Aug 17, 2013

It's Here. It's Now. Another SatSpanks to leave you saying 'Oh wow!'

Holly wow, it’s #SatSpanks time again. Welcome spanking enthusiast’s and curious onlookers. 


I’ve really been enjoying all of the spanking good blogs here, the snippets are HOT and ALLURING. All I can say is Thank God someone came up with e-readers.  
Here’s my snippet for this weeks Spank. Once again I’ll be featuring Abduction, Seduction and the Making of a Slave.

The setting is Wonderlust. Robert takes Misty to a bit of theatrical fun on the last day of the BDSM convention at the hotel. Siting cozily close to Robert, Misty had no idea what to expect as the curtains open. The stage is set with a young girl tethered between two poles. She’s dressed in nothing more than mere rags, portraying her as a captive little slave.

“Dance for me, little slave,” he commanded, striking again to her inner thigh. Her body commenced to the command of the whip, jerking and pulling at her restraints. He moved around her body lashing her several more times, at least three across her breasts and more on her backside.

Her body started to quiver while she groaned and tried to beg him behind the gag. Her pleas were unheard until he was satisfied with his handy work. He pocketed the handle of his whip to his back pocket and moved in close to her body again, inspecting the pink marks of his whip, tracing some of them on her inner thigh with his fingers. He inspected her modestly and licked the marks along her breasts. It sounded like she was thanking him, the gag was getting wet and drool was accumulating near the corners of her mouth.

I humbly thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my HOT and ALLURING little snippet. But once again I must leave a word of caution. This is one of those very naughty books your grandmother warned you about. 

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