Apr 29, 2014

Meeting the Masters

Holy Crap! Here it is Tuesday evening and I realized I didn't have my RTK Dungencrawl piece ready. If I recall correctly, last week I mentioned giving you a peek into L's first punishment after arriving at 'The Inn' where she will undergo her slave training. But guess what? I changed my mind... because, well, I can!
Instead I thought I'd let you have a look at the Masters and Mistresses that L is introduced to upon her arrival. It kind of sets the feel for the snippet about her punishment, which I promise to deliver upon... next week! 
Unless of course I am abducted by aliens and taken to planet Zylon... again! I was gone for a month the last time that happened... but enough on that, let's get on with the excerpt!

L knelt meekly on the red and gold cushion, surrounded by six high backed finely polished wooden chairs. A large roll-top desk of darkened polished wood stood off to her right. To the left of that was a plush deep maroon colored lounging chair. The walls were papered in a golden floral pattern accentuated with white backing. Along the left wall there were four long windows, each with pale heavy backed drab yellow drapes, only partially opened. 

"L, I am Master C," the man said. "The others will be joining us shortly." 
Master C walked around L, his hands clasped behind his back observing her with scrutinizing eyes. L didn't know if she should make utterance or some sort of gesture that she understood Master C, so she remained quiet with her hands in her lap and her head bowed. 
Five others joined the room, each one entering single file and filling the chairs surrounding L, two more men and three women. The two other men were dressed almost the same as Master C, only the color of their tunic shirts differed. The women were dressed in long elegant Bavarian gowns which parted in the front just below the sternum, giving them an old fashioned but wispy look as they walked. The material was heavy and L could hear the dull rustle of the fabric as they walked and then seated themselves in the chairs. They seated themselves man and then woman, man and then woman until the chairs were filled. The women did not cross their legs as they sat down and the two women that L could see as she peeked up through her lashes, pulled open the skirts of their dresses just enough that their bare thighs could be seen. 

Master C introduced the other five members as Mistress C, to his right, Master K, to her right, Mistress K, Master M, and Mistress Y. "You will learn some of our actual names throughout your stay here, L, but you are never to address anyone other than by their given titles which I have just told you, do you understand this?" he asked, and L nodded that she had understood. 

"Very well then, shall we get on with it?" Master M asked and Mistress C answered with a curt nod.

"L, please stand up for us, we need to make some necessary observations, and please keep your hands calmly at your sides. If they need moved or lifted we will aid you in doing such." Mistress C had a deeper voice than L would have thought, as she stood up and stepped off the red and gold cushion. "Yahvoun, the tape measure please?" Mistress C requested. 
Mistress Y got up and went to the roll-top desk, bringing back a cloth tape measure. Mistress C then measured L's neck, the width of her shoulders from the back, her hips, the length of her legs and the girth of her thighs at their largest circumference, and finally her waist. 

"Size six for the waist" she said, looking at Yahvoun, who had now brought a small yellow tablet of paper back with her to her seat and began taking Mistress C's dictations. L could smell the faintest sent of summer breeze flowers on Mistress C's skin as she combed her hand smoothly over L's throat. "Size four at the neck" she went on in her deep resounding voice. She continued to caress her fingers from L's throat to her breasts, pinching her nipples modestly to see how quickly they became erect. 
"Piercings for these, silver, she is to pale for gold, size two." 
L didn't like the sound of that word -piercings. She felt a twinge of dread in her stomach at the thought of a needle being passed through her nipples. 
"Medium bar for thighs and ankles, cuff size three and one," Mistress C went on, and continued to touch and caress her naked body. She felt the rounded area of her buttocks, and measured the space between the largest parts of her thighs using her fingers as a gauge. She brushed the back of her fingers against L's soft, recently waxed lips before pulling her hand from under her thighs. L felt a chill run down her thighs as a result, but stayed as quiet and motionless as she could. Mistress C then took a seat and Master M got up and approached L. 

First he brushed back some of the hair surrounding her face and put his finger under her chin, lifting it. L didn't meet his eyes but rather stood like the specimen she felt she was and kept her eyes forward, looking past him. 
"Open your mouth please, L." he said in a gentle sounding voice. L opened her mouth and Master M inserted his index and middle finger. First he felt her back teeth and then pinched her cheeks with two fingers in her mouth and his thumb on the outside of her cheek. "Ball gag, size three," he said as he pushed his fingers into the back of L's throat until he procured a good gag out of her. Master M allowed L to regain her composure noting her watery eyes. He then used his moistened fingers and parted L's lower lips. Working them around the outside of her sex a few times, he inserted his index and middle finger up inside of her, inching them in and out a few times until he could work them up deeply inside of her. Yahvoun watched her face carefully while Master M was doing this. 

"Modest," was all Master M said as he withdrew his fingers and placed them back into L's mouth and told her to suck on them, which, without hesitation, she did. He gathered as much of her saliva as he could before telling her to hold open her mouth as he removed his fingers. 
A long line of saliva ebbed from L's bottom lip to his fingers as he pulled them away and told her she may close her mouth. L's cheeks flushed. She didn't know what to make of being examined like this. -Just keep quiet and still, she told herself. 
He walked around behind her and put his left hand in the middle of her back and told her to bend over and hold onto her ankles. L knew what was coming and she shuddered at the thought. –Oh please don't… L's face cringed. 
Once again Yahvoun positioned herself to take careful note of L's face as Master M worked his fingers into her back passage. 
"Too tight," he remarked in a crisp matter of fact tone. "Start with size one and move up one size at a time until we can fit a size four up there easily." He pulled his probing fingers from her, pulled her upright and excused himself from the room momentarily. 
L felt the scrutiny from every angle, even those behind her that she couldn't see. –This is really embarrassing
When Master M came back into the room he held a pair of iron wrist shackles held together by a chain. He attached them to L's wrists, allowing her hands to remain in front of her and locked them. 

Master C told Master and Mistress K that they could take her downstairs to the showers and give her a full and through cleaning and to lightly lubricate her back passage before showing her to cell nine. 
"She owes me forty-five minutes for not following her first order." 

