Apr 29, 2014

Meeting the Masters

Holy Crap! Here it is Tuesday evening and I realized I didn't have my RTK Dungencrawl piece ready. If I recall correctly, last week I mentioned giving you a peek into L's first punishment after arriving at 'The Inn' where she will undergo her slave training. But guess what? I changed my mind... because, well, I can!
Instead I thought I'd let you have a look at the Masters and Mistresses that L is introduced to upon her arrival. It kind of sets the feel for the snippet about her punishment, which I promise to deliver upon... next week! 
Unless of course I am abducted by aliens and taken to planet Zylon... again! I was gone for a month the last time that happened... but enough on that, let's get on with the excerpt!

L knelt meekly on the red and gold cushion, surrounded by six high backed finely polished wooden chairs. A large roll-top desk of darkened polished wood stood off to her right. To the left of that was a plush deep maroon colored lounging chair. The walls were papered in a golden floral pattern accentuated with white backing. Along the left wall there were four long windows, each with pale heavy backed drab yellow drapes, only partially opened. 

"L, I am Master C," the man said. "The others will be joining us shortly." 
Master C walked around L, his hands clasped behind his back observing her with scrutinizing eyes. L didn't know if she should make utterance or some sort of gesture that she understood Master C, so she remained quiet with her hands in her lap and her head bowed. 
Five others joined the room, each one entering single file and filling the chairs surrounding L, two more men and three women. The two other men were dressed almost the same as Master C, only the color of their tunic shirts differed. The women were dressed in long elegant Bavarian gowns which parted in the front just below the sternum, giving them an old fashioned but wispy look as they walked. The material was heavy and L could hear the dull rustle of the fabric as they walked and then seated themselves in the chairs. They seated themselves man and then woman, man and then woman until the chairs were filled. The women did not cross their legs as they sat down and the two women that L could see as she peeked up through her lashes, pulled open the skirts of their dresses just enough that their bare thighs could be seen. 

Master C introduced the other five members as Mistress C, to his right, Master K, to her right, Mistress K, Master M, and Mistress Y. "You will learn some of our actual names throughout your stay here, L, but you are never to address anyone other than by their given titles which I have just told you, do you understand this?" he asked, and L nodded that she had understood. 

"Very well then, shall we get on with it?" Master M asked and Mistress C answered with a curt nod.

"L, please stand up for us, we need to make some necessary observations, and please keep your hands calmly at your sides. If they need moved or lifted we will aid you in doing such." Mistress C had a deeper voice than L would have thought, as she stood up and stepped off the red and gold cushion. "Yahvoun, the tape measure please?" Mistress C requested. 
Mistress Y got up and went to the roll-top desk, bringing back a cloth tape measure. Mistress C then measured L's neck, the width of her shoulders from the back, her hips, the length of her legs and the girth of her thighs at their largest circumference, and finally her waist. 

"Size six for the waist" she said, looking at Yahvoun, who had now brought a small yellow tablet of paper back with her to her seat and began taking Mistress C's dictations. L could smell the faintest sent of summer breeze flowers on Mistress C's skin as she combed her hand smoothly over L's throat. "Size four at the neck" she went on in her deep resounding voice. She continued to caress her fingers from L's throat to her breasts, pinching her nipples modestly to see how quickly they became erect. 
"Piercings for these, silver, she is to pale for gold, size two." 
L didn't like the sound of that word -piercings. She felt a twinge of dread in her stomach at the thought of a needle being passed through her nipples. 
"Medium bar for thighs and ankles, cuff size three and one," Mistress C went on, and continued to touch and caress her naked body. She felt the rounded area of her buttocks, and measured the space between the largest parts of her thighs using her fingers as a gauge. She brushed the back of her fingers against L's soft, recently waxed lips before pulling her hand from under her thighs. L felt a chill run down her thighs as a result, but stayed as quiet and motionless as she could. Mistress C then took a seat and Master M got up and approached L. 

