Feb 14, 2014

The heat is on with #Satspanks

Greetings Cheeky Ones. I hope your having a sweet Valentines weekend with your someone special. This weeks snippets are sure to put you in the mood.

 I'm going to get a bit naughty here today with my snippet. 
This little scene comes from Redemption, the last book of 'The Story of L'. 

As some of you may already know, Clay has been giving L some space while she adjusts to recent upheavals with her former master.

So what happens when a girl is told, no sex and no spankings until she can identify what it is she really wants? 
I think it would drive me utterly mad. 

In the snippet below the wait is over and the adrenaline is running full steam ahead. L's rear has already been spanked to perfection, but Clay's not quite done. He must have an itchy palm because he's moving the swats and slaps to... oh yes, you guessed it, the swollen, throbbing little pink parts between her thighs. 
Last warning about how naughty this one is. 

"Spread your legs," he said, watching as she eagerly complied. "Wider. Lift  your ass up high," he commanded. "I'm going to spank your pussy until you can't stand it, and then I'm going to fuck you. If your a good girl, I might let you come." 

"Please--" she begged. "I..." How could she tell him this, it was so humiliating and private. "I need to come, sir," she blurted, her voice rich with need. "I haven't been able to..." she paused, biting her lower lip. 

Sliding his hand up her back, he worked his fingers into her hair, pulling on it gently as he brought his lips close to her ear. "I know," he whispered. "You haven't been able to come in over a week. You need the control. You think of the ginger and the cane and feel guilty." He let go of her hair. 
She nodded, wondering how he knew.  


Feb 7, 2014

Revelations #SatSpanks

Hello Spanking enthusiasts. I know your day must be going well because, well, here you are! 
Last week I mentioned I would be picking out a teeny-tiny little snippet from each of the 3 books in this beautiful box set. 

So let's get to it, shall we?

Odyssey: Book one. How it all began.

"You've passed your first test, and have embarked on the voyage of your training to pleasure me. You have followed my command, which is to be the first of many that you will be expected to follow without hesitation. You have obeyed without question and verified your desire to participated voluntarily, into the induction of the Sacred Sacraments of Service, as my proffered pledge," he said calmly, as he admired the lovely full-length sparkling wedding gown she was secluded under.

Enlightenment: Book two. Never tell your Master "we couldn't!"

Trey didn't so much as say a word in response to her. He simply guided her back into the very small bathroom, stripped her suit from her decadently tanned body and lifted her against the wall. She started to protest, but he placed his hand over her mouth and pressed himself into her harshly. "You're a slave, L, you have no right to object, or deny me anything I wish to have. And right now, I want to have you, right here up against this wall."

Redemption: Book three. Recognizing the need for discipline. 

 "Because the just sound of this hairbrush slapping my palm makes you wet. You have come to accept that you need discipline in your life. You have come to understand that despite what you tell yourself, you don't really want to be little miss independent anymore." He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her willing shivering body over his lap.

 Thank you all for visiting my blog today. My you have a wonderful weekend as you visit all of the other hot, sizzling erotic authors. I just want to add that Spanking Romance Reviews wrote a very touching review for Redemption
Where to find this lovely box set. Amazon   Blushing Books