Nov 8, 2013

How do you know? #SatSpanks

Greetings Spanko's and welcome to another edition of Saturday Spanks. I've been working hard on the last book of L's trilogy, tentatively titled 'Redemption: The story of L concludes'
This is a WIP

The Scene takes place in L's bedroom. The one she sleeps in while staying at Clay's house. L has recently been released of her former Master, Trey. Which in turn has also released her from obligation to Clay as well. Clay wants to know more about what's going on with Trey, but L doesn't want to tell him. She wants to go back to being the strong independent woman she was before ever having met Trey. Clay reminds her 'that's not possible'. 

The sound he made with the brush against his palm started to send familiar chills up her spin. "You'll never be the librarian again, L, ask me how I know this?" His voice sent a quiver through her clit. 

"How do you know?" 

He cupped a hand to the apex of her thighs, slipping a finger between her wet folds. She gasped, putting a hand on his shoulder to steady herself. "This is why," he said, pulling a finger through her wetness, grazing her clit before pulling it away causing her to whimper. "Because just the sound of  this hairbrush slapping my palm makes you wet. You have come to accept that you need discipline in your life. You have come to understand that despite what you tell yourself, you really don't want to be little miss independent anymore," he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her willing, shivering body over his lap. 

Thank you all for visiting, I hope you enjoyed this prelude to L's acceptance that even though she currently does not have an official Master. She still has a need for discipline and submission.

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