Jan 31, 2014

#SatSpanks It's time to give his girl what she needs.

Greetings Spanko's and Spankee's. Welcome back  to another edition of #SatSpanks. 
I have some really exciting news this week. The Story of L- Box Set has just been released. Now you and all 3 books can cozy up together in one sweet little bundle. 

Clicking the photo should take you to amazon where you are invited to read the first 10% of this awesome trilogy. 

Now, onto the snippet! Taken from the last book in the series. Redemption

Last week I left all of you wondering whether or not L was going to finally get her desperately, needed and wanted 'spanking'. This week Clay is done playing around.

He was done teasing. It was time to give his little girl what she needed.
Slipping two fingers between her slick folds, he felt her tense.
He placed those two fingers on her hot swollen clit, holding them still, feeling her throb against his fingers.
Her groan was his utter delight as his other hand came down swiftly on her ass cheek.
The jolt from the slap sent her pelvis against the edge of table, which sent a dull reverberating thud through her pussy, causing it to clench.
Another smack on her other cheek and she gripped the table tighter, moaning.
"You're not allowed to come without permission. Understand?"

Next week I plan to post a tiny snippet from each book in The Story of L- Box Set.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope that you have as much fun as I do hoping from blog to blog to read all of the other amazingly talented spanking authors. 

Jan 24, 2014

#SatSpanks What do you mean no spanking?

Welcome back Spanko's and spankee's. I'm glad your here for another tantalizing little tease from my latest release. Redemption. 

As you know Clay has been giving L some space and time to clear her head about all the turmoil that's been going on with her former master. 
But... just how long can a girl go without a spanking or some type of 'touch' from the man she so adamantly admires? 
For that matter, just how long can Clay himself hold out? 
Or maybe, the most important question of all is...
How long can I hold out? 
Hope you enjoy the snippet. 

"You want me to spank you, don't you?" he asked, rubbing the white moon of her ass. 
"Yes," she breathed.
He pulled his hand away, pausing, listening, watching her fingers curl around the edge of the table. 
He quietly shed his sweatpants and walked back around the table. His rigidly erect cock nearly eye level with her. 
She could see the glistening sheen of fluid on the tip, and yearned to lick it. 
"Would you suck me off right now, with nothing in return?" he asked. "No spanking, no penetration of any kind?" 
"Yes, sir," she cried, her voice quivering. Even just sucking him off while she clenched her pussy muscles would be enough to bring her to orgasm. 

Well darn, now I've left you hanging, wondering if she actually gets a spanking or not. I invite you back next week for more from this same chapter to find out. 
Thank you for your visit today. Please use the list below to visit some of the other blogs whose Author's are perhaps, not as stingy as I was this week. 


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Jan 17, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Welcome back Spanko's and Spankee's. It's my favorite day of the week again and I am happy to present you with what's been happening with L and Clay since last weeks 'Lovers Quarrel'.

You'll be happy to know that L didn't end up leaving and the hairbrush is safe. The two of them settled their differences, but with certain stipulations. 
Because of the sensitive situation L is currently involved with, Clay has agreed to give her exactly what she's asked for, space and time to clear her head about things. 
Let's see how that's working out for her. 

‘You’re not my Master anymore,’ she’d teased; that was becoming her new favorite saying. She loved how much it annoyed him.
Although, sometimes it worked to her disadvantage. He had stuck to his guns about giving her some space. He’d not touched her sexually or spanked her since their little blow up in her bedroom over a week ago. She wanted him so badly one evening. Even going so far as to ask him to spank her, anything… just his hands on her.  
‘I’m not your Master anymore, sweetheart.’ 
She pouted, accepting defeat for a moment and then she smiled. ‘Well, at least I don’t have to worry about your putting ginger in my bum,’ she wiggled her fingers as she’d said it; the look on his face had been priceless.

(Punctuation has been modified to almost conform the the eight sentence rule)  


Thank you for visiting today. Please take a moment to explore some of the other awesome spanko's (I mean excellent spanking authors) listed below. 