First he brushed back some of the hair surrounding her face and put his finger under her chin, lifting it. L didn't meet his eyes but rather stood like the specimen she felt she was and kept her eyes forward, looking past him. 
"Open your mouth please, L." he said in a gentle sounding voice. L opened her mouth and Master M inserted his index and middle finger. First he felt her back teeth and then pinched her cheeks with two fingers in her mouth and his thumb on the outside of her cheek. "Ball gag, size three," he said as he pushed his fingers into the back of L's throat until he procured a good gag out of her. Master M allowed L to regain her composure noting her watery eyes. He then used his moistened fingers and parted L's lower lips. Working them around the outside of her sex a few times, he inserted his index and middle finger up inside of her, inching them in and out a few times until he could work them up deeply inside of her. Yahvoun watched her face carefully while Master M was doing this. 

"Modest," was all Master M said as he withdrew his fingers and placed them back into L's mouth and told her to suck on them, which, without hesitation, she did. He gathered as much of her saliva as he could before telling her to hold open her mouth as he removed his fingers. 
A long line of saliva ebbed from L's bottom lip to his fingers as he pulled them away and told her she may close her mouth. L's cheeks flushed. She didn't know what to make of being examined like this. -Just keep quiet and still, she told herself. 
He walked around behind her and put his left hand in the middle of her back and told her to bend over and hold onto her ankles. L knew what was coming and she shuddered at the thought. –Oh please don't… L's face cringed. 
Once again Yahvoun positioned herself to take careful note of L's face as Master M worked his fingers into her back passage. 
"Too tight," he remarked in a crisp matter of fact tone. "Start with size one and move up one size at a time until we can fit a size four up there easily." He pulled his probing fingers from her, pulled her upright and excused himself from the room momentarily. 
L felt the scrutiny from every angle, even those behind her that she couldn't see. –This is really embarrassing
When Master M came back into the room he held a pair of iron wrist shackles held together by a chain. He attached them to L's wrists, allowing her hands to remain in front of her and locked them. 

Master C told Master and Mistress K that they could take her downstairs to the showers and give her a full and through cleaning and to lightly lubricate her back passage before showing her to cell nine. 
"She owes me forty-five minutes for not following her first order." 

She peeked over at him from the corner of her eye, noting but a trace of a smile on his lips as he turned to address her personally. "I think your punishment will be better received before dinner, L. I will be in to see you shortly after Master and Mistress K have finished with you." He grazed each of her nipples with his fingertips before taking hold of her irons and handing her over to Master and Mistress K.

I hope you enjoyed meeting a few of the masters and mistresses that L will be engaged with during her stay at 'The Inn' . If you enjoyed this excerpt, I encourage you to pass it along to your friends who might also enjoy taking a peek into the dungeon. I've even left you some little share buttons ↓ 
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  1. I did enjoy meeting everyone ... great set-up for next week, LA and I look forward to her punishment! Sounds maybe anal, no? Just guessing and hoping, of course :)

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I'd love to give away the little surprise about next weeks snippet, but I just can't. I'll give you a hint though.... It should probably have a warning label attached to it simply for the way it ends. And thank you for your snippet this week that 'inclueded' Dana spanking. Loved it! ♥

  2. Oh, so Réagean! Lovely! You and I share some fantasies, as we already know!

    1. Thank you, Emily... we do indeed share some fantasies... I love your naughty mind! ~smirks~

  3. Oh goodness. I love this. The horror of being there in the middle of everyone, them dressed, you not. Then the business way they measure and poke and prod. Steamy, hot, sexy. Like.like! More please.

    1. And that's just the beginning... Thanks so much for visiting, Jolynn ☺

  4. Ooh, very steamy indeed! (Fanning face...)

    1. Thanks, Tara... and I have to say, yours was a bit more than steamy this week. WTG!

  5. "Too tight," he remarked in a crisp matter of fact tone. "Start with size one and move up one size at a time until we can fit a size four up there easily." He pulled his probing fingers from her, pulled her upright and excused himself from the room momentarily. - GULP! Oh I liked that. Someone's in trouble... wonderfully arousing trouble, but trouble nonetheless :D

    1. L finds herself in a few sticky situations in this story, that's for sure. Thank you for stopping, Christin.

  6. LA, loved that the training is taking place at an 'Inn' - nice setting! The story is intriguing and I'm sure everyone will be sure to return next week to read more. Bravo!