May 20, 2014

Moving Day

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 I want to tell all of you who frequently visit my blog that I'm moving. 
Not very far. Just around the corner... where the rent is cheaper. 

But why are you moving? *Whines and Boos* 

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 I am moving because I am taking on an exciting new pen-name. Melody Parks. She's really just the other half of my split personality. But we made this pack... like when we were 3. And well, she's holding me to it. 
I lose both pinky fingers and my big toe if I renig on this deal. Thus you see the dilemma.   
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Then there is the real reason... Which is depressing and horrible. A real horror story, I'm telling you.

I'm going to relate a bit of this horror flick to you simply because what happened to me CLOULD also happen to you. Although it's probably unlikely because I am that special kind of weirdness that end up in all freak accidents.

So here's what happened. Amazon tossed my first book in their dungeon. They didn't like the cover and they didn't like the title (Abduction, Seduction, and the making of a slave)
Apparently Abduction is a no no in titles.
Okay- so your book was in the dungeon... the publisher re-covered it and renamed it. It got put back up.. No big deal, right?

It wasn't a big deal until every book thereafter was labeled adult and tossed in the dungeon. Sure they got pulled out eventually, but still... I learned my lesson with the first book and both covers and content have been according to amazons guidelines. Didn't seem to matter. LA has a new release... POOF dungeon. Then in Feb... for no good or apparent reason whatsoever amazon pulled down the first book in 'The Story of L' Trilogy. They have flat out refused to put it back up. It does not violate their terms in any way. Go Figure! BLAH!

So here's the deal. Being an online author is hard.. like really hard. So when amazon makes it even harder... especially when they take their cut of the sales... well, it just makes me want to choke somebody. But not you... I like you guys.

If you'd like to keep following me under my new name you can find me here.Melody Parks

If any of you might feel so inclined. I would really appreciate if you shared this post so other also know where and why I'm moving.

Thank you all for stopping... and have a unusually pleasant day! 


  1. I totally understand Amazon ripped one of my reviews from the sight too. I'll follow and good luck my friend.

  2. That is just awful!! I am so sorry this has happened to you!!. I already liked your new page!! Glad to meet you Melody!

    1. Thank you Megan... it was awful and still kind of is. But as they say--whatever doesn't kill us right?
      I'll be back on the blog hops soon... very soon... Promise!

  3. Sorry to hear about your troubles with Amazon. That is so scary for every author who publishes anything erotic. Hope things work out better for "Melody." I do need a scorecard to keep track of author pen names and name changes though.

  4. Hi LA, I hadn't read this and have seen Melody posts and my friend linked me to tell me who Melody was. I'll follow the new you. I'm sorry for your trouble with Amazon. You're right, it IS very hard already and they make it near impossible.

  5. I didn't know this had happened to you. and it looks like you really got clobbered. Some of my books are tagged "adult." I did get them to remove many of the tags, but others I let ride. I'm selling into a market that is mostly unabashed erotica anyway. I had to redesign nearly all my covers and now I'm very careful with my blurbs to make sure there is nothing that smacks of non-consensual anything. (It's just all romance, we're just having fun here. A little slap and tickle.) Anyway, my sympathies and I hope your new persona does well.

  6. as a newbie I will congratulate you on a wonderfully put-together arrangement of erotica and sensuality, without it being misconstrued as anything less. Thanks M.P. Looking forward to the future