She peeked over at him from the corner of her eye, noting but a trace of a smile on his lips as he turned to address her personally. "I think your punishment will be better received before dinner, L. I will be in to see you shortly after Master and Mistress K have finished with you." He grazed each of her nipples with his fingertips before taking hold of her irons and handing her over to Master and Mistress K.

I hope you enjoyed meeting a few of the masters and mistresses that L will be engaged with during her stay at 'The Inn' . If you enjoyed this excerpt, I encourage you to pass it along to your friends who might also enjoy taking a peek into the dungeon. I've even left you some little share buttons ↓ 
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Apr 22, 2014

A Look into Odyssey

Greetings Dungeon Crawlers, I'm excited and happy to see you back this week. I've decided to switch gears this week and give you a peek into 'The Story of L' based on a young woman's odyssey into the world of BDSM. The snippet comes from the first book of the trilogy called Odyssey and L has just made a weighty decision. She's agreed to join the Sacred Sacraments of Service and undergo slave training for the man she loves.
"You've passed your first test, and have embarked on the voyage of your training to pleasure me.  You have followed my command, which is to be the first of many that you will be expected to follow without hesitation.  You have obeyed without question and verified your desire to participate voluntarily into the induction of the Sacred Sacraments of Service, as my proffered pledge," he said calmly, as he admired the lovely full-length sparkling wedding gown she was secluded under.

"This night is to constitute your official declaration to embark on the journey of becoming my complete and utter slave, L. You have done me the greatest honor a man in my position could ever ask for. You have entrusted me from this day forward, to claim you as my own. To do with whatever I so wish, at any given time, and without the scarcity of a word or breath of refute." He stood up from the loveseat and walked mannerly over to L until he stood right before her. Being 6'4", he bent slightly as he offered her his open palm.

"Thank you, Sir," L said easily, accepting his hand.

"NO L, you will no longer call me Sir. Tonight, I become your Master as does every other man or woman in the society in which you have just so shortly ago agreed to become a part of. I am going to forgive you only this one time because it is a very special night. But need I remind you L; you no longer have a voice. There is no longer any need of your thanks or your gratitude in words. You are no longer my submissive companion. You are now my slave. Your thanks and gratitude will now be shown explicitly in actions alone. Please show that you understand this with a short nod of your head."
After hearing this, L simply nodded. 

Trey helped his symbolic bride to her feet and walked her over to the black suede loveseat where he then instructed her to sit down in the very middle of the plush cushioned fabric. 
L sat squarely without crossing her legs as Trey had taught her long ago she must not do while in his presence. She placed her hands in her lap and folded one over the top of the other and waited for what he would say or do next. 

He walked around behind the loveseat and bent over, taking first her left hand, pulling it to his dark Italian mouth, he kissed it softly before attaching her wrist to the black suede cuff attached somewhere behind the loveseat. 
A mild tremor crept up her left arm as he did the same with her right hand and after the cuffs were secure, he tightened them, making sure she could not move her hands or arms more than a couple of inches forward or back. 
Satisfied with her restraints, he then took the open champagne and poured the crystal glass full. He stood before her holding the glass and said. "Welcome to the S.S.S, L. Let us celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion and opportunity, a consummation of a Master to his slave." He then took a mouthful of the bittersweet bubbly, moved over the top of L, tilting her head back against the loveseat and offered her a sip directly from his mouth to hers. His olive toned, large Italian hand, pressed into the top of her shoulder as he leaned over her. 
The tiny pearl sequins near her collarbone making their presence known as he pressed his thumbs into them. She stared up into his pale blue, well-spaced eyes, as she opened her mouth to receive his offering. The cool sparkling liquid streamed into her mouth at the rate of a trickle, oozing slowly down the back of her throat. 
When his mouth was empty he kissed her savagely, filling her mouth with his tongue, pulling a soft little moan from her as his reward. 
He pulled abruptly from the kiss but kept his face close to hers. In a soft and mild mannered voice, he told her this would be the last night they were going to spend together for the next two weeks. He gave her another swallow of the cool liquid before setting the glass back down on the table and knelt down between her legs on the gray Berber carpet. 
He reached up under her long billowing gown and pulled down the petticoat from her hips, instructing her to lift them as he slid the heavily tooled material over her curves, down over her knees and to her ankles and then completely off. After pulling out and discarding the petticoat, he moved his hands back to the middle of her thighs and opened them as wide as the gown would allow and then took her left foot to the edge of the loveseat and secured it with another suede cuff, doing the same thereafter to her right. 
When he was finished he stood up and took the crystal flute into his hand and drank the remaining champagne while his eyes combed over the contained mounds of her bare breasts pressing so tightly to the thick fabric of the dress. 

"Oh dear," he said with a devilish grin. "I've completely forgotten to remove this beautifully tailored gown from your body before immobilizing you." He reached into the front pocket of his well pressed, smooth black pants and pulled out a pocketknife. 
L's eyes got a little wider as she watched him open it, the light behind them glinting off the sleek silver blade. 

"I suggest you hold very still L, it's very sharp and I wouldn't want to slip and nick your beautiful soft, white skin." His voice was getting deeper and huskier. 
L knew this tone in his voice and she knew what it meant. He walked around behind her and pulled all of her soft elegant auburn hair from her back and splayed it against the suede backing of the loveseat while pulling it firmly, causing her to lean her head back once again. 
"Now hold still, L," he said sternly, bringing the tip of the blade to the first tightly cinched button beneath her chin and sliced it. 

She gasped, thinking it a pity to ruin the beautiful old timeless treasure that currently adorned and concealed her naked body. He continued to slice through each button one at a time, carefully with one hand while the other pressed harshly into her breast. Her breath hitched and she held it still when she felt him dip the knife against the material right at the hollow of her neck in order to get under the lace securing the satin button. 

"Good girl," he said softly, bending down to kiss her more delicately than he had the first time, leaving her lips in want of more.
L now realized why he had instructed that this dress fit her so tightly. He wanted the buttons to pop easily when he cut the dress from her tethered body. 