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Jan 12, 2014

Guess what? I have Suzy Ayers on my blog today.

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog. Today I have Suzy Ayers with me and were going to talk about her exciting new release 'Serena's Decision' (The Torn Series: Book 3) 
 Max confessed his indiscretion, despite their contract stating their open relationship. Can she get beyond wanting more from him? Or will her heart lead her to another? Will she continue to want even a Dom/sub relationship? Can she finally expose her past?
Let's see where Serena's heart leads her in this final book in the Torn Series.

Wow, it sounds like there is really a lot going on in this last book. Can you shed a little light on the other two books in the series? 

About the series:
This series is about a young Serena who has found Max, or perhaps he found her, and together they have embarked on a journey that I like to describe as 'funishment'. It is definitely within the realm of BDSM, however the main recurring theme is spanking. 

Master-bation, At Sir's Command- (The Torn Series: Book one) 
This book focus's mainly on the namesake in the beginning, however the scenes develop throughout the book. The reason behind the self-learning is to help Serena and Max learn what she likes and can tolerate. 

Sir's Deception- (The Torn Series: Book two)
This one showcases the desire that is building between them. However, it seems neither of them wants to admit it. Mykel, a friend of Max's is introduced and Serena finds herself in a bit of danger. Can Max remain faithful while he's away at a convention, despite the open relationship clause? 

It sounds like Max and Serena have a lot to work out. What happens in the last book? 

Serena's Decision- (The Torn Series: Book three) 
Serena meets another man, Glen Donovan. He's about her age, well muscled, toned and hot. He's been pinning over her for about two years. She relents and goes on a date with him, but Max see's her at the club. 

Oh my, it sounds like things are really heating up in the final book of The Torn Series, Suzy. Do you have an excerpt for us, a little teaser about this hot new man perhaps? 

Excerpt of Serena and Glen's kiss on their date: 

Checking herself in the mirror she smiled. Glen is really trying very hard. She released the tension from her shoulders and stood a little taller, turning in her dress she checked her figure to make sure she looked alright. She replaced her coat and scarf as she walked back to the front, and put on her gloves. 
She met him at the front door and he held it for her. Tingles ran over her flesh. Something about the chivalry got her every time.
"Thanks," she wrapped her scarf around her neck a little tighter. "And for dinner, it was so delicious." 

"Serena, you know it's nothing."

She pulled her head away. "It is," she said, irritated with his nonchalance. "I struggle with money. I just want to say I appreciate it. Just say you're welcome." She had no idea what caused her to be upset, but something spurred her anger. 

He pulled her to a stop. "Serena," he gave her a hard look. "Are you trying to pick a fight with me for a particular reason?" 

"No, I-" she looked down. Was I?

"Good, You're welcome then." He tilted her chin up. 

Confused by her own emotional outburst, she looked at him apologetically. Maybe it's the alcohol. 
He didn't give her a moment to figure it out as they stood at his car. His hand sliced through her hair and his lips claimed hers with vigor. 
She sighed and leaned into his body, needing a comforting touch. The taste on his lips was sweet, tangy and she longed for much more. 

"Mmm," she gripped  the collar of his jacket, pressing her body closer as his arm wrapped around her waist, the other around her head. She urged him further, but he pulled away. 

"Serena," he laughed as he spoke. "Damn, you're so fucking hot."

"Don't think  you're getting out of taking me dancing," she teased. 

He grinned. "wouldn't dream of it." He placed his hand on the small of her back and pressed her gently toward the car door. 

She looked over her shoulder at him. Damn, he's a good kisser. She slipped into the passenger seat, her hormones were raging now. She wiped the corners of her mouth. She watched his fist lightly pound the front of the car and she laughed at his frustration. Grinning as he got in, she asked, "Is there a problem, Donovan?" 

"Oh yeah." He tickled her leg by squeezing that sensitive spot right above the knee. 
She saw his problem piercing through his jeans and she giggled, she couldn't even suppress it, the alcohol had a hold on her. 

