Aug 30, 2013

Hip Hip Horray it's Saturday!

Greetings fellow spanking lovers. I'm so glad you stopped by. I have a hot little snippet for you today from 'The Story of L: An Odyssey'       

Poor L, the heroine of this delightful little tale has never received a spanking before. She agreed to the slave training, yes. But Trey never said anything about spankings or punishments before he dropped her off at The Inn. Yet the very day she arrives she unknowingly incurs a punishment from one of the Masters because she failed to follow some very simple instructions. 

She was told to have a seat upon her arrival at The Inn, someone would be coming to get her soon. But because she was naked, she didn't want to put her bare bottom on the wooden bench provided. 

45 minutes later, thinking someone forgot all about her, she put her hands under her rear and sat down on the bench. Only then did Master C enter the little alcove where she sat. Informing her that later that evening, she would be given reprimand for her disobedience. 
What had she gotten herself into? 

"Stop... Please," L lamented, imagining her butt must be cherry red by now. 

Master C only tightened his hold around her waist and then he brought one of his legs over the top of her thighs so that she couldn't curl up her legs anymore. This was when his blows became the hardest of all. Her pelvis was partly touching the edge of the wooden stool and each time be brought down the paddle she was compelled to thrust forward, causing pain to her front as well as her backside.

She was frantic and desperate for this to stop, her fists banging on the concrete floor, the irons biting at her wrists with each impact as she cried out. One shrieking scream after another until they built into a steady crescendo. Her voice filled the room and echoed off the walls and then finally he stopped. She could hear him breathing hard as her trembling body continued to flinch and jerk with aftershocks. 

This may have been L's first spanking, but certainly not her last. I hear she's even introduced to a cane later in the story, ouch!
I'd like to thank each of you for visiting today and wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend. (For those in the US) And since it's going to be an extra long weekend, why not curl up with this steamy read about how L becomes a pleasure slave. The pleasure doesn't stop there though. Book 2 of L's story is currently in production and will be coming soon.    

Aug 27, 2013

I'm Broke!... SERIOUSLY!

I need to RANT here for a minute. 

Like the Title said, I'm broke. But why am I broke? I'm broke because of Saturday Spanks, and facebook, goodreads and google+. Oh, twitter and pintrest played a part too.

As an author, I need to be a part of these social communities. (I read that on the internet...)
Being a part of these social sites will help promote the sales of your books.(That was on the internet too)

You know what? It works. But there is a problem, a very BIG problem. I'm buying more books than I'm selling. I over drew my checking account. I REALLY DID!
I've never over drawn my accounts before, so this is how I KNOW the social sites are working.
All the books were 5.00 or less, except for one or two. How did it add up so quickly?
I only bought... never-mind, I won't say. My Bitter half might find this blog and I'll be busted.

I called my therapist this morning and she told me to get my arse on my blog and start promoting my books. Only she didn't say it quite that way. Her words were "STOP BUYING AND START SELLING."

Ummm Okay Miss smarty pants therapist! I'll get right on that.

I've made it really easy. I put links to my books right over there ---->> in the sidebar. See em? I know you do.
 Do you like Master/slave stories with intriguing details, punishments, spankings and lots of naughty fun? Of course you do that's why your here, right?
If you haven't read 'The Story of L: An Odyssey' pick it up today, because I hear book2 ...'The Story of L: Enlightenment' will be coming soon.

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Aug 23, 2013

Thing One and Thing Two!

In a completely and 100% True Story: 

This story has two parts, that go together as good as Thing One and Thing Two.

Thing One: My bitter half calls me from work on night about 3 hours before he comes home.

"I have a surprise for you when I get home," he says.
He's been known to bring me little gifts sometimes, like half eaten candy bars or empty packs of lunch room ketchup. Once he brought me dead rose stems, but that's another story.

So there I sit waiting. I hear his truck pull up and start to get anxious. what is it, what is it? 
He comes through the door with his hands in his jacket pockets.
"Pick a pocket," he says.

I look at his pockets. One of them is bulging. I pick that one and he holds out a huge wad of cash.
My eyes go wide and I'm speechless.
He walks over to me and hands me this huge pile of one dollar bills. There's 200 of them.
"Mine?" I ask. "All mine, just for me?"

He nods his head. I leap up and kiss him and he giggles.
"What? why are you giggling?"