He cut through three more buttons, opening the front of the dress just enough that he could see the swell of pasty white flesh that was, her cleavage. 
"There are my gorgeous little beauties," he whispered and pulled the knife away setting it on the table next to the champagne. 
He slipped his right hand into the now open necked dress and gripped her breast, pulling up on it and squeezing it before passing his thumb over the soft nub of her nipple. His left hand also wedged its way into the open flap of material and then suddenly he gripped both sides and rent the front of the dress all the way to her abdomen. 

She let out a stark little cry of surprise as buttons and pearly sequins flew in all directions. He chuckled softly and then adjusted a bar along the back of the loveseat that allowed the backrest to recline. He let it fold all the way down, thus, turning the loveseat into something like a makeshift bed. His eyes lusted to take her as he folded her head and torso back towards him, until the backrest clicked into place.  

Her breasts, plump and most pleasing to his eyes now rose and fell as they peeked out at him from the rent material. He knelt at her head and bent over her body not being able to stop from biting and sucking at her newly exposed, dark pink nipples. Holding her gloved hands in his, reached his face down further, licking at her smooth, soft belly, swirling his tongue into her belly button causing her to writhe and squirm. 
His growing need pried into her cheek as he pressed his body down on hers, trying to still her. Most of her chest and torso were available to his eyes thus far. Trey often liked to un-wrap her slowly. –It's like a present every time, he had once told her. But really, he very much liked not undressing anymore of her than he intended to use at one time. He enjoyed torturing her more often than not, half clad body.

Trey reached over to the table and took the champagne out of the bucket. Filling his mouth with a good sized swallow of it, he drizzled some of it into her mouth, then some in between her breasts, then the last bit of it down her belly and let it pool in her belly button. 

He pulled the fabric near her left breast aside and placed the ice chilled and still wet bottom of the bottle onto her breast. Her body jolted from the shock and a curt moan erupted from her lips. 
"Shhh, be still L, you'll make a mess," he said and removed the bottle, watching as her nipple hardened to a stiff little peek, which he then saw fit to bite with some severity before enclosing his lips around it and sucking it back to warmth. 

A shrill little cry erupted out of her as he also did the same to her other breast before licking the pooled remains of champagne from her torso. The light musky smell of her arousal caught in his throat as he sucked the wetness from her belly button. He took hold of the remaining intact portion of material that still covered her thighs and forcefully ripped it open, until the heavy material was completely rent down the front. He smoothed it out flat to each side, covering nearly the entire black suede cushion she was fastened too. 
She was now fully exposed to him with the exception of the sleeves that still covered her arms.

It's terrible to leave L here like this, nearly naked and restrained isn't it?
Come back next week when L is dropped off at 'The Inn' and  meets Master C and his Room of Requirements.

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Apr 15, 2014

#DungeonCrawal Into the Barnyard.

Welcome Back Dungeon Lovers... This week I'm going to continue with Wonderlust and present you with the Barnyard scene. If female dominance or male milking turns you off, you might want to click out of here now. 
 I'm probably the author your mother warned you about.    
                     For the rest of you adorable little lovelies... please have a seat and enjoy the show.

Soon the two men were carting off the partition and the whole backdrop of the stagehand been changed to look a country barnyard. In the middle of the stage was a bale of hay and a small stool like the one back in the basement of Jim’s garage. 
A young man was being brought up onto the stage by way of a slightly older woman decked out in tight black leather and very high heels. Her breasts were cinched up into a black half-cup corset so that her nipples were protruding just over the top of it.  He was on his hands and knees and naked. Around his neck he wore a black collar with a big silver ring. Attached to that was a leash that the woman held onto as she led him to center stage.

“Kneel up for your audience, my little cow,” she boasted loudly so all could hear. 

The man lifted his hands and placed them behind his neck, his head remained bowed as he looked at the floor. There was no hair on his chest and it glistened as if he had been rubbed down with oil. He spread his knees apart and there was some kind of plastic cage device on his cock with a gold colored lock like the one on the collar I had worn. 
His genitals had also been shaved and oiled. 

“My little cow here has not been milked all week. I imagine he has a lot of milk stored up,” the woman said as she pulled a ridding crop from behind her and put it under his chin, forcing him to raise his head and address his audience. His face was a bit red and I could tell he was not very comfortable being put on display like this. 

“Are you ready to be milked, my little cow?” she daunted. 
“Yes, Mistress” he looked at her as he spoke. 
“Good boy.” She patted his ass cheeks with her crop, and led him over to the bale of hay behind them, instructing him to sit on the bale. 
His back was facing the audience while she stood in front of him using her heels to slide his feet into the positions she wanted them in. His hands were resting on the bale at his sides. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned down so that her breasts were right in front of his face. She told him to get his key and he buried his face into her half covered bubbly mounds and pulled a key from her cleavage. 
She turned his head so that the audience could see the key and then she took it from his lips and knelt down between his thighs and removed the plastic cock cage. 

“Thank you, Mistress,” his voice sounded meek. 
She instructed him to lie back across the bale and to place his hands on the floor outstretched on each side of his head, forcing him to view his audience from an upside-down position. while she stood and walked around him, tapping the crop dauntingly into her palm as if trying to decide where to slap him with it first. 
She placed the crop tip onto his chest and started to caress his chest with it. You could see the man’s chest rise and fall as he took deeper breaths. She moved the leather tip of the crop all up and down his exposed chest and then moved it to tops of his legs and inner thighs. 
His cock started to swell as she trailed the crop over his balls. He let out a soft groan and she pulled the crop back and then slapped him with it modestly right on the shaft of his cock. His chest jerked and his face showed a slight wince. 
I was sure that this wasn’t his first time receiving such treatment. He kept his eyes shut while she taunted him with her crop. She told him he was too pale and needed some color while she proceeded to slap his chest, his legs, and the exposed underside of his arms.  Occasionally she would reprimand him for moving his hands or his feet with a harder slap to a more sensitive area.  
His whimpers could barely be heard in the back of the room, but it was clearly audible when he would say, “Thank you, Mistress.” 
His cock was rock hard even after a couple of good swats to his balls. The anguish showed on his face as he yelped, and twitched. 
She tapped her crop on the head of his cock. “Good boy.” 
After making sure he had enough color the Mistress ordered that he hold his feet up as well as his hands, and to hold himself still. 
After doing as instructed she took his hands and turned his body, along with the bale, so that the audience now had a side view of what was going on. I watched his stomach rise and fall while she went to that little table at the back of the stage. She came back with two pairs of leather cuffs. She placed his hands and feet back into the positions she wanted them, cuffing them to the floor so that he was arched over the bale.  Surprisingly his cock was still  hard, and the side view was really nice. 