Oh what a hot little tease you are, Suzy. That passage makes me think there is more on the agenda for Serena and Glen. Where can we find the rest of the story? 

Amazon CA 
Amazon AU 

What was your favorite part of writing this series, and why? 

My favorite part of writing the series or anything that I write, is that it is an outlet for me. Similar to reading, it brings me to another place. I've always loved writing and have for many years. I cannot remember a time when I haven't written. 
This series was fun in that there was a lot of spanking in it and many of the readers really seem to enjoy that. I received praise from those who don't normally read BDSM, but enjoyed the series because it was a little lighter impact play. My writing is always heavy on the sex though. *Grins* 

Where do you find your inspiration for the spankings and funishments in your books? 

The spankings and sex, I like that people feel as if they are there in the scene. It makes me smile that I can transport the reader, even if for a few moments, somewhere else. Inspiration? Well, that I'm not sure. Everything I write just comes to me. I never think about it. I just write and the story unfolds. Some find it odd that I never really plan a story, but we all have our way of writing. Some plan, some outline. I guess I could say most of mine come from dreams or daydreams. I'm not divulging to much here, LA ;) 

I can relate to being a panster, Suzy. I too enjoy watching a story unfold while I'm in the process of writing it. I like not knowing how a book is going to end until I reach that final chapter. 

It's been such a pleasure to have you on my blog, Suzy. Thank you so much for visiting today. 

You're welcome, LA. Thanks for having me. 

Suzy Ayers is the Bestselling Author of "Sara's Awakening" A fantasy (Metaphysical/Visionary) She has multiple Erotica titles that have also been on the Amazon Bestseller list within the free categories. 
Her main focus is Romance, which crosses many genres including: Erotica, Fantasy and coming soon Paranormal. Her short stories and books weave some enthralling twists and turns, becoming happily-for-now or happily-ever-after's. 

Miss Ayers attempts to write in a manner that pulls you, as the reader into the erotic event and paints an explicit scene of lust and passion. Her purpose of expressing in this manner is that she believes that sex and love are intertwined and are healthy expressions of the human heart. Her writing depicts true to life characters with flaws and showcases that the world is sometimes sad. People are not one dimensional shells. We somehow become stronger and this, to her, is beautiful.
Learn more about Suzy's sexy titles on her Amazon page
More of Suzy's books on Smashwords

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Jan 10, 2014

Lovers Quarrel

Greetings and welcome to #SatSpanks. Did I ever tell you that Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Or that it was because I really love all the hot and exciting spanking snippets the wonderful Authors who participate share? Well, now you know ~smirks~ I'm a huge fan of spanking romance.

Today I'm going to give you a snippet that comes 'after' Clay has given L a spanking. In this part of the story Clay has given her a spanking for a couple of reasons. 1. She was being a cantankerous brat and didn't want to tell him about her plans. 2. He felt he needed to prove a point to her about her own personal needs and desires.
However, due to the recent turmoil of being crossed by her former master L is confused. She feels like she's being lulled from one relationship and straight into another. In her frustration she lashes out at Clay, angering him to the point he has told her to pack her bags. She's leaving.
The following snippet features L picking up the hairbrush that only a short while ago was used to spank her bottom to a rosy red.

She reached for the hairbrush to toss it in the case but then paused, her hand clutched tightly around it. Only a little while ago this very brush... this very inexpensive, old fashion, wooden handled hairbrush, was smacking you on the ass for being an arrogant brat, and what are you being right now?
L sat down on the bed and let go of the hairbrush. She hadn't brought this, Clay had given this to her for when she was here. It often served a dual purpose --whenever  he saw fit.
She wondered if he would notice, or care, if she took it. She wanted to keep it as a reminder on nights when she found herself missing him. She envisioned herself smacking her own ass with it and let out a sarcastic little laugh. New tears sprang to her eyes all over again as she remembered the first time he'd ever spanked her.
 Amazon BlushingBooks

Thank you all for visiting my blog today. I'd like to invite you back tomorrow for a special presentation. I'll be hosting Suzy Ayers with her new release, 'Serena's Decision'.

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