"You should have picked the other pocket," he says with a huge grin as he pulls out a much smaller wad of cash. All 50's and 20's. An accumulated total of 700.00 dollars.

I pout. 

Thing Two: My bitter half calls me from work one night and says, "I have a surprise for you when I get home."

He's been known to bring me little gifts sometimes. Once he brought me home a huge wad of cash.

So there I sit, hoping he's won the check pool at work again. I'm not going to pick the bulging pocket this time. 

His truck pulls up and I'm getting more and more excited. He walks through the door and looks at me.
"You ready for your surprise?"
I nod my head anxiously, but notice his hands are not in his pockets this time.

I watch a smile spread across his face, his hand slowly moving up towards the hat on his head.
He pulls it off and gleefully says, "SURPRISE"

My mouth drops open and tears start to fill my eyes.
"You're... You're BALD!" I screech.
I'd never even tried to picture my bitter half without hair before. It was horrid. His ears stuck out to far away from his head, and the very top of his skull made this awkward little cone shape.

"You realize we're not going to have sex without your hat on until it grows back, right?" 
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Aug 18, 2013

Caught Wanking at Work O_0

My bitter half came home from work one night and said, "You'll never believe what happened at work today."

I looked at him quizzically, normally he never shares much about his work environment. But to give a bit of insight to help you picture this the way I did. He works an industrial job as a machine operator. I call it his Homer Simpson Job because he sits in a little glass tower with an overview of the plant operations and send parts to where they need to go.

Now because he has this highly special job of sitting in front of a panel of glass and playing with buttons and knobs he is also privileged enough to have a radio. No, not the kind that plays music. A communications radio. Lead men, foreman, and tower operators get radios. Needless to say my bitter half gets to hear everything that comes across those radios.

So there he sits doing his job and right before lunch he hears his foreman call Joe-blow (not the guys real name) into his office. Little did either of them know, the foreman's radio mic was on. So everyone with a radio was listening to the conversation that went a little something like this.

Foreman: Joe, do you know why you were called into the office?

Joe: No.

Foreman: No idea at all, Joe?

Joe: NO?

Foreman: Remember the last time you were in my office, Joe?

Joe is silent. Maybe he nodded his head or something.

Foreman: Joe, masturbating at work is a serious offense, and this is the third time you've been reprimanded for this. 

(roars of laughter erupt in the tower as well as the from the men on the floor, but the foreman and Joe don't know because they're in the office)

Joe: But who? I mean how?

Foreman: Cameras Joe, this time you were caught on camera. Right here sitting in my chair of all fucking places.

Joe is silent again.

Foreman: You're a good worker, Joe, but this cannot be tolerated any longer. I'm going to have to write you up this time and I'll need you to sign the paperwork. What do you think we should put in the box that says 'reason for downtime'?

At this point my bitter half couldn't keep quiet.
He keys up his mic and says "Greasing barings!"
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Aug 17, 2013

It's Here. It's Now. Another SatSpanks to leave you saying 'Oh wow!'

Holly wow, it’s #SatSpanks time again. Welcome spanking enthusiast’s and curious onlookers. 


I’ve really been enjoying all of the spanking good blogs here, the snippets are HOT and ALLURING. All I can say is Thank God someone came up with e-readers.  
Here’s my snippet for this weeks Spank. Once again I’ll be featuring Abduction, Seduction and the Making of a Slave.

The setting is Wonderlust. Robert takes Misty to a bit of theatrical fun on the last day of the BDSM convention at the hotel. Siting cozily close to Robert, Misty had no idea what to expect as the curtains open. The stage is set with a young girl tethered between two poles. She’s dressed in nothing more than mere rags, portraying her as a captive little slave.

“Dance for me, little slave,” he commanded, striking again to her inner thigh. Her body commenced to the command of the whip, jerking and pulling at her restraints. He moved around her body lashing her several more times, at least three across her breasts and more on her backside.

Her body started to quiver while she groaned and tried to beg him behind the gag. Her pleas were unheard until he was satisfied with his handy work. He pocketed the handle of his whip to his back pocket and moved in close to her body again, inspecting the pink marks of his whip, tracing some of them on her inner thigh with his fingers. He inspected her modestly and licked the marks along her breasts. It sounded like she was thanking him, the gag was getting wet and drool was accumulating near the corners of her mouth.