“Are you ready to be milked, my little cow?” 
“Yes, Mistress,” he begged. 

The Mistress walked over to the table at the corner of the stage again and put on a single tight black latex glove. She let is snap as she pulled it down tight to her wrist, I don’t know why, but I flinched. She walked slow and dauntingly back over to her little cow and started touching some of his more sensitive little red welts. She was saying something to him softly but it was too faint to hear in the back of the room. She positioned the stool with her foot so that she could sit between the man’s legs. 

She pulled a small little packet of what I presumed to be a lubricant from the pocket of her tight leather pants and lubed up her index and middle finger on her right hand. With her left she fondled and played with his balls telling the audience how full and heavy they felt. His cock lurched and he moaned softly as she inserted her lubed fingers into his asshole. He groaned loudly and his body flexed, his legs trembling.

She started working her fingers in and out of him slowly at first. His body writhed and squirmed against his restraints. His hips began to move with the movements of her fingers. She began pumping her fingers into him harder and faster, his moans and groans getting louder and more frequent. The muscles in his arms were tight and rigid. His legs flexed and pulled against the cuffs attached to his ankles. Climax claimed him and his cock quivered and jerked as it erupted like a fountain shooting milky white come onto his chest as far up as his neck several times while his body bucked and lurched. I was amazed by how much he had released. 

“I think you have more, don’t you, my little cow?” 
“Yes Mistress, thank you, Mistress,” he stammered, his voice quivering. 

The Mistress kept her fingers inside of him while she took hold of his still rigid and stiff cock and started to stroke it. The man was whimpering, groaning and squirming. She used his wetness, teasing the bulbous head of his cock terribly while a vivacious smile spread across her lips. 
“Give me more, little cow… now!” She held his shaft tightly in her hand and pulled it back a little so that the audience got a good horizontal view.   

“Yes, Mistress,” he groaned. His cock erupted again, this time she held onto it and pulled the skin taut as he released almost as much as the first time. His back was arched up off the bale and his body was stiff and rigid as his milky white come shot high up into the air. 
I could only imagine what that looked like for those sitting in the chairs up in front. 
The man thanked his Mistress again and she told him he did very well. And again the two men brought out the partition to block of the stage while they rearranged and set up for the next performers. 

“Quite the young stud, wasn’t he Misty?” 
“Yes Sir, quite a performance.” 
“You know, I felt your body tense up both times when he came.” 
“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” I said, blushing again. 
I wondered if I should tell him I heard his heart beat pick up the pace a couple times during that performance as well, as I readjusted myself a little, pulling my head from his shoulder. 

“I think we should head back up to the room, the last performance might be a little… strong for you at this point,” he explained, pulling his arm from my shoulder. 

I straightened out my top, looking into his eyes the best I could in the darkness. Even in the dark he couldn’t hide the vibrant blue of his eyes. I knew going upstairs would mean I had to render him a decision as to whether I would agree to stay with him. I almost didn’t want to go just to avoid having to decide. 
“I’ll take your word for that, Sir,” I said as we stood up to leave.

Thank you for visiting my barnyard today, I hope you enjoyed the show. Please be sure to crawl on over to some of the other wonderful authors who continue to make the DungeonCrawl such a delightful part of your Wednesday.

Apr 14, 2014

My Writing Process- Blog Tour

I'd like to thank Jolynn Raymond for mentioning and tagging me in her writing process blog post. I found that she and I share some common threads when it comes to the process of writing. I've also learned that we share a love for the darker side of imagination. Such as in her book 'Elizabeth's Destiny' a Kinky Historical Romance.

Now, let's talk about the process of how that blank page (paper or digital) goes from empty to full, page after page after page, until we have what we call a workable Manuscript/Story. I was given 4 questions to focus on while answering what the writing process is like for me.

1. What am I working on? 
I'm working on a few things actually. From a story standpoint I am currently working on a collection of paranormal stories I plan on calling (The Dare series). The first book, -pending publication- is about a young woman in her  mid-twenties who like many of us, has an other than admirable past. (How typical, right?) Well, yes and no. 
When Cassandra Dare meets Gregorie Darnsworth her typical and other than admirable life changes. Because the setting takes place in modern day Cassy can do little more than laugh when Gregorie makes his confession to being a Vampire. We all know vampires are little more than legendary myths and misconceptions, right?

I got to thinking though, especially in this modern age that we all currently live in. What if all those myths and legends DO have a ring of truth behind them after-all? How could I, as a writer, convey to others that what they passively dismiss as fantasy, urban legend, and myth, could in fact be closer to reality than we might think? 
The first book in this series touches on a specifically marked year in history and gives a somewhat logical explanation as to why vampires might really exist. Not having met under the best circumstances, Gregorie and Cassandra are off to a bittersweet beginning. The moment he lays eyes on her and smells the blood of her wounds he knows she is a descendant of his late wife. Having all but given up on finding any happiness in his life for nearly the last 100 years, Gregorie is inspired by the sight of this young woman and feels compelled to make her his. 
Cassy on the other hand wants nothing to do with the strange but handsome dark haired man who had drugged her and held her captive under sedation for 4 days, that is, until she learns he's a real vampire. 
In the second book, my theory on why vampires might really exist is further elaborated on through the story of a couple that was briefly introduced in the first book, which is the story I'm currently developing, in my spare time, when I'm not tweeting, engrossed in facebook or other social media platforms.

