realize I need to check my e-mail, wake the snoring troll who sleeps in my bedroom and clean up the kitchen from last night. I've had more coffee than usual and my mind is reeling in steamy scenes from all the Saturday Spanks snippets.
So as I'm standing doing the dishes, looking out at the still rainy drizzle going on a smile creeps across my lips. "I can spend a little more time online. Laundry and floors can wait."
But then this little voice inside my head said "You should spend your extra time online wisely and figure out how to make a better looking blog."

For the next hour or so I'm looking at blogs about how to blog and my mind starts going mental. They all say something different. Find a niche, be creative, give your readers more of what they want. But what do they want? 
Advertise without advertising... wait, what's that even mean? 

Then somehow I stumbled on a site and saw the picture to the right. I busted out laughing. I'm still laughing at it. Something about the picture seems to fit the way I'm feeling today.
I've had to much coffee and it's still raining. It would  probably be a good afternoon to curl up with new book from the TBR list. 
Nagging Nelly perched on my shoulder and said, "Or, you could spend some time writing the next chapter of your latest book."
Well, Saturday Spanks did kind of get my blood pumping, so yeah...  

Thanks for viewing my blog and making it to the end of my rainy day Monday. Hopefully you found a little something amusing and I hope you laughed as hard as I did at the last picture. 

But if you had absolutely horrible time here and you think my blog ideas suck...  then for crying out loud tell me.

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