I humbly thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my HOT and ALLURING little snippet. But once again I must leave a word of caution. This is one of those very naughty books your grandmother warned you about. 

 amazon   B&N   Blushing Books

Don't forget to visit more Saturday Spanks below.


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Aug 13, 2013

A Couple of reasons Kinky People should Not have Kids

               In another Almost and Mostly true Story.

The Year was 2005, and I was in the mood to do some Spring cleaning. I wanted to change out all the winter bedding and put the lovely clean Spring and Summer bedding on my bed.

So as I busy myself with this task, I think to myself, "Eh, why not flip the mattress too." It's good to do that at least once a year. The mattress happened to be King size. A real bugger for just one girl to flip by herself.

So because my 15 year old son just happens to be glued to some play station game in the living room, I ask for his assistance. No big deal, right? Um... NO!

Poor me that day had happened to forget all about Max. Max is, was my large pink silicon dildo who I hadn't played with for a very long time, and he was safely tucked away under the mattress.

So there we are, side by side lifting up this king sized mattress. Just as we get it fully lifted my son's eyes avert to Max in all of his plump, pink glory. He starts laughing hysterically, dropping his hold on the mattress, which of course then made me drop my hold too. 

I was never more mortified than in the moment. "Oh God, I'd forgotten all about that." I say. 

My son's face is red, he's doubled over holding his gut and gasping for air. "This is going to be a great laugh at school Monday," he chokes out. "The guys are going to LOVE this." 

My mind starts thinking of all the embarrassing possibilities. -Parent teacher conferences... His friends coming over to visit... he'll probably tell the neighbor boy too. Oh God! This was going to have a lasting effect. 

TWO Years Later:  

Max found a new home in silicon heaven after that day and it took me a long time to replace him, but I finally did. And one day when my kids were all in school, I pulled Dill from his brand new box. Dill was so much better than Max. Dill had a thick vibrating head and 3 different speed. I was getting wet just putting the batteries in. 

Dill and I were having so much fun that I didn't hear the bus pull up in front of the house. I had forgotten that the kids only had a half day of school that day. Dill was humming along rather loudly and little did I know all 3 of my kids were snickering and laughing outside of my bedroom door. 

"Did I just hear something?" I dialed Dill down and turn him off, looking at the bedroom door. "Oh shit," I see the movement of shuffling feet from under the crack at the bottom of the door, and I can hear giggling. 

What could I do? I stuff Dill under the mattress, compose myself the best I can and reluctantly open my bedroom door. My son still snickering, says, "You need help flipping the mattress?" 

I glare at him and say, "You need some help packing?"

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Aug 9, 2013

My very First Saturday Spanks

Greetings fellow Bloggers, Authors, Friends, Readers and Crazed Internet Junkies.

This is my first time participating in Saturday Spanks. I enjoy writing as well as reading BDSM novels. My work has been called edgy, stark, intense and to my recent surprise, HOT!
I'd like to share a snippet today from my very first publication.

Abduction Seduction and the Making of a Slave. Although certain elements of this story contain some slightly non consensual events in the beginning, it grows into a sweet but super hot and sexy HEA. 

We're at a part in the story where Misty is getting her first lesson in discipline from her Captor. A spanking!

While this is indeed a punishment spanking, Robert also wants her submission. He knows she will feel humiliated across his lap. He knows that she's scared, and mad at him because she has no other option. He knows that the sting of his hand will hurt her well rounded and supple rear, and that he will bring her to screams, sobs, and tears.
Will she continue to hate him as she lay limp in his lap? Or will her body betray her, yielding to his unwanted, yet oh so desired touch.

Picture Misty's red, burning bottom as you read the snippet from Abduction, Seduction and the Making of a Slave.


“I think you do understand now, don’t you, my precious?” his hand relaxed in my hair.  

I started to sob uncontrollably, keeping my face buried in the throw pillow. He slid his hand down my back as he leaned forward and got his drink from the table. I heard him take a sip of it before resting it on my inflamed and deeply red buttocks. My body jolted from the shock and I gasped loudly into the pillow and let out another series of sobs. 

“Shush now, my dear, the pain is over.”

 He softly ran his fingers up through my hair and coaxed me to turn my head to the side. He wiped at my tears as he looked down at my red face. I heard the ice in his glass tinkle as he took an ice cube from it and started to rub it over the welts on my buttocks until it melted.