2. How does your work differ from others of it's genre? 
 That's a tough question for me because I consider myself a relatively new writer. Not new to the love of writing, but new to the world of being a published author. 
I think that one of the main attributes that sets all writers apart whether they publish in the same genre or not is their style. The unique voice inside their head that tells them which words to use when conveying their story. No two people ever see something in exactly the same way, and this is what I feel is unique and sets me apart from others. 
Maddie Taylor and I embarked as budding new authors at nearly the same time and have helped each other learn along the way, and although we write in the same genres our work could not be more different. Maddie is a feisty, fun loving, and upbeat person. I find that the characters in her books portray a reflection to the zest and zeal I see in her as a friend. I love her books. She always offers a spicy plot with hot, hunky, heroes and feisty, smart witted heroines who always find a way to make me laugh.

I tend to focus more on the darker side of things. I like to explore a single thought, idea or myth and then bring it to life through my characters and see where they take me. Most of the time that ends up being some dark passage through my mind that opens up into a world of bittersweet possibilities. 
For example in my first book, 'Seduction: The Story of M', we start out with the heroine being abducted and throughout the story we see how Misty's first impressions of this man change from day to day. In the end he's not as much the bad guy she thought he was.
The Story of L opens up with a woman making the decision to give up all her independent rights and undergo a special form of slave training in order to please the man she thinks she loves. The full story fans out over the course of 3 books and explains what L learns about herself during her journey to better understand her submissive nature. 
So really I think that was makes my work different... is me! which brings us to the next question. 

3. Why do I write what I do?
Because one of my favorite things to do is subtly pry into the minds of others. Most people get really annoyed when I start peeling back the layers of their psyche with my probing, and sometimes disturbing questions, so I turn to making up characters and stories that allow me to do so without upsetting anyone. 
I like to write about what I find intriguing and fascinating... dark secrets, inhibitions, dominance and submission and almost anything have to do with BDSM. 
I keep hearing the phrase..."Write what you know." 
I guess I have a bit of an issue with that because it's a lot more fun to write about what I don't know. It engages my imagination to fill in the blanks and tell a unique story from an unproven source of reality. For me it's more fun and freeing to experience something through a character than to commit myself to the physical aspect of such an experience. Which is also probably the reason I enjoy writing my stories from a darker point of view. 

4. How does your writing process work?
It's a delicate recipe consisting of coffee and whatever life throws my way for the day. I'd like to have a schedule and set hours of when no one is allowed to interrupt me, but so far that hasn't happened. I have this really cool looking 'Do Not Disturb' sign for my writing room door. It blinks in 3 different colors and has an audio alarm that goes off if anyone touches the door. My dogs love it. They purposely scratch at the door to trigger the alarm and then bark at it until it stops only to repeat the sequence over and over until I pull the battery out. 

I need to be alone when I write. It's like my imagination demands the whole room, shrouding it under an invisible force of security so that the little thing we writers call our 'muse', feels free to come out and play. Only mine doesn't really come out to play. I would describe it more like being temporarily possessed one character at a time.

Many writers like to use outlines, but I'm not one of them. I'm a panster and enjoy getting the story as the characters develop and show me who they are. I never know how a story is going to end until I finally get there and it all comes together. Sometimes I get a little worried when I get to that part where I think I should be finding my conclusion, but can't. I've learned that when that happens it's best just to leave the grumpy muse alone for a few days and come back when she or he is done being pissy at me.
I like early mornings when the house is quite and the birds are just starting to stir for the day. 
Once the phone starts ringing and the day comes to life with all it's perfect imperfections and tedious little demands my muse gives me a hug and says 'see ya later'. 
In between the demands of the day, I try to squeeze in some social networking and blogging, which has lead me to some very useful tips and full array of other deliciously talented authors, which is why I enjoy these blog hops.

This hop doesn't have a linky list, it's simply meant to be passed on by way of mentioning other authors who you admire and would like to learn more about, which is why... 

I'm tagging Maddie Taylor. Her stories will rock your socks off. Don't believe me, go to her page and pick one. You won't be disappointed. One of my Favorites is Marshals Law. The heroine gets into a strange and unfortunate accident and when she wakes she realizes she's no longer in the same time period as she was when her car veered off the road. Learning about how she handles being stuck back in time is sweet, funny, sexy, and endearing in only a way Maddie herself can describe.

I'd also like to mention Trent Evans I'm not tagging Trent, just mentioning this unique author because I've been following his excerpts on other blog hops and his talent for use of interesting words and story telling is amazing. I've just finished reading  'A Lady and A Maid' and I am blown away by how captivating this story is and how the author wraps you into the plot like a warm blanket while your reading.

And with that, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog and wish you a wonderful week full of scary spiders and things that go bump in the night... errr... What I meant  was, I hope you have an exceptionally happy day as a result of viewing this blog. 

Apr 8, 2014

#Dungeon Crawl- Welcome to Wonderlust

Happy Hump day Dungeon Crawlers, it's good to see you back this week. Spring is finally in the air and I have a special snippet from The Story of M called Wonderlust. Remember last week's Forth Floor? Well, this week were going to find out a little bit about the show Robert takes Misty to see on the last day of the BDSM convention in the hotel. Grab your popcorn or coffee and get comfy while Robert leads Misty into the dimly lit Oval banquet hall.

It was almost 7:30 when we walked into the oval banquet hall. The lights were dim in the audience. Nicely padded folding chairs were set more to the front of the room, while plush armchairs and loveseats skirted the edges and far back of the room. He held my arm in his while we approached a loveseat in the far back of the room. 
It had a sign on it, 'reserved for # 618.'
“You reserved a seat?” I whispered. 

“Of course, I always make a donation to the last day exhibitions.” 

As we took our seat I set my eyes to what was going on in the front of the room. A small stage was set to represent a dungeon. A young blond haired woman was on display, bound hand and foot between two large wooden posts. (I know the girl below is not blonde..sorry, these pics are just so hard to find)
She wore a dainty little rag of a covering from mid hip to just below her pussy lips. Her chest was bare with the exception of the corded rope tied in crisscross attire over and under her breasts, accentuating and exemplifying them. It was wound tight several times just under her breasts and also tied to the post on each side of her. I got the impression she was to represent having been captured. She had a piece of cloth that matched her ragged little skirt tied as a gag around her mouth. She looked quite pitiful and helpless. 

“It looks like we just caught the beginning of this one.” He whispered and put his arm around me pulling me back a bit as if suggesting I sit back and relax. I leaned into him a little bit making myself comfortable.
A husky dark haired man walked up onto the stage. He wore black jeans, no shirt over his hairy chest and carried a coiled whip in his hand. He walked over to a small table offset behind the young woman and picked up what looked like a slate. 
He read aloud. “Here for punishments, level two.” 
Then he set down the slate and walked towards the woman. He cracked the whip into the air behind her and you could hear it slicing through the air, as woman’s body tensed. The next one made contact with her backside although it was hard to tell where. 
She lurched and bucked at the restraints as the audible crack made its way to the back of the room. 
He walked towards her and grabbed her hair, pulling it back so he could look at her face while he stepped up close behind her. She shrieked as her head got yanked back. 
“You’re a new little slave aren’t you?” His voice boomed so all could hear. 
 She tried to nod her head and garbled something as he peered down on her face. 
“Damn, then I must keep too level two punishments,” he complained, flinging her head forward. He gave a pouty look to the audience.
Some in the audience laughed, while he returned to the little table. When he returned at her side, he showed the audience a pair of nipple clamps with small weights hanging from them. 
Turning his attention to the slave girl, he attached each one to her nipples, trying to stand in a way the audience could see as he put them on. Her face looked strained while she tried to hold still, accepting the bite of his clamps. I felt a twinge in my own nipples wondering how much that hurt. It looked like she was biting down hard on the gag. 

He pulled the whip from his back pocket and coiled it up in his hand and then trailed it up her inner thigh. Lifting her ragged cloth with the handle, he showed the audience her shaved pussy and then dropped the cloth. 
He pawed at one of her breasts, squeezing and shaking it so that weight would move. It was faint but I could hear her whimpers. He moved the coils of the whip between her thighs and rubbed up and down them, while he licked the hardened nubs of her nipples. 
His hand disappeared up under her little cloth and she groaned wriggling her hips, as he dropped the coils of the whip to the floor before backing away from her.

She pulled her head forward her eyes following him.

He gathered up a portion of his whip and then lashed out at her with it, striking her inner thigh. Her body jolted while she let out a very clear yelp. He returned it with a crisp sounding crack under her belly button. 
“Dance for me, little slave,” he commanded striking again her inner thigh. 

Her body commenced to the command of the whip, jerking and pulling at her restraints. He moved around her body lashing her several more times, at least three across her breasts and more on her backside. Her body started to quiver while she groaned and tried to beg him behind that gag. 
Her pleas were unheard until he was satisfied with his handy work. He pocketed the handle of his whip and moved in close to her body again, inspecting the pink marks of his whip, tracing some of them on her inner thigh with his fingers. 
He inspected her modestly and licked the marks along her breasts. 
It sounded like she was thanking him, the gag was wet and spittle had accumulating near the corners of her mouth. 
He moved around behind her, making the same inspections. Then he removed her rag cloth from her hips. He stood behind her as he reached to her pussy lips and pulled them open, exposing her wetness to the audience.  
Using two fingers he pushed them far up inside her. It made me think of what happened to me in the hallway last night as she let her head fall back against him and groaned. 
While he was working her pussy he pulled his whip out again and started to rub the smooth handle of it over her clit rapidly. 
Her hips were bucking and thrashing and you could see her pulling at the restraints while she whimpered and moaned. It wasn’t long until she was near orgasm. Her head was shaking back and forth and the weights on her nipples were swaying to and fro. 
He feathered her clit faster with the handle as he pulled his fingers from her ripe juicy cunt, spreading the wetness up her stomach. He reached over to one of the weights and removed it. 
She screamed loudly and her body shook immensely. He removed the other one and her whole body looked like it was vibrating while she let out a long shaky scream. 
He let the weights drop to the floor with a thud and then rolled and pinched each of her nipples, while she thrashed against the bonds. He brought both hands to her sex, holding her open and exposed while he delved his fingers back inside of her and pumped them, while ravaging her swollen bud with his thumb.
Within moments she was lost, deep in orgasm. Her head was thrashing against his shoulder and every part of her body was lost in wave after wave of blissful torment. Her hips thrashed and bucked into his hands, her voice shrill as she gasped and whimpered. 

He pushed his fingers back up inside of her and started pumping them fast. Her eyes were shut tight while she bit down on the cloth gag, and her face looked anguished. Soon it was inevitable and the spray of female ejaculate covered his fingers and hand while she squealed. 
It dripped down her inner thighs leaving a good-sized puddle on the stage floor. 
When he finally pulled both his hands from her body, her head fell forward and her blond hair shrouded her face. 
The audience started to clap. The husky man pulled her ragged cloth from his front pocket and wiped off his hands, bowing to the applauding audience. Then he walked over to his little slave girl, lifted her face and gave her a quick little kiss. He was whispering something to her while two other men came out carrying a partition and blocked the view to the stage while the young woman was obviously removed from her bonds. 

“Did you enjoy that Misty?” 

“It rather reminded me of something that occurred last night between us, Sir.” I whispered, a smile touching my lips. 

“I know that, but did you enjoy seeing it happen to someone else?” He pulled me up closer to him, tucking his hand under my arm and wrapping his fingers around my left breast as he cinched my upper body tightly against his.

“Yes, Sir,” I had to admit. 

“Did it arouse you Misty?” 

“Yes, Sir,” I answered a second time. 
The heat of a blush crossed my face as he moved his  hand, slipping it  under my skirt. “Please, Sir—” 
He hushed me and told me trust him. I looked around the audience as his fingers crept into my crotch. All I could really see were the silhouettes of the men and woman in the audience. He parted my lips and I blushed all the more when he found my pussy wet with arousal. 