Thank you all for visiting my first Saturday Spanks, I hope you enjoyed my 8 ..err I mean nine sentences as much as I enjoy all of yours.
OH! and a quick word of advice before I rush off to indulge myself in more Saturday Spanks. DON'T ... no... Do Not, buy my book. You'll get addicted to erotic novels and have no time for a social life. For those of you who were never warned and it's already to late. You can find a copy of this steamy tale below.

Amazon     Blushingbooks     B&N

Please use the links below to follow more sinfully tantalizing snippets from some very wonderful, sexy and erotic authors.  

Aug 7, 2013

Arrested for Solicitation in Walmart

In a recent but mostly true story...

                                                      Arrested for Solicitation in Walmart.

I was almost and mostly arrested at Walmart today. I did something I normally wouldn't do. I let my bitter half tag along with me to walmart.

"You hate shopping," I gave him a quizzical eye. "Why do you wanna go?" I asked suspiciously.

"I was hoping we could have a quicky in the changing room," he replied simplistically.

I stopped half way between the bedroom and the bathroom and shook my head. Did I hear him right? This, my completely non spontaneous, always only vanilla  partner of 20+ years is suggesting we have sex in a public changing room at Walmart? The man's never been kinky, where's this coming from?

I walk back to the bedroom and stick my head around the frame of the door. "Did you just say you wanted to fuck in the changing room at Walmart?" I asked denoting my surprise.

"Yup!" he said, pulling on his jeans.

"Seriously?" I eyed him closely. Surly he was just messing with me. This, my never kinky, mostly missionary, only in the bedroom with the door locked even when were the only ones home, husband?

He turned to face me while he zipped his fly and buttoned up, a devious smile on his face that I don't recall ever having seen on him before.

"This isn't like you at all, it's only 9:00 am and your awake, and almost dressed. You want to go to Walmart with me, very Un-you. And you want to have sex in a changing room at our local Walmart," I paused. "I think you're fucking with me." I crossed my arms as he sat on the bed to put his socks on.

"You wrote about sex in a changing room didn't you?" he asked, lowering his voice from happy and playful to... I finally read one of your books and I know what you think about all day.

"Are you saying you finally decided to check out one of my books?" A slow smile spread across my face as I crossed the room, standing next to the bed.

"I got pissed off at angry birds. I was flipping through your kindle books and saw one with a pretty hot cover. I opened it and started skimming for a sex scene. I found the scene about the dressing room. The one where he makes her give him a blow job. I actually thought it was kind of hot."

I couldn't help but laugh a little. "After all this time and your reason for taking a peek into one of my books is being angry at angry birds?"

"I didn't know it was your book, I didn't even read the title, I just liked the cover." he said, "When I closed it I noticed your author name," he said, standing up as he pulled his T-shirt  over his head.

I said a silent  little thank you to my cover artist and giggled. "If you'd read the author name would you still have opened it?"

"Ummmm" he's looking down at his feet.

"You Sod!" I slapped his arm. "You must have liked what you read despite not EVER wanting to read one of your wifes books," I said sarcastically.

He was smirking. "I think I said I liked it. The reason I don't want to read your books is because I don't like the thought of those who buy them doing what I did last night while reading it."

My mouth fell open a little.

"Yes, I'm anal like that. I think it's cool that you got published and that your working hard at keeping it going. But in my mind I know you write about and well," he stalled. "I mean guys who read it..."

"Oh for crying out loud, just say it. You don't wanna read them because if they turn you on they're turning other men on and you don't like them beating off to my stories." I said surreptitiously.

"Yup," he said flatly making direct eye contact. "So are we going to Walmart?"

"Just give me a minute to absorb you not wanting to read my books." I started chewing at the corner of my lip. He hates when I do that, it annoys him.
"Yet after you read the hot blow job in the dressing room scene, it makes you want to do it? You? Mr. only in the bedroom... with the lights off, and the door locked?" I snort trying not to laugh.

"Actually I just want to see if you'll actually do it. I mean I know you write about this stuff and you've told me a thousand times you'd like me to be more kinky. I'm betting you won't really follow through once were standing at the door of the dressing room at Walmart." he said, teasingly, but presenting it as a challenge.