“Oh my, I think you enjoyed that very much.” He chuckled softly. “I bet if I just circled your little clit a few times you might be ready to come too.” He slowly removed his hand. 
I turned my face into his chest with embarrassment and laid my arm across his abdomen like I was hugging him. 
Soon the two men were carting off the partition and the whole backdrop of the stage had been changed to look a country barnyard.

I hope you've enjoyed the first scene of Wonderlust. If you're curious about scene two and what happens in the barnyard drop me an "I want more" in the comment section below... but I must warn you, the next act is not for the faint of heart. You know what often happens in barnyards don't you? Something or someone is bound to get milked. 
Before you put to much thought into that, please take a look at the other talented authors participating in this weeks Crawl.

Apr 4, 2014

Guess what I got nominated for?

Thank you John Satisfy for nominating me for the Liebster Award. What an intuitive way to get our blogs seen and recognized. I'd like to invite you all to experience a taste of Erotic Satisfaction where  you can find out more about John, his books and his Liebster Award post. He has some wonderful answers as well as good solid advice for fellow authors... oh and let me not forget his unique style of romance writing. I have read a few of John's stories and let me just say 'Satisfaction Guaranteed'. Don't take my word for it though. Read a sample from Teased&Pleased or find him baking cookies in the Sexy Holiday Bites collection.

OK- Let's get back to the Liebster Award. What are the rules. Yes, I know... no one likes rules, but these are easy-peasy to follow. Trust me, if I can do it, so can a caveman near you.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
  6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
  7. List these rules in your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
  8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

Here are the questions that John picked out for me to answer. 

1. Where do you like to write?

I like to write next to a window. Preferably on a sunny day. Something about being on the inside looking out inspires my imagination. 

2. Do you listen to music when you write?

Nope. I find myself singing along and then can't concentrate on what I'm doing.

3. What is your favorite fruit.


4. What is your favorite movie.

This is a hard one. I don't watch many movies. I mean, I start to watch a lot of them, but then I end up falling asleep before the end. 
I'm going to have to say it's a toss up between The Wizard of OZ and Titanic 

5. What do you consider your most triumphant achievement?

Raising my children and seeing them become almost and mostly, successful well adjusted individuals. 

6. When will you consider  yourself successful?

I already do. (see answer #5)

7. What addiction do you have?

Do I really have to limit this to ONE? I have many. #1 is Coffee. I've tried rehab but I keep relapsing. I'm looking for a new sponsor, anyone interested? 

8. What do you consider your best trait?


9. Where is your favorite vacation destination?

The fantasy worlds inside my head.

10. What's your earliest memory?

Halloween of 1971. I was two years old. My dad insisted on dressing me as a Green Bay Packer for some silly contest. The shoes were to tight, the helmet was cumbersome and heavy. Most of all though, I remember getting upset because I won best costume and my Dad wouldn't give me the $5.00. (I really think this is why I don't like football to this day)

11. Who do you admire the most?

My Parents 

11 Random Facts about me that everyone should know. 

1. Spiders scare the shit out of me, yet I have one tattooed on my shoulder.
2. I have a secret crush on someone reading this right now.
3. When dogs talk to me I can understand them.
4. I like liver, but not onions.
5. When I was 6 years old I lost my first tooth and cried when it slipped down the drain. 
6. I love listening to it rain. Someone said there's a name for that. Pluviophile! 
7. There's a vampire bat on my chest... yes, really.
8. I love happy dreams that make me wake up smiling or giggling.
9. Math was my favorite subject in high school because the teacher was hot!
10. Peoples minds fascinate me most in life, including my own.
11. When I die I want to be sleeping, having the best dream of my life.

Are you still with me? Cool because you've been chosen to participate in a blind test study to see how many readers made it through my random facts. 
Which fact about me will you remember most? 

Now I'd like to nominate a few blogs that I find fascinating and thought you might too. 

 Dinah McLeod- Author of, 'Sir, Yes Sir', Love Hurts, Swept Off Her Feet, and her newest release, How I spank my wife. 
Tara Finnegan- Author of, My Naughty Little Secret and Mastering Maveve
Maddie Taylor- Author of, Marshals Law, The Club Decadence series, Surrender Your Grace and more.
Bella Bryce- Author of, The Solicitation, The Short List, and The Courting. (The Waldorf Manor series)  
Felicity Nichols- Author of a really great review site for a few of the titles listed above. I really like her reviews and her blog design.

Alright-y then, now the part I really want to get to. The 11 questions that those listed above must answer. 
I want links to your posts when your Awards go live too so I can see how you answered them. 

1.What do you think a good blog needs to have in order to have appeal to blog readers? 
2. In the year 2013, who were you most jealous/envious of and why? 
3. What is the #1 thing on your bucket list? 
4. When is the last time someone sent/brought you flowers?
5. How old were you when you got your first kiss and did you like it? 
6. Has becoming an author been everything you had hoped for and thought it would be?
7. What has been your biggest hurdle so far ? 
8. You have been granted 1 wish, what is it? 
9. What advice would you give to a new author/writer? 
10. Do you love/hate or love to hate Twitter? 
11. Where is your happy place?    

Thank you all for stopping by my blog today. I love reading your comments so if you have any... Good, bad or otherwise don't be shy, I don't bite. (Well, maybe just a little) 

Apr 2, 2014

#Dungeon Crawl- The Fourth Floor

Dungeon Crawl

Welcome back to the Crawl Dungeon Lovers! Last week I mentioned featuring some tid-bits from 'The Fourth Floor' of 'The Story of M: Seduction'. 
A lot of you that left comments, which I thank you and love you for, that said you were looking forward seeing what was on this floor of the hotel Misty is staying in. 
So, I'm thinking to myself after reading your comments..."Boy, I better make this excerpt good if people are willing to come back and see it." 
So what I've decided to do is Show you the Fourth Floor and leave the some of the telling parts out. 