"Oh really?" I said, taking his hand, leading him from the bedroom."Should I put on some lipstick then? I mean we do want this authentic to the story, right?"

So there we were, in our local Walmart. I have a dress, two pair of shorts, a top and a pair of jeans in my hand when we round the partition to the changing rooms.

I get my little numbered hanger for 5 garments and go into the dressing room. After stalling a bit I peek out the door and say "Honey, come here and help me with this, I think my bra strap just broke," I'm peeking at the girl who's job it is to monitor the changing rooms, she doesn't seem to hear or object. 

He hesitates, and I give him that -don't you dare cop out on me look. He takes all four steps and I pull him into the little changing room with me.
He's coping out on me. I knew it. I want to laugh, but I'm pissed too. I mean, he's coping out on me.

So were arguing about his cock in the changing room and apparently the girl who monitors the changing rooms is paying better attention now. Little did we know - because we weren't paying attention- that she had called her manager. She told him there was a prostitute in the changing room trying to solicit a man.

I was blacked up against the door so he couldn't get out. I wasn't letting him out of this. I still had shopping to do. This was when the store manager approached. I didn't have a clue. I was pleading with my cop out husband. "Come on, you'll love it. Once I get my lips wrapped around it you'll forget all about being in a Walmart changing room."

Knock, Knock, Knock

"Oh Shit!" we said simultaneously.

Aug 5, 2013

Rainy day Monday

So the cat wakes me up at like 8:00 am. 

He's apparently hungry because he just won't leave me alone. As he paws at my face I keep thinking "he uses these same paws to cover his..." I'm awake! I'm not happy but I'm awake.

So I trudge to the kitchen. I look down at the cat while I'm getting water for coffee. He's meowing loudly like my first priority should have been filling his food dish. I gave him my -'I haven't had my coffee yet'- face you see to the right. He seems completely unaffected and paws at my leg still trying to hurry me a long. I give him a bit of an annoyed scoot with my foot and finish making my coffee.

As I feed the cat it noticed it was raining. I smile a little because I can't split wood in the rain, the task I'd otherwise be digging into if it weren't raining.

So my coffee's brewing and I'm thinking of checking out some blogs. Saturday Spanks  is something I've been thinking about giving a try so I head over to their site with my coffee and a smoke. (Yes, I smoke... but don't worry, this is the internet it won't affect you at all.)

So then I open up my first couple of blog choices.
I was going to list all of them here with links, but it's a Monday morning  and my first cup of coffee is still working it's way to my brain.

As I am reading snippets of hot Dom's with warm hands. And about girls with hot bottoms my -I havn't had my coffee yet- face starts to fade.
Before I know it, it's 4 cups later and I have half a dozen books added to my TBR (to be read) list.
Before I'm tempted to open yet another snippet I glance at the clock. "Damn where did the morning go?"  I realize I need to check my e-mail, wake the snoring troll who sleeps in my bedroom and clean up the kitchen from last night. I've had more coffee than usual and my mind is reeling in steamy scenes from all the Saturday Spanks snippets.
So as I'm standing doing the dishes, looking out at the still rainy drizzle going on a smile creeps across my lips. "I can spend a little more time online. Laundry and floors can wait."
But then this little voice inside my head said "You should spend your extra time online wisely and figure out how to make a better looking blog."

For the next hour or so I'm looking at blogs about how to blog and my mind starts going mental. They all say something different. Find a niche, be creative, give your readers more of what they want. But what do they want? 
Advertise without advertising... wait, what's that even mean? 

Then somehow I stumbled on a site and saw the picture to the right. I busted out laughing. I'm still laughing at it. Something about the picture seems to fit the way I'm feeling today.
I've had to much coffee and it's still raining. It would  probably be a good afternoon to curl up with new book from the TBR list. 
Nagging Nelly perched on my shoulder and said, "Or, you could spend some time writing the next chapter of your latest book."
Well, Saturday Spanks did kind of get my blood pumping, so yeah...  

Thanks for viewing my blog and making it to the end of my rainy day Monday. Hopefully you found a little something amusing and I hope you laughed as hard as I did at the last picture. 

But if you had absolutely horrible time here and you think my blog ideas suck...  then for crying out loud tell me.

Aug 2, 2013

 Erotic Chocolate

There are certain times of the month I lustfully crave chocolate.
It's going to be a very messy weekend!