The hallway on the fourth floor was full of signs and postings and filled with people looking into the rooms that had open doors. You could hear yelps once in a while above the voices of those in the hall. I read some of the signs as we slowly made our way down the hall, maneuvering through the other people. 
Free Spankings. 
The head shop. 
Subbie’s corner. 
Glory days.
Dom’s Domain. 
The door was wide open on the room marked ‘free spankings’.  
Two men and two women sat in high back leather chairs. The women were dressed in mostly shinny skimpy leather; they looked very sexy but also slightly intimidating.
One of the women wore a piece that completely exposed a portion of her breast and nipples. 
A muscular man in only a pair of faded blue jeans had a young woman over his lap, her short skirt pulled up and her panties down and he was spanking her. 
The other man was a bit more business dressed with black pants and blue shirt and tie. 
The woman whose breasts showed pointed to a young lady standing against the wall and motioned for her to come over to her and she too began to receive a spanking. 
A closer look into the room revealed five other girls and one man lined against the back wall of the room. The girls were clothed but the man was completely naked. That came as a bit of a surprise and I blushed when my eyes grazed over his cock.

 The door to subbie’s corner was also open, and it was all women in this room, about eleven of them. Some were on the bed talking; others were sitting in the chairs or at the table by the window. Some were dressed very casual like me and others wore more sexy attire like lingerie with stockings and garter’s.

The door to the head shop was closed but you could hear the sounds coming from the room. Moaning and gagging. 

“You want to open the door and step inside for a moment, Misty?”

“No thank you, Sir, not right now.” My face felt very warm, my palms were a little sweaty. He wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulder and we kept walking. I wondered what made him ask. Was he suggesting we participate or just watch?

 He stopped in front of the door called 'Glory Days' and opened the door pulling me inside with him.
The only thing in this room was a large black divider running from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. No furniture or tables. There was a door on the far left to enter the other side of the partition. There were holes of various heights about 3 to 4 in circumference spaced about every 4 feet along the divider. There were two men in this room. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on. One of the guys had his pants all the way down to the floor and the other had his only partway opened. I knew what they had hidden inside those holes and what was taking place on the other side of the partition. These people had no shame whatsoever, yet I was feeling a little uncomfortable myself. They weren’t embarrassed to let strangers watch them, but my cheeks were feeling crimson. One of the men groaned and said "oh yes, that’s it bitch, just like that". I think he knew I was getting more uncomfortable and he opened the door and we left the room. 

‘Watch and Learn’ was open and there were three men and three women in this room. Each of the women tied up, but all in different ways. One had her arms suspended above her head, bound at her wrists with rope. Her feet were just barely touching the floor. The man was using a whip and lashing at her flushed body. I thought I saw tears on her cheeks but it was hard to tell. Her ass cheeks had received the most attention and you could see the red marks left from the whip. Some of them were welted and raised. I watched him snap the whip and strike her breast, she whimpered while I cringed.

The second woman was bent over a sawhorse, bound to it. The man with her was using two tools, a crop and a flogger. He cracked the crop down on her ass and I heard her thank him and ask for another, which she received along with 4 more. You could see the strain on her face each time she periodically thanked him. He then used the flogger, trailing it over her back and ass. He lifted her ass cheeks and slapped her pussy with it a few times while she groaned. He put his fingers inside her and worked them in and out of her a few times and then showed her wetness to the onlookers.

The third woman I found to be the most interesting. She was horizontally tied to 4 short posts about 4 feet from the floor. Her face down, each hand and wrist secured and each foot and ankle by cuffs as well as rope. There appeared to be a stool under her abdomen for added support. 
The man had a short whip and also some type of textured glove on his hand. Her body was very, flushed. Her face looked anguished when he licked at her body with the whip. He slapped her ass hard with his gloved hand and she shrieked. You could see her flesh ripple after he smacked her, and she pelted out a very loud, “Thank you, Sir.” 

There were a lot of people standing outside this door to watch. Those behind us crowed forward so people could still pass through the hallway. I peeked at a few of their faces. The man in the middle with the sawhorse girl paused to address his audience. 
“Does this lustful little whore deserve to come?” He called out loudly. 
Everyone started to clap n cheer, encouraging the man. He turned his attention back to the woman and lifted her head by her hair and asked her if she wanted to come. 
“If it pleases you, Sir!” her tiny voiced squeaked. 
Her face was red and sweaty. I could see the blue veins in her chest before he let her head flop back down, her blond hair falling around her face. He knelt down on one knee next to her face, reaching up underneath her. You couldn’t see his fingers actually inside of her but you knew what he was doing. The woman was moaning hard in no time. He leaned his head down and said something to her as he took her hair up in his other hand and lifted her head again. Her body was straining as she bucked against the sawhorse. Within moments you could see the gush of liquid streaming between her thighs and running down the man’s arm. 
I looked at her face when she came. Her teeth were clenched together and her eyes were shut, and she kept repeating “thank you, Sir,” as she rode out her orgasm. People started clapping as he pulled his arm out from under her. He untied her and let her go. He asked the crowed if there were any volunteers to take her place and everyone laughed, except for me, of course.

We moved along down the hallway and came to another open room called ‘The Art of Bondage’. There was a woman suspended with ropes in the very center of the room. 

It actually looked quite exquisite, the way she was tied. To each side of her a nude male also in bonds. One man faced the door the other away, both were put in the same type of bonds. Their hands were tied behind their backs and each had a collar around his neck that was secured to a beam over his head. His legs were spread wide apart and he had shackles on his ankles with a bar in between them. There was a ring at the base of his cock with a chain attached to each side that went down under his thighs. When I looked at the other mans ass I understood the chains. I wondered if that was painful as my own asshole puckered. I looked at the guys face for a moment but it showed very little expression. As I looked at the scope of this room as a whole I thought about the submission book I had looked at and pictured the whole room in black and white, taking up two pages in that book.

It looks like we've come to the end of the hall. I hope you enjoyed your view of the fourth floor. 
Next week I'll be featuring a peek into the main event of the evening. Robert takes Misty to a theatrical show after dinner called Wonderlust
Don't miss out on the other spectacular authors in the Crawl this week. You can find all